Dreamland Online Newbie's How to Play Guide

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Dreamland Online: Gameplay Tutorial for Newbies
     - Step by Step Walkthrough
     - Every Basic Feature Covered
     - Download and install the Kalydo Player. Instructions can be found below your game screen.

     - Create your character and Enter the World of Fantasy called Lusoria!
     - Explore Dreamland and Familiarize yourself with the default keys.

     - [Arrow Keys] - Movement Keys
     - [Space Bar] - Jump

- How to Accept and Complete Quests -

     - Click on the NPC named Quest Fairy to get your very first quest.
     - You can also press [Ctrl] to talk to an NPC.

Gold (!) - new available quest
Gold (?) - you have completed a quest
Gray (?) - quest is currently in progress
Green (!) - new available repeatable quest
Green (?) - you have completed a repeatable quest

     - Move to the left and talk to the Dream Goddess to complete your first quest.
     - Go all the way to the left and press the [Arrow Key: Up] to Enter Portals.

- How to Equip Character Titles -

     - Character Titles gives extra stat bonuses and are very handy.
     - To equip one, go to your character window. [Shortcut Key: U].
     - Click on "Change Title" and a list of Titles will be shown.

     - For now you can only equip the Character Title: Dreamweaver which gives +100 Max HP and + 15 Attack Power while equipped.
     - Click on it then click on the "Display" button below the list.
     - Close all windows. There should be a Character Title above your head.
     - You can unlock more Character Titles by completing certain requirements.

- Character Attributes/Stats - 

     - Go to your character window [Shortcut Key: U].
     - Distributing Attributes or Stats depends on what class you are going to be.
     - Major Increase - Attack Power
     - Minor Increase - Max Health and Physical Defense

     - Major Increase - Max Health and Physical Defense
     - Minor Increase - Attack Power

     - Major Increase - Spell Power
     - Minor Increase - Max SP and Magic Defense

     - Major Increase - Max SP and Magic Defense
     - Minor Increase - Spell Power

     - Major Increase - Critical Strike Chance, Hit Chance and Dodge Chance
     - Refer below for recommended base stat build for every class (Game's default).
     - Tip: The below recommended stats are not the only way to build your class.
     - Tip: Ex.Archer - Strength and Agility can also be interpreted as:
        - Pure Agility
        - Pure Strength
        - 1:1 Agility:Strength
Warrior - Strength and Stamina

Magician - Intellect and Spirit / Intellect and Agility

Archer - Strength and Agility

Rogue - Intellect Stamina / Intellect, Stamina and Agility
     - After distributing your stats, press OK below it to save your choices.
     - Go back here again to allocate your stats every time you level up.

- Battle Tutorial -

     - Moving on to the Training Area, Talk to Officer Sandy and get your next quest or your first battle/combat quest.
     - Press [Keyboard Shortcut: M] to open a map of your current location.
     - Choose and Enter any Training Grounds that you want to start your quest.

     - [Keyboard Shortcut: A] - to do an Auto Attack.
     - [Click Right Mouse button on a target] - to Attack target.

     - [Keyboard Shortcut: Tab] - to choose or change target.
     - [Click Left Mouse button on a target] - to choose or change target.
     - [Keyboard Shortcut: C] - to pick up items or loots.

- Quest Progress -

     - To know your quest progress, check the "Track Quest" on your screen.
     - Quest Name is grayed - Quest is in progress
     - Quest Name turned to Green - Quest is complete

     - Go back to the NPC (Officer Sandy) who gave you the quest and claim your rewards!
     - Now it's time equip you first weapon.
     - Press [Keyboard Shortcut: I] to open your inventory.
     - Right click the weapon you want to equip. (depends on the class you chose).
     - Right click on the Power Augment Spellbook to increase all of your damages.

     - Get the next Quest from Officer Sandy and complete the quest.
     - Tip: If your Track Quest is not progressing (number of required monster kills), then you are killing the wrong monster. Try other monsters in the area.
     - Complete the quest and return to Officer Sandy to get more rewards!
     - Open you inventory and equip the new items.
     - Open your character window and allocate more stats.

