Green Skin Dungeon Master: Tips and Guide - Classes and Team Building

Here's a guide and tips for beginners in the RPG dungeon crawler mobile game - Green Skin Dungeon Master. Learn how to recruit or re-roll your account to get 5 Star Heroes (optional), and how to organize your teams (basics, job classes, positions, and more).

Also refer below for Dungeon run tips, including different EXP that you can get while adventuring, dungeon items, shrine effects, and basic resources.

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Collect Freebies

   - Check Mail to claim your Beginner's Welcome Gift, and Login Bonus rewards.
   - Check Events section for more freebies.
   - Follow your Main Quests and complete all Daily Quests.
Green Skin Dungeon Master

Recruit Heroes (Tavern)

   - Aim and focus on using 5 Star and 4 Star Heroes.
   - TIP: If you are able to draw any 4~5 Stars duplicates, still get them to obtain Evolution Stones and Soul Stones.

   - Use Special Recruitment to get higher chance.
   - Use all free tries then spend Diamonds to scout more.
   - TIP: It is also a good idea to earn 10,000 Diamonds then buy the "Box of Special Recruit Ticket (50+5)" from the Shop to receive 5 free extra tries!

Re-Rolling Account (Optional)

   - If you were unable to get any 5-Star Heroes or good units from the tavern, you can re-roll your account. Go to Settings > Reset > follow steps to start over.

   - TIP: To make things faster, once you enter the "Cave of Beginner", hit the Pause button below the mini map then select Give Up to exit the dungeon. Claim all 1,000 Diamonds, 5* Mev and a random 4* Hero from your Mail, then go to the Tavern.

   - Aim for any 5 Star Hero and/or some 4 Star Heroes.
   - Would recommend getting 1 Warrior Class (4 or 5 Stars) to effectively absorb more damages, and 1 Swordsman or Assassin Class (4 or 5 Stars) if possible to get a nice single target damages.

Free 5-Star Heroes (Early Game)

   - 5* Mev (Assassin): Beginner's Welcome Gift from Mail.
   - Free 5 Star hero recruit ticket: 7th Day Attendance reward, Reached Clan Lvl 20, Reach Last Tower (Dungeon 25) and complete Kayla's Sword Pieces (Main Quest), and more.
   - 5* Annie (Mage): Mileage Shop, requires 50 Mileage (for non F2P players).

   - Secret Shop also offers 4* or 5* recruit tickets (Fame Coins can be obtained from the Sacred Duel and Endless Labyrinth modes). You can also get recruit tickets from the Endless Labyrinth and other limited events as rewards.

How To Organize a Party (Hero)

Green Skin Dungeon Master - Party

Hero Job Classes


   - In-game Info: Takes damage for the party!
   - Base Stats: High Health and Defense but lower Attack and Agility.
   - Normal Attacks: Only attacks the 1st target from the left.
   - TIP: Sturdy units but have low damage output, select Warriors with helpful skill effects like team buffs/debuffs, stun, and more. (Just use 1, limit to 2 in a single party only if needed).


   - In-game Info: Has good basic skills and also strong one shot!
   - Base Stats: Balanced Stats, but higher Attack.
   - Normal Attacks: Can only attack the 1st or 2nd target from the left (random).
   - TIP: Highly recommended to get at least 1 per team, because they have high single target attacks (great vs Bosses) and only focuses on 2 targets. Also select area attackers if needed (PVP for example or PVE crowd control).


   - In-game Info: Assaults the back line.
   - Base Stats: Balanced Stats, but higher Agility (attack speed and evasion).
   - Normal Attacks: Can attack any targets (random).
   - TIP: Almost similar to Swordsman in terms of DPS and can evade with enough AGI and Evasion bonuses, but attacks random targets. Area attacks with extra effects are awesome (PVP/PVE crowd control and/or support). Also select single target attackers if needed (great vs Bosses).


