Boom Karts - Beginner's Guide To All Tasks

Here's some quick tips and guide for the action and arcade mobile racing game Boom Karts - Multiplayer Kart Racing, available to download from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Boom Karts - Multiplayer Kart Racing is a fun and easy to play hack and slash fighting game where you can show off your skills. Try to get as far as possible in your adventure with randomized events, weapons, and encounters!

Boom Karts - Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide

Get Weapon Items and Hit Players!

Hit Man (Hit 20 Players with Any Weapon)

   - Just play normally... and hit players with any weapons you can get.

Bomb Squad (Hit 5 Players with TNT)

   - Aim for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (avoid 6th place) during the race then hit boxes to get a better chance of getting a TNT. Add how to use here.

Heat Seeker (Hit 5 Players with Rockets)

   - Aim for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (avoid 1st place) during the race then hit boxes to get a better chance of getting Rockets.

   - You need to drop the TNT first, then activate to let it explode.
   - TIP: Check the mini map to help you out, time it well and activate once you see other racers near your TNT. You may also do a quick "double tap" if other racers are just behind you to detonate it right away.

High Voltage (Hit 5 Players with Tesla)

   - Aim for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (avoid 6th place) during the race then hit boxes to get a better chance of getting a Tesla.
   - Just make sure that your targets are within your Tesla's range before using.

Hot Stuff (Hit 3 Players with Chili)

   - Aim for 4th, 5th or 6th place (6th is best) during the race then hit boxes to get a better chance of getting Chilis. Best done right from the start ("Boom-O-Meter"), hit the red area to let your Kart self explode, then quickly hit the "Reset Position" icon or hit a wall to slow your Kart down.

   - Note: Make sure not to let your opponents run too far from you though.
   - In order to complete the task, you must hit at least 1 player while in Chili mode (so try to chase players first before using).

Shell Shock (Hit 5 Players with a Bomb)

   - Aim for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place during the race then hit boxes to get a better chance of getting a Bomb.
   - Best used when one of the racers is directly in front of you.
   - For single bombs (not the x3 Bomb weapon item), you can use the explode icon if you missed your target/s to let it explode and try to hit them with your Bomb's AoE damage (also works if your target is right beside your Kart - just "quickly do a double tap").

Hunted (Get Hit 5 Times When First)

   - Get 1st place during the race then get hit by any weapon.

Punching Bag (Get Hit 10 Times)

   - Just play normally... and get hit by any weapon.

Eat My Dust (Beat 15 Players)

   - Easier if you'll use any weapons to hit them first.

Speed Related Tasks

Boom Karts - Beginner's Guide To All Tasks

Good Company (Get 4 Podium Placements)

   - Get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

Rising Star (Earn 50 Trophies)

   - Get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place to get Trophies.

Speed Demon (Drive the fastest lap in 3 races)

   - What you need to do to complete this task is to get the fastest lap time during the entire race. Use your best Kart, learn all shortcuts for the track and blitz through them!

Option 1:

   -  One way is to try to get 1st place and keep it that way for the entire race, then hope that your record would be enough. Use weapons and traps to disrupt other players behind you.

Option 2:

   - Another way is to get a Power-up like Nitro or Chili (easier if you place 5th or 6th during the race),  then save it for the next lap. Once you cross the finish line, it's time to use your Nitro or Chili (also try to use them to take shortcuts that requires a Boost), even better if you can get another Nitro or Chili during that lap!

   - Minimize mistakes, and try to earn Lightning Bolts before the next lap (before using your Nitro and Chili above).

Option 3:

   - If you still find it hard to complete, get yourself stuck at 6th place for a longer period and let the other players run away from you... finish the 1st lap then start blitzing!
   - During the 2nd lap, you should still be at 6th place to get lots of Boosters from boxes and help you complete your task. Even better if you can successfully use your Boosters to drive through those shortcuts!

   - This option is the easiest way because players won't be able to disrupt you and you'll get a higher chance to get Boosters from boxes... but you'll most likely lose some trophies though.

Top Dog (Win A Race)

   - Get 1st place. If you are having trouble, you can lower your Trophies by getting 4th, 5th, or 6th place to play with players with lower Trophies (likely with lower upgrades as well).

The Castle Circuit Shortcut Trick!

   - Another way is to play the Castle Circuit track, but make sure that you can at least keep up with other players.

   - The trick here is to get a Booster (Nitro or a Chili) during the 1st or 2nd lap, then save that item. Keep your Kart close to the other leading players until the 3rd lap, then once you are about to reach the final big turn right before the finish line, use your Booster to create a shortcut by driving through the sand area (do a hard left turn right before the finish line).
   - If done right, you should be able to steal the 1st place here!

Other Tasks

Hit the Road (Finish 10 Races)

   - Just play normally...

Grand Tourer (Drive 20,000 meters)

   - Just play normally...

Take Off (Do 15 Jump Boosts)

   - Just play normally...

Drifter (Drift 10,000 Meters)

   - Just play normally...

Sparks Flying (Do 120 Drift Boosts)

   - Just drift then do any boost (Blue, Yellow or Purple Boosts).

Drift Shark (Do 50 Purple Boosts)

   - Initiate a Boost by drifting non stop (you'll notice your Kart's exhaust will turn to BlueYellow > Purple > Yellow depending on how long and hard you are drifting), activate a Purple Boost once the purple color is present by driving straight (cancel your drift).

Charged Up (Collect 100 Lightning Bolts)

   - Just play normally, but focus more on getting Lightning Bolts.

Big Bucks (Earn 4500 Coins)

   - Open up Chests to get Coins. You can also earn Coins from Limited Race Events that gives Coins (check during weekends), buy some from the Shop, or claim from Season rewards.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Guide To All Tasks for the action and arcade mobile racing game Boom Karts - Multiplayer Kart Racing. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).