Green Skin Dungeon Master: Gear Farming and Shrine Effects to Get

Here's a guide and tips on how to farm better Gears/Equipment in the RPG dungeon crawler mobile game - Green Skin Dungeon Master. Refer below for various tips on how to farm gears and Shrine Effects to get to make things easier.

Equipment Grade consists of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Equipment of higher grade has better stats and more enhance trials.

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Dungeon Shrine Effects

Green Skin Dungeon Master: Gear Farming and Shrine Effects to Get

List of Shrine Effects (Adventure Mode)

   - Burning Bridge: Attack +50%; Defense -30%
   - Confusion: 50% chance to teleport to random room after battle; Damage +30%
   - Contract: Does not use Food when move; Lose all the Equipment and Gold obtained (after exiting dungeon)
   - Discovery: 33% chance to get 2 dungeon items.
   - Engrave: Skill prob. +20%; Damage -30%.
   - Frugality: If there is no equipment in the backpack, All Stat +15%
   - Gluttony: All Stat +30%; Food cost +1 on the move.
   - Greed: For each equipment in the backpack, All Stat +1%
   - Growth: For every monster killed, All Stat +1% (Max 20%)
   - Hasty Movement: Agility +20%, Defense -10%
   - Heavy Protection: Defense +20%; Agility -10%
   - Iron Wall: Defense +50%; Attack -30%
   - Light Footwork: Agility +20%; Attack -10%
   - Lighten: Agility +50%; Health -20%
   - Luck: Shuffle all the Dungeon Items.
   - Lure: Does not use food when try to run away, Damage -10%
   - Magical Improvement: Magical damage +30%; Physical damage -20%
   - No Pain No Gain: Attack +50%; Health -25%
   - Oblivion: Damage +20%; Skill prob. -30%
   - Physical Enhancement: Physical damage +30%; Magical damage -20%
   - Restoration: Resurrect all hero with 20% health.
   - Rightful Trading: Atk, Def, Agi +10%; Health -10%
   - Rough Protection: Defense +20%; Attack -10%

   - Shrine of Affluent: Food +10
   - Shrine of Agility: Increase Agility by 10%
   - Shrine of Blessing: Increase Atk, Def, Agi by 5%
   - Shrine of Bravery: Increase Attack by 10%
   - Shrine of Disorder: Attack +20%, Defense -10%
   - Shrine of Protection: Increase Defense by 10%
   - Shrine of Miracle: Resurrect all Hero with 100% health.
   - Shrine of Sloth Bravery: Attack+20%, Agility-10%

Shrine Effects To Get

   - Shrine Effects to get depends on what your aim is for the that dungeon run. Refer below for example teams and recommended Shrine Effects to get (combos).
   - Note that you might need to do multiple runs in order to obtain all Shrine Effects and Dungeon items that you need (luck based).

Aim: To Farm Better Gears

How To Find Better Gears?

   - First, you need to advance until you can find a dungeon that drops better gears that can replace your existing +5 Purple Gears. Start farming gears from that dungeon until you can unlock the next dungeons.
   - Sometimes, you need to upgrade new Purple Gears to +5 to outperform existing ones. Also, note that some Green and Blue grade gears are better than Purple grade gears that you might have, so don't ignore them too.

   - NOTE: If you can only complete 3 floors up to the 1st BOSS, that's fine... just continue and try to clear most areas for now to grind more Adventure EXP while farming gears. You can also get Clan EXP per run so it's all good.
   - Also, if you can complete all 15 floors and get 3 Stars, better move to the next one to start increasing the Adventure Lvl of that dungeon while farming gears, unless you still need to do some quests.

How To Advance to Higher Dungeons?

Green Skin Dungeon Master: Adventure Teams and Shrine Effects to Get
   - To push your progress and unlock new dungeons (to get better gears), you'll need a different approach and specific teams to make things easier. Refer to the link below for more info.
   - Go here: Adventure Teams and Shrine Effects to Get

Basic Things To Do

   - Increase Adventure Lvl (Permanent): Collect Adventure EXP from Campfire Areas, even if you can only clear 3 floors up to the 1st Boss area. Do this every new dungeon to get Stat boosts!
   - Activate Shrine Effects: The best ones to get early on are those that can help increase your Stats to survive against normal monsters (to avoid getting too much damage).
   - Open Chest Boxes: To obtain useful consumable and passive items (for dungeon only).
   - Increase Hero Lvl (Battle EXP): You need to defeat monsters or get Pills from chest boxes to gain Battle EXP. The higher your Heroes' Lvls while adventuring, the better (for dungeon only).

Tier 3: Recommended Shrine Effects To Get

   - Engrave: To trigger more skills like Stun attacks and Nuke Skills (limit to 1 only). This would reduce your damage, so try to get items that would increase DMG+% vs Bosses, or customize team and get Magical or Physical Improvement.