- How to Buy and Use Potions -

     - Proceed to the next NPC (McGrocer) on your left and accept another quest.
     - By now, you should have enough money to purchase items.
     - Click on McGrocer again and this time click on the "What do you have for me?" option to open his shop. Always choose this option to open shops (potions, grocery and pet shops).

1.Buy 1 Item: [Hold Left Click] and Drag to bag or [Right Click] the item to purchase.
2.Buy lots of Items: [Hold Shift] and [Left Click] on the item to purchase.
3.To Sell unwanted items, [Right Click] item in Bag.
4. To discard an item,  [Hold Left Click] and Drag the item outside your inventory.

     - After purchasing the item, go and complete the quest.

- Using the Quick Slot Bar -

     - Open your inventory.
     - [Hold Left Click] and Drag the item to your Quick Slot Bar below.
     - Choose slots: 1~8 or Slots: Q, W, E, R, S, D, F, G

       Congratulations! You have completed your first step to becoming a true hero of Dreamland. Talk to the Quest Fairy and proceed to Mushroom Village to start your real journey. Explore more game features and don't forget what you have learned.

- Mushroom Village -

     - Let's do some quests here one at a time.
     - Tip: Level up your character to unlock more quests. Quests requires a certain level of character to be accepted and some requires reputation.
     - Tip: Some NPCs does not have a sign above their head when they have an available quest for you, so try to talk to every NPC that you encounter to get more rewards.

NPC: Newbie Gift Fairy
     - Claim Rewards
     - [Tutorial] Dream Source - Right click on the "Dream Chest" from your inventory every 5 levels to get free items and equipments.

- Summoning Your First Pet -

NPC: Pet Master Zol
     - Good Buddies Quest
     - Press [Shortcut Key: P] to open  your Pet window.
     - Click on "Summon" or Right Click the Pet's Picture to summon your Pet.
     - You an also place your pet in your Shortcut Bar.

     - Feed Your Pet Quest
     - Open your Map and locate the NPC: Supplier.
     - Go to him and buy a [Pet Healing Potion 1].
     - Go back and complete the Quest.

     - Pet Leveling Quest
     - Head to Forest 1 to train your Pet to Lvl 5.
     - Pick up items with [Ctrl] key while you are here.

NPC: Supplier
     - Gather Cooking Stuff Quest
     - Enter Forest 1 then go to Forest 3

NPC: Prowess (Class Change)
     - The First Step Quest - Complete Quest

     - Lazy Guards Quest
     - Enter Forest 1
     - Go to Forest 4 to hunt Mosquitos
     - Go to Forest 5 to hunt Pink Piggies.

NPC: Lieutenant Dus
     - Reap Boar Quest
     - Enter Forest 1
     - Go to Forest 6 or 7 to hunt Little Boars

NPC: Prowess (Class Change)
     - Challenge Boar King - Create a party if you want.

- How to Create a Party-

     - Click on the player then click Right mouse button on the player's portrait above the screen or simply click your Right Mouse button on the player's character. Choose "Party Invite" to invite the player to your party.

     - Talk to Prowess again and choose [Instance] Boar King Lair Quest.

 - What are Instances? -

     - When you form a party and enter the Instance, all members in your party will enter the same Instance.
     - A corresponding amount of AP will be deducted every time you enter the instance.
     - After completing the Instance, you or your party will be graded. The higher your points, the better your rewards will be.

     - Complete the Quest by killing all monsters inside including the Boar King.

- Class Change -

NPC: Prowess (Class Change)
     - Class Trainers Quest - Required Lvl 10
     - Talk to Dreamland Envoy below to take you to Dreamland
     - Check your Map [Shortcut Key: M]. Choose the class you want to be then go to that place.
     - Talk to the Spirit then complete the series of quest.
     - Class Changed! Check your inventory for more cool items to use.
     - New spells to use. [Shortcut Key: K]. Click on the Class Tab you chose.

     - Go to the Dream Goddess at the center to teleport back.
     - Talk to Prowess to complete the quest. Congratulations!

       Right now, I think you are good to go. Explore new areas and complete quests along the way. Discover new ways to enhance your character and your pets. Learn the Quest System [Shortcut Key: L] to easily track your quests and to level up fast. Good Luck!

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