Coromon: Side Quests (Lux Solis, Hayville, and Donar Island)

Here are some tips and guide on how to start and complete all side quests that can be found after leaving Lux Solis, around Hayville, and once you reach Donar Island in the monster taming adventure mobile game Coromon - available to download from Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), and Steam.

You can check your active Side Quests by accessing your Logbook in-game, refer below if you need help on how to complete them.

Spinner Problems

   - Talk to Jerome (Radiant Park)
   - Jerome will ask you to catch any Coromon for him.
Coromon - Side Quests (Lux Solis, Hayville, and Donar Island)
   - TIP: Instead of catching another Coromon, you can give him any Coromon you currently have, he will return it anyway ~ easy quest completion.

Hayville Side Quests

Find A Mino

   - Talk to Chuck (Hayville)
   - Chuck will ask you to catch a Mino and trade it for his Beezel.
   - Go back to Radiant Park and catch any Mino for him. Do not give him a Potent or Perfect Grade Mino though, better keep it.

   - Once done, Chuck will go away. Go back to Radiant Park again if you like... all the way back till you see Chuck (battle him to gain some EXP and Gold).
   - Note: You can skip this and battle him later once you start the "Broken Teleporter" side quest below.

Monica's Study

   - Talk to Monica (Library - Hayville)
   - Monica is looking for a book titled Coromon basics, which is somewhere in the Library.
Coromon Side Quest Monica's Study
   - First look for Merrin inside the Library (the one who will give you those handbooks), in that same room, go to the lower right corner (facing south), check the hidden book shelf right along the edge of the room to get the item needed (Coromon Basics). Go back to Monica and give it to her.

Battle of Wits

   - Talk to Jebediah (Library - Hayville)

   - A trainer challenges you to a battle, You... = (Accept)
   - A trainer may carry up to six Coromon at a time. = (True)
   - Coromon of different Potential differ in appearance only. = (False)
   - Damage dealt is always determined by the Attack stat. = (False)
   - How many Coromon species are currently known to exist in Velva? = (118)
   - How many Potential value variations are there? = (21)
   - How many types are there? = (13)
   - The Speed stat of a Coromon determines it's Critical hit chance. = (False)
   - There are types which can only be found on Skills. = (True)
   - Trainers may catch Coromon owned by another trainer. = (False)

   - Air is very effective against... = (Fire)
   - Cut is very effective against... = (Electric)
   - Ghost is very effective against... = (Ghost)
   - Magic is very effective against... = (Ghost)
   - Normal is very effective against... = (Nothing)
   - Poison is very effective against... = (Normal)
   - Water is very effective against... = (Fire) or (Sand)
   - Note: You might get some questions not listed above, try to answer it as well.

Notable Rewards:

   - Lazy Gem = Earn some XP when the holder did not participate in the battle.
   - Bookworm = Headgear.

Beezel Breakout

   - Talk to Beth (Hayville Trainer Hub - Hayville)
   - Note: Hayville Trainer Hub is the building where you can heal your Coromons.

   - Beth is looking for 6 Beezles around Hayville that escaped, look for them and defeat them.
   - 1) Just directly below the Hayville Trainer Hub, near the well.
   - 2) Go inside the building directly below Perrin's workshop, you can find one near the bedroom.
   - 3) After exiting the building above, go to the corn field area to the right, you can find one near the silver chest or lake. 
   - 4) Another one can be found at the back of Noah's house (teleporter), near the trees.
   - 5) Follow the road to the right from Noah's house (teleporter), you should find one here.
Coromon Side Quest Beezel Breakout
   - 6) Go and talk to Perrin to get your upgraded Gauntlet with PUSH module installed. Proceed to the door at the back (Perrin's backyard) then push the logs here (mini puzzle) to reach the last Beezle.

   - Go back to Beth to complete the quest.

Notable Rewards:

   - Stinky Disk = Chance to repel wild Coromon if held by your leading Squad member.

Broken Teleporter

   - Talk to Noah (Noah's Teleporter - Hayville)
   - Noah's package got lost. Go ask Tim at Lux Solis Campus.

   - Either use 1 of your LuxRecall items to instantly teleport to Lux Solis Campus, or simply run all the way back (use a Stinky Scent item if you don't want to get into battles).
   - You can find Tim near the Teleporter.