   - Frugality: Discard all gears from your Back Pack once you get this shrine effect (except for legendary or useful purple gears). If you have at least 2 Greed effects, DO NOT get this effect. Awesome effect to get early on to get instant boost!

   - Growth: You'll be farming Battle EXP from monsters anyway so this is also good.

   - Magical or Physical Improvement: Only if your whole team or main damage dealers are all Magic or Physical types (check color of the Attack stat of your Heroes, Blue is Magical, Red is Physical).

   - Iron Wall: DEF +50%, get early on to survive well against mobs, also useful against heavy hitting Bosses!

Tier 2: Alternative Quick Stat Boosters

   - Greed: Quickly fill up your Back Pack to maximize this effect, but if you have Frugality, DO NOT get this.
   - Light Footwork: To increase Agility by 20% (Attack Speed and Evasion).
   - Rightful Trading: To increase Atk, Def, and Agi by 10% (limit to 1 or 2 only).
   - Rough Protection: To increase Defense by 20%.
   - Shrine of Blessing: Increase Atk, Def, and Agi by 5%.

Tier 1: Get If the Above Ones are Not Available

   - Shrine of Agility: Increase Agility by 10%.
   - Shrine of Protection: Increase Defense 10%.

   - Get these, only if there are no better choice.
   - Discovery: Since you'll be opening lots of Chest Boxes, this is also nice!
   - Hasty Movement: Agility +20%, Defense -10%
   - Heavy Protection: Defense +20%; Agility -10%
   - Lighten: Agility +50%; Health -20% (limit to 1, only if your heroes are sturdy enough).

Optional/Situational Shrine Effects

   - Food: Get if needed.
   - Luck: Shuffle all the Dungeon Items (if you have crap items).
   - Restoration or Shrine of Miracle: If you need to revive and/or heal your Heroes.

   - *NOTE: All Shrine Effects listed under Tiers are not in-order, select which suits your current situation. If possible, avoid all Shrine Effects not listed above.

Other Helpful FAQs

Notable Shrine Effects To Avoid?

   - Contract: You can't claim the Gold and Gears from the dungeon once you exit if you have this.
   - Confusion and Gluttony: These 2 will deplete your "Food" fast, so avoid getting them when farming Gears and Gold.
   - Frugality: This is ok as long that you only save Purple or Legendary gears, but if you want to farm Gold as well...don't get this if you want.
   - and Other Shrine Effects not included above (Tiers).

How To Obtain Legendary Gears?

   - You can get them from Chest Boxes while adventuring, or by using the SWEEP Feature.
   - If you want to farm specific Legendary Gears, refer to the featured gears per dungeon.

Dungeon SWEEP Feature

   - Only for 3-Star Dungeons, complete all Missions to unlock the Sweep feature.
   - If you are lucky, you can get Legendary gears too!
   - TIP: Skip if you can't complete all 3 Stars for now, return once you get stronger, or have more heroes.

Recommended Partner? (Soul Mate)

   - YggdraPricilla, or Kayla. Nice partners early game for dungeon runs.
   - Use Yggdra to reduce Trap duration early on.
   - Use Pricilla to increase the number of Shrine Options that you can choose from.
   - Use Kayla to increase Skill Probability by 5% (Dungeon) with bonus Accuracy stat.

My Team Is Getting A Lot of Damage, Why?

   - If your team can't handle the damages of enemies (first 3 floors, especially areas with more than 1 enemy or during your 1st Boss fight). This means that you need to:

   - Increase the Lvl of your Heroes.
Green Skin Dungeon Master - Adventure EXP
   - Grind and increase the Adventure Lvl of that dungeon (keep going even if you can only clear floors up to the 1st BOSS room).
   - or Get better gears (+Enhance).

   - Getting ALL Stats+%DEF+% and AGI+% Stats early on from Shrines can also help increase survivability against mobs and Bosses.
   - Try to replenish their HP if possible before encountering Bosses. Bosses appears every 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th Floors.

Need Help Creating Teams?

   - If you need help organizing a party, refer to the links below.
   - Tips and Guide - Classes and Team Building
   - Adventure Teams and Shrine Effects to Get

This Setup Focuses on DEF and AGI, Why?

   - This is mainly because Bosses and monsters really hits hard at higher difficulties, it's not cool to have a very high ATK, if your heroes can't even survive 2 or 3 normal attacks, especially if your stun attacks can't land!
   - Agility also reduces evasion stats of Bosses, while increasing your Assassin's evasion rate to dodge Boss attacks!
   - This setup will generate sustained damage if done right (increase All Stats+% Shrine Effects, or customize team and get Magical or Physical Improvement).
Greenskin Dungeon Master Boss Damage Items
   - TIP: Get items that can boost your damages vs Boss to make things easier (main source of bonus damage). Use "Luck" Shrine effect to shuffle all Dungeon Items that you have if needed.

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Tips and Guide - Gear Farming and Shrine Effects to Get for the RPG mobile game - Green Skin Dungeon Master. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).