   - In-game Info: Most have powerful mass area attack and crowd control skills.
   - Base Stats: Balanced Stats, but lower Defense.
   - Normal Attacks: Can attack any targets (random).
   - TIP: If possible, avoid using 2 or more Magicians in a single party (limit to 2 only if needed), because their survivability is really low (unless heavily upgraded). Area attacks with extra effects are awesome to finish off low HP enemies (PVP/PVE crowd control and/or support). Also select single target attackers if needed for certain situations.

Quick Tips For Team Building

Sort Party from Left to Right

   - 1st Position: Tanks (Warriors) should be placed here to effectively tank for the team. You can also use any Hero with high survivability if you want.
   - 2nd Position: Place any Hero except Magician here with decent survivability to mitigate Swordsman attacks during PVP.
   - 3rd and 4th Positions: Place any Heroes you like here.

Main and Backup Heroes

   - Collect 2 heroes each job class as you go.
   - One main and the others as your backup, just in case they are needed to complete certain missions or quests. Pass some of the unused gears to them too, instead of selling them.

   - TIP: Check their skill sets to easily determine useful heroes that suits your style (for PVE or PVP), including 4 Star Heroes.

Sacred Duel (PVP)

   - Note that you also need to setup your PVE and PVP Teams, customize depending on the current heroes you have.
Green Skin Dungeon Example PVP TEAM
   - Example: Use 1 Tank (Warrior), 2 Swordsman (1 Area Attack and 1 Single Target), and any Hero (most are using 5* Mev for the debuff, combo with Swordsman's area attacks).
   - This setup will focus on defeating the first 2 enemy heroes from the left, best if you can eliminate the 2nd hero asap to greatly reduce their fire power. Most teams doesn't use 2 tanks so you have this advantage.

Endless Labyrinth Teams

   - Setup 2 teams, the simplest way is to create 1 team to clear the monsters, then switch to your main team once you reach the BOSS.
   - Various monsters and BOSS have Physical or Magic resistance, customize your teams if needed.

Dungeon Run Tips and FAQs

Your Aim

   - Use your map and clear all floors to complete the dungeon (also unlocks the next dungeon). If your team loses a battle or consumed all the Food, your party will have to leave the dungeon.

   - TIP: Plan your moves to conserve Food. Bosses appears every 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th Floors. Try to reach Floors 4 or 7 to set a new starting point.
Green Skin Dungeon Master - Tips

Complete Dungeon Missions

   - Complete all 3 Missions (check right before entering the dungeon) to clear the dungeon with 3 Stars. Also unlocks the "Sweep" Function.
   - Skip if you can't complete, return once you get stronger, or have more heroes.

To Farm Gears and Gold

   - Always try and fill your bag (unless you are using certain Shrine Effects), discard lower grade gears if needed to clear some space.
   - Equip better gears (farm for all job classes, 2 sets each for your main and backup characters), sell the unneeded ones to gain more Gold, or over enhance +5 Purple Gears to gain some Shards.

   - TIP: Better rush dungeons early game, then start farming Gears and Gold once you can't progress anymore. Some Green and Blue grade gears are better than Purple grade gears that you have, so don't ignore them too.

Different Types of Dungeon EXP

Adventure EXP and LVL

Green Skin Dungeon Master - Adventure EXP
   - Increased by encountering Campfire Areas in the dungeon (tap to get Adventure EXP).
   - Check progress at the upper left corner of your screen while in the Dungeon (list of bonus stats per unlocked Lvl).
   - Once you hit higher difficulties or new dungeons, you'll need to grind this up first to gain a nice boost.

Combat EXP and LVL

   - Surviving a Battle: will grant you Combat EXP, to raise your Heroes' Lvl while in the dungeon (resets once you exit the dungeon).
   - Pills: Gives Battle EXP, can be obtained randomly from Chest Boxes, open the Pocket icon to use them up.
   - Combat Lvl is also needed to complete the dungeon easier, combo with Adventure Lvl.

Clan EXP and LVL

   - Clan EXP can be farmed by doing Dungeon runs (claim once you do an exit).
   - Clan Lvl raises your Hero's base Lvl caps and Food caps. Once you reach a new Clan Lvl, go and upgrade your main team's Lvls with Gold.

Dungeon Items and Other FAQs

How to Replenish HP?

