Battle Legion: Beginner's Quick Tips and Guide

Here's some quick tips and walkthrough guide for the idle-style strategy mobile game Battle Legion: Mass-Battler, available to download from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Battle Legion: Mass-Battler puts you in shoes of an aspiring Commander, and as you rank up through unforgettable victories, so does your legion!

Battle Legion: Beginner's Tips, Build, and Walkthrough Guide

Your Aim for the Game

Reach New Milestones and Increase Rank

   - Form an army, win battles and reach higher ranks to unlock New Units, increase the Field Size, Army Points, and Wagon Rank.

Complete Quests 

   - To gain quick Gold for upgrading units early game. Complete them as you go to get more freebies like Gems and Gold.

Battle Legion Tips and Guide:

How To Create a New Game?

   - If you want to restart, go to Settings > Change Account > New Profile.

   - Use this feature to play multiple accounts if you like.

   - Make sure to connect your Google Play or Facebook account to backup your progress and Player Profiles.

Army Points, Formations and Trophies

Battle Legion: Army Points and Formations

Army Points and Formations

   - Maximize Army Points depending on your current Rank and available units. Try to find the best units and army formation to help you get higher win rates (aim for 50%+ to rank faster).

   - Common Units = 1 Army Point

   - Rare Units = 2 Army Points

   - Mythic Units = 3 Army Points

   - Positioning is important in this game, moving them forward would let them engage the enemy faster, moving them backward would delay their movement, adjust according to your strategy.

   - Also consider placing 2 units with good synergy close to each other, like ranged/melee units + their support units.


   - You gain trophies if you win battles, and lose some if your army got defeated. Reach higher Ranks to lock in your Trophies.

   - TIPDraw = In case you are in a battle where non attacking units are the only ones left, DO NOT Surrender! Just let the time expire to get a Draw, this way you won't lose Trophies.

Seasons and Season Paths

   - Each victory earns you XP, pushing you closer to the next reward! Gather Bonus XP to increase the amount you earn from every victory. Collect Bonus XP from camp every day to boost your Season Path progression.
   - Try to claim all milestone rewards before the end of the Season.
   - Season Pass = Buy from Shop to get Premium Rewards for that current Season.


Battle Legion Powerstones

   - Powerstone TypesDefensive, Offensive, Range, Movement, and Ability Types, use them depending on your unit's available slots (requires Lvl 4 to unlock). Here's some examples:

   - Offensive = Increase attack potency by x% (good for any unit).

   - Offensive = First attack deals 100% more damage (good for units with high damage per attack).

   - Offensive = Instakill if below x% HP (good for fast hitting units).

   - Offensive = Berserk, attack increased when below x% HP (good for tanky units).

   - Defensive = Diminishes all damage taken by x% (good for any unit).

   - Defensive = Avoid 1 attack damage every x seconds (good for ranged units that rarely gets hit).

   - Defensive = Status Effect nullified/get buff when debuffed (good for any unit but check first their existing "Immunities" below their names before using).

   - Ability = Ability Potency+ (good for support units that doesn't attack like Barrier Monk).

   - Movement = Increases/Reduces Movement Speed (good for certain units, depending on your strategy).

   - Movement = Heal unit while moving (good for units that moves a lot like melee units).

   - Range = Range+ (good for mid ranged or any ranged units).

   - Range = x% chance to double damage on attack (good for fast hitting units, and healers).

   - Range = Chance to instantly CD attack (good for slow attackers).

   - Note that there are more kinds of Powerstones available every new Season, check how you can maximize their effects to increase the overall performance of your units and army.

How To Get Free Powerstones?

   - Free Powerstones can be obtained mainly from Season Path rewards (just keep winning battles to get XP).

   - Equipped Powerstones are permanent, you can replace them but the item won't go back to your inventory.

   - Note that Powerstones only lasts until the end of the Season, new sets will appear every Season.

Create or Join a Clan!

Battle Legion Clans

   - Join clans with a good number of players early on or wait till you can reach higher trophies (1,000~1,400 Trophies) to join better clans.
   - Check the Clan Info section to check if the guild is active enough (especially the Leaders and Elders), even better if most players got way higher trophies than you and are also donating.

Donate and Request

   - You can only request Common and Rare units (must be unlocked first). Mythic units are only available during Sundays (first request of every Sunday).

   - Donate if you have excess units that you don't need, best if the player is also online/active (check Clan Info). If possible, also donate to players who donates units to you, to create a good stream of free units.

   - Donating would net you some Gold (50 Gold for Rare and 5 Gold for Common units). 1250 Gold for Mythic units (available during Sundays).

More Battle Legion Tips

Best Ways to Spend Gems

   - Wagons > Dragon Wagon (5950 Gems) = Contains Guaranteed Mythic units that are harder to obtain or collect. This might be tough for F2P players though.

   - Gold (50 Gems for 1,000 Gold or 500 Gems for 11,000 Gold) = Available from the Shop > Resources > Gold. Good alternative but make sure to use it to upgrade key units that you'll use for most battles.

   - Earn Gems from Quests, Season Path rewards, Watching Video Ads, Royal Shipment (random), or purchase from Shop (optional).

How To Get More Gold?

   - Earn from Battles, Quests, Daily Gold Storage, Watching Video AdsRoyal Shipment (random)  Season Path rewards, and Wagons (farm Victory Points by winning battles to unlock more Wagons). Can also be purchased from Shop (optional).

   - Donating units to your clan mates would net you some Gold (50 Gold for Rare and 5 Gold for Common units).

   - TIP: If you want to earn Gold, request any Rare units then donate them back later on. If you can find other players that does the same, it would be easier! Common units are also ok if you don't need them.

   - NOTE: Gold, combined with Unit Shards, will upgrade the powerfulness of your units. Keep playing and remember to upgrade whenever you have Shards and Gold (prioritize key units to conserve Gold).

Royal Shipment

Battle Legion: Royal Shipment

   - Use the "Auto Spin" feature or just do battles for a chance to encounter the Royal Shipment.

   - You can obtain free items here like Gold and Gems if you are lucky enough (some items aren't free).

Quick Walkthrough Guide

Formation/Build and Upgrading Guide

   - Refer to our separate guide (below link) for the quick walkthrough guide.

   - Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 1 (Rank 1 to 5)

   - Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 5 (Coming Soon!)

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Quick Tips and Guide for the idle-style strategy mobile game Battle Legion: Mass-Battler. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).