   - Go to Radiant Park and find the Postman.
   - Note: You can also find Chuck here if you did not battle him before (refer to "Find a Mino" side quest above).
   - Next, go back to Noah's house (Hayville) then talk to him to complete the quest.

Unknown Side Quest

   - Talk to Jack (Woodlow Forest)
   - Push the logs here to solve the mini puzzle, then proceed to Jack's house to the left.
   - He will ask you to find a Molteye around the city of Vlamma.
   - *Not yet available for the demo game, more info soon...

Donar Island Side Quests

How To Evolve Patterbit to Pitterbyte (Optional Side Quest)

   - Talk to Julian (Donar Island)
   - Once you reach Donar Island, go to the building just behind the Trainer Hub.
   - Make sure that you have Patterbit in your squad before talking to Julian.

   - Next, go to the Trainer Hub to let your Coromons healed, the nurse would then tell you that your Pitterbyte can't be healed due to a pirated software.
   - Go back and talk to Julian to revert the process.
   - Talk to him again to officially evolve your Patterbit to Pitterbyte for 1,000 Gold.
   - If you need more Gold, go to the Shop and sell some items that you don't need.

Knowledge is Power

   - Talk to Merrin (Library - Hayville)
   - Available after saving Thomas from Umbra Noctis (Donar Island).

Battle of Knowledge

   - Talk to Jebediah (Library - Hayville)

   - A Coromon can get burned during Rain. = (False)
   - A frozen Coromon has it's Defense and Sp.Defense lowered. = (True)
   - A HP Cake (M) recovers how much HP? = (50)
   - A shock Coromon takes damage each round. = (False)
   - Coromon of the same species always have the same Trait. = (False)
   - Once your Coromon activates a newly learned skill, it will never be able to use the deactivated skill anymore. = (False)
   - What does a Mull Fruit do? = (Restore SP)
   - What does the burn condition do to a Coromon? = (Both)
   - When do Coromon decide to eat a Juba Fruit? = (When HP falls below 25%)
   - Which Coromon do not suffer from Accuracy loss in Twilight? = (Ghost and blind Coromon)
   - Which skill does more damage when used by a Toruga? = (Cinder (40 Power))

   - Note: You might get some questions not listed above, try to answer it as well.

Notable Rewards:

   - Evo Block = This device can prevent a Coromon from evolving.

Buzzlet Delivery

   - Talk to Nikola (Buzzlet Lab  - Donar Island)
   - Nikola needs 4 Buzzlet with a Potential Value of 15 or higher.
   - Use your Potential Reader (item) to check the Potential value of your Buzzlets.

Where to Catch Buzzlets

   - Step 1: Go to Thunderous Cave (Donar Island), then save your game once you enter the 1st area (just stay around this area).

   - Step 2 (Option 1): Run around until you can find a "Potent" Grade Buzzlet, these guys will always get a Potential Value higher than 15. If you can find one with 18 or higher Potential Value, consider keeping it.
   - TIP: Buy and use Static Spinners (from Shop) to capture "Potent" Grade Buzzlets at full HP (to avoid mistakes).

   - Step 2 (Option 2): Find and capture a "Standard" Grade Buzzlet around here, then check their Potential Value by using your Potential Reader (item). Keep all Buzzlets with 14 Potential Value, release if it's lower (you can also load your saved game if you want to conserve your Spinners).

How To Upgrade Potential Values?

   - Once you are able to get one with 14 Potential Value, go and talk to Oleg (2nd floor of Donar Island's Trainer Hub - the building where you can heal your Coromons).
   - Use the Potentiflate option to increase your Buzzlet's Potential value from 14 > 15.
   - It would cost you 500 Gold per Buzzlet.
   - TIP: The "timer" is based on the number of steps you make, so just run around until you get a phone message from Oleg, or go back to the Thunderous Cave to hunt more Buzzlets.
Coromon Side Quest Buzzlet Delivery
   - Take your Buzzlets with 15 Potential value or higher to Nikola (Buzzlet Lab - Donar Island), and don't forget to equip your lab coat first.

Notable Rewards:

   - Fear Disc = A stone that can attract already hurt Coromon if held by your leading Squad member.
   - Magnet Hat = Headgear.

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