Coromon: How to Get the Best/Perfect Starter Coromons

Here are some tips and guide on how to get a Perfect Grade or Potent Grade Starter Coromon (High Potential Value) in the monster taming adventure mobile game Coromon, available to download from Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), and Steam.

If you still don't have any idea which Starter Coromon to choose, one way to decide is to check their Potential Value (the higher the better).
Coromon - How to Get the Best/Perfect Starter Coromons

Get a Potent or Perfect Grade Starter Coromon

What is Potential Value?

If A Coromon Got a Higher Potential Value:

   - That Coromon will get more bonus stats that you can distribute (3 points per Lvl).
   - A Coromon can have a Potential Value from 1 to 21 (randomly chosen once you encounter them), and these values are divided into 3 categories (Standard, Potent, and Perfect).
   - Depending on their Potential Grade, the appearance (color) of the Coromon will also change.

   - Standard Grade = Coromons with a Potential value of 1 to 16.
   - Potent Grade = Coromons with a Potential value of 17 to 20.
   - Perfect Grade = Coromons with a Potential value of 21. 

   - Bonus Stat Points Difference (Aim for Potent or Perfect Grade)
   - Standard Grade (Potential Value 16) = +111 Bonus Stat Points (lower values will generate lower Bonus Stat Points)
   - Potent Grade (Potential Value 17) = +114 Bonus Stat Points
   - Potent Grade (Potential Value 18) = +117 Bonus Stat Points
   - Potent Grade (Potential Value 19) = +120 Bonus Stat Points
   - Potent Grade (Potential Value 20) = +123 Bonus Stat Points
   - Perfect Grade (Potential Value 21) = +126 Bonus Stat Points

Can I Upgrade Potential Values?

   - Yes, once you reach Donar Island, you can go to the 2nd floor of the Trainer Hub (the building where you can heal your Coromons). Talk to Oleg and use the "Potentiflate" option to increase your Cormon's Potential Value for 500 Gold.

   - Important Notes:
   - 1) A Coromon can only use the Potentiflator once.
   - 2) The Potentiflator can increase a Coromon's Potential value by +1 (100% chance). It is possible to increase it more but success chance is very low (even harder the closer the value is to 21).
   - 3) Upgrading a Potent Grade Coromon with a Potential Value of 20 would make that Coromon into a Perfect Grade!

   - TIP: The "timer" is based on the number of steps you make, so just run around until you get a phone message from Oleg.

Starter Coromons Re-rolling Guide:

   - I think this is your best chance of getting a Potent Grade Coromon with high Potential Value or a Perfect Grade one because you can easily roll 3 Coromons at a time for free!
   - Optional: Go to "Settings" and set the "text speed" to x3 to make things a bit faster.

Step 1: Skip the Trainer Course

   - Note: Following this guide would let you re-roll Coromons so much faster (when re-rolling Starter Coromons and also Patterbit right after!).

Let's Start!

   - Create a new game, go to Lux Solis then talk to the Receptionist. Once she asks you if you have followed a Lux Solis trainer course before, select "Yes, I Have".
   - Next select "The less extended course".
Coromon Re-rolling Guide - Save Point
   - After the Receptionist sends you to the Coromon Lab, make sure to Save you game right before you enter the automatic sliding door. This is important because this is where you will load the game for the re-rolling method.

Step 2: Start Re-rolling!

   - Next, go and talk to Nelson, continue until you can finally select a starter Coromon (if you skipped the Trainer Course, Nelson will no longer ask you questions, he will show you the Coromons right away).

   - Check their stats by selecting the "Summary" option, then by using manual calculation ~ add the Coromon's current "Exp. Points" and "To Next Exp" (blue colored number) to check their Potential Values (refer below table), good luck! ^^

   - NOTE: This table only works with Lvl 5 Coromons (all Starter Coromons are Lvl 5, also works with wild Coromons).

   - Potential Value is 16 = If Total EXP Points is 197
   - Potential Value is 17 = If Total EXP Points is 187
   - Potential Value is 18 = If Total EXP Points is 178
   - Potential Value is 19 = If Total EXP Points is 170
   - Potential Value is 20 = If Total EXP Points is 162
   - Potential Value is 21 = If Total EXP Points is 155

   - Here's an example:
Coromon - Potential Values
   - "Exp. Points" = 138 and "To Next Exp" (blue colored number) = 24.
   - Just add 138+24 = 162 then check the table above (the Potential Value is 20!).

Aim for Potential Value of 18 to 21

   - To Get a Perfect Grade Coromon:
   - A Coromon with Potential Value of 21 (Perfect Grade) is the most ideal but it's very rare, so the alternative way is to aim for a Potent Grade Coromon with Potential Value of 20 (then just upgrade to a Perfect Grade later).

   - If You Want To Settle with a Potent Grade Coromon:
   - It is also ok to aim for a lower Potential Value then just try again later with a new game. I would recommend getting a Coromon with a Potential Value of 18 or 19 (Potent Grade).

   - If all three Starter Coromons' Potential Values are lower than your targets, exit the game, load your saved game and do it again until you can reach your target Potential Value for any Starter Coromon (or for a specific Starter Coromon that you like).

Once You Are Ready To Pick Your Starter Coromon

   - IMPORTANT NOTE: I know that you are excited to finally pick up your Starter Coromon, but right before doing that, make sure to SAVE YOUR GAME again... why?  = to re-roll Patterbit!

   - Re-rolling Patterbit:
   - Now pick up your Starter Coromon then wait for Nelson to give you a Patterbit. Once you are able to move again, go check your Patterbit's Potential Value using the same method above, re-roll if needed then save your game once you are happy with the result, good luck! ^^

   - In case you forgot to save before picking up your Starter Coromon, do not load your game or else you'll lose that Starter Coromon you just picked! So it might be better to just move on and try to get a Patterbit with higher Potential Value from the wild, your choice.

Optional Alternative Method:

   - TIP: Take a closer look while those 3 Starter Coromons are popping out from the machine, if you see one of them "sparkling" or "twinkling" for a few seconds... and their appearance/color is also different than usual, those are some quick signs that you at least got a Potent Grade Coromon!
Coromon - Re-rolling Guide
   - Example: Toruga would appear orange instead of red, Nibblegar becomes darker, and Cubzero becomes more blueish.

   - If you did not see any of the above signs, just close the game app then load your saved game to try again (faster this way), but once you are able to achieve your goal, just don't forget to save your game first. Good luck and have fun! ^^

That's it guys, thank you for checking our How to Get the Best/Perfect Starter Coromons Guide for the monster taming adventure mobile game Coromon. Available to download from Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), and Steam.