   - Hero Skill Effects
   - Campfire Option (Replenish +30% HP, consumes Food. Can't be used in Boss/Monster areas)
   - Healing Items (random, consumable/passive items from Chest Boxes). Note that existing items from your Pocket can also be re-rolled with the "Lucky" Shrine effect.
   - Shrine Effects (random, heals the whole team)

How To Revive Dead Heroes?

   - Resurrect Items (random, consumable items from Chest Boxes)
   - Shrine Effects (random, also heals the whole team)

Stat Boost Items (Consumable)

   - Save and use them right before a BOSS fight, to gain some bonus stats!

Teleport Items (Consumable)

   - Can be used to Teleport away from a Boss area, in case you need to heal up first for example (unless you have Key of Challenge)
   - If you are running out of Food, you can use it to teleport once you reached a dead end instead of going all the way back.

How To Reduce the Effects of Traps?

   - Set Yggrdra as your Soulmate to reduce Trap duration.
   - Get a rare item from the Chest Boxes that can detect Traps (luck based).
   - If you have the "Contract" Shrine effect, just move between 2 areas until it wears off.

Shrine Effects

Green Skin Dungeon Master Shrine Effects

List of Shrine Effects and Aims

   - Shrine Effects to get depends on what your aim is for the that dungeon run. Refer below for example teams and recommended Shrine Effects to get (combos).
   - Go here: Adventure Teams and Shrine Effects to Get

Currencies and Resources


   - For Hero Recruitment (get 4-5 Stars to earn Evolution Stones and Soulstones).
   - To Buy More Food if needed (limited to 10 per day).
   - For Enhancing Equipment beyond +5 (Safe Enhance, optional)
   - To buy more "Duel Chance". Best during "Bonus Fame Coin +100%" event (optional).
   - and more.

How to Get More Diamonds?

   - Quests, Login, and Milestone Rewards
   - PVP Season Rewards
   - Partner Favor (random!), watch video ads to receive some Diamonds.
   - Endless Labyrinth Rewards
   - Limited Events
   - and more.


   - Use to increase base stats of Heroes.
   - For Enhancing equipment.
   - For buying gifts from the Boutique to increase Partner's favorability (can only be sent up to 4 partners daily).

Evolution Stones

   - Evolved 4-5 Stars Hero will learn a new passive skill, plus bonus stats.
   - TIP: Evolve main Heroes, preferably 5* Heroes with nice passive skill (2nd skill to unlock for early game). Bonus Stats are also great so also evolve Heroes that you will always use.

How To Get More Evolution Stones?

   - 4* Hero Recruit gives (dupe or new) Gives +3 Evolution Stones.
   - 5* Hero Recruit gives (dupe or new): Gives +20 Evolution Stones.
   - Limited Events
   - NOTE: Options like buying "Recruit Tickets" from the Secret Shop doesn't give Evolution Stones...


   - Used for Enhancing 4-5 Stars Hero skills, plus bonus stats.
   - This is an excellent way to boost your usable 4* Heroes!
Green Skin Dungeon Master - Mev Soulstones
   - TIP: For F2P players, I would recommend farming 5* Mev's Soulstones from the Secret Shop first (use free re-rolls) to increase her stats and skill's damage and debuff effect to +1!

How To Get Specific Soulstones?

   - Recruit same Hero (dupes) to get their Soulstones.
   - Secret Shop (featured Heroes), can be re-rolled.

   - Use Exchange Feature from the Hero section (5-Stars only). You can decompose all Soulstones to Souldust, but when synthesizing Souldusts to Soulstones (to a Hero), 5 Soulstones requires 15 Souldusts!
   - NOTE: Soulstone composition is only available once a day.

Shard of Power

   - For purchasing Enhancement Scrolls from the Shop.

How To Get More Shards?

   - Enhance unused +5 Purple Gears, if it breaks you'll get 1 Shard of Power or more depending on the current upgrade. Selling or Enhancing +5 or higher Purple or Legendary Gears would also give you shards.
   - and more.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Tips and Guide - Classes and Team Building for the RPG mobile game - Green Skin Dungeon Master. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).