Lumia Saga: Beginner's Guide Part 1 - Level Up Fast and Cultivation EXP

Here's a quick walkthrough guide for beginners on how to level up fast and use Cultivation EXP to gain more Normal EXP from field monsters and profession related activities.

Also refer below for some tips on how to upgrade and enhance your character and complete events in the action adventure MMORG mobile game app Lumia Saga.

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How To Level Up Fast!

Main Storyline Quests

   - Once the game starts, complete all main storyline quests ("would suggest to rush") to get huge EXP (tap quest for auto navigation), until you can no longer advance because the game requires you to reach certain Lvls to continue with the main quests.

   - This is where you should start completing Events and grind EXP (refer below for tips).
   - Also complete other quests here, like Tutorials and other side quests as you go.
   - NOTE: Once you are able to reach the required Lvl, you should advance the main storyline quests again ~ repeat steps to level up fast.

Other Info

   - Dauntless Buff: This is a global passive bonus that gives higher EXP gain depending on the Lvl of the highest players in the game.
   - Other Rewards: Claim all Login, Level Up Rewards and other freebies as you go.

Newbie Orientation

   - Use this as a guide on what to aim for while playing.
Lumia Saga: Beginner's Walkthrough Guide Part 1 - Level Up Fast
   - Just complete them as you go, follow the guide below. Lvl up to unlock certain events or quests.
   - Example: Rush the main quests until you reach around Lvl 28, to trigger and complete the "Samuel's Altar" main storyline quest, then proceed and grind up to Lvl 30 to complete Day 1 challenge.

Upgrading and Enhancing

Upgrading Gears

Magic Cores

   - "Verify" new Magic Cores to appraise them.

   - Equip magic Cores with higher base Basic Attribute.
   - If they have the same Basic Attribute, equip the one with better Random Attributes.

   - Use the "Refine" function to transfer a Random Attribute to your main ones (transfer stats that are best for your character's role or build). Better start refining once you reach Lvl 30+ gears, and after choosing your main class (you can choose from 2 classes).
   - Get better Magic Cores from Events as you go (ex: dropped by Bosses or from Event Rewards).
   - Make sure to prioritize your Stats Build over Ratings (higher ratings but with bad stats build is not cool).

   - "Decompose" magic Cores that you no longer need to free up space. Use the "Auto Decompose" and "Quick Action" feature if needed.

Enhancing Gears

   - Just Enhance them evenly (10, 20, 30 and so on; or 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on) to increase Power Rating and to complete certain requirements later on. Increase Weapons first to increase damages.
   - Enhance Weapon and Armor to Lvl 20 to complete 1 of the Day 1 Newbie Orientation tasks.

   - Once you unlock the "Modify" feature, just ignore it for now.

Class Promotion Path

   - Refer here for Promotion Requirements, complete them to promote to the next one.
   - Use this as a guide on what to aim for while playing.
Lumia Saga - Class Promotion Path
   - You can get class attribute bonus every after promotion to increase Power Rating.


   - After your 2nd promotion, you can now start equipping Titles.
   - Tap on your Avatar then select the Title "Change" option.

Upgrading and Setting Up Skills

   - Just go ahead and upgrade them all, use the "Quick Upgrade" option.
   - Go to "Skill Settings" or "Auto Combat" to setup your Skills.

Setup Skills For Auto Battle/Cast (Easier)

   - For All Around Use:
   - Use at least 1 Skill (preferably Single Target) that doesn't use Energy (auto cast).
   - Next, set 1 single target nuke skill that deals high damages (requires Energy), for Boss fights (set to auto cast or do manual tapping especially if you need to cast a buff first, for example).
   - Set a Buff, Debuff, Heal, Support Skill, or similar skill (if available, set to auto cast).

   - Optional:
   - 1 AoE skill for mob clearing, do manual cast especially if it requires Energy, because you don't want to spam it against single targets or to share energy with your nuke skill (unless you know what you are doing).


   - Choose any that you like, you can reset them anytime.

Game Events and Features

Guild and Guild Events

   - Join any guild that you want or just use the "Quick Apply" option to join a random guild. Find and join an active guild once you are high enough for their requirements.
   - Check the Guild events section and participate (also check day and time). Guild Events will also appear under the Event Center when available.

Event Center

Lumia Saga: Event Center

Activity Level (Daily Quests)

   - Once the Event Icon pops up around Lvl 15, start completing them to gain Vitality Points and Activity Points to increase your Activity Level for more rewards!

Events - Time Based

   - Events that opens only during certain times of the day.
   - Enter and complete/participate when they are available.
   - Example: World Boss, most Guild Events, and more (check event details).

World Boss

   - Tap on the World Boss Event (not the Join button) to check the time slots for the event (you can also check the current time at the upper right corner of the Event Center window).
   - If the Boss is already dead, just wait for it to re-spawn.
   - You can only Raid 1 Boss per day, so select the highest Stage available to get better rewards.

*More similar events can be unlocked as you Level Up. 

Events - Available All Day

Team Instance

   - Doesn't reward EXP, but this is where you can start getting better Magic Cores and new Titles.
Lumia Saga - Team Instance
   - Select Instances that you can enter and select "Quick Team" then "Auto Matching". In-case there are no teams available, the game would sometimes let you team up with some bot characters (Normal and Heroic Instances).

   - Create or Join teams if you want, especially for harder Instances.
   - Try to use the World Chat in-case some teams would direct invite you. If someone is recruiting via Chat (LFM = "looking for members"), open the Chat then tap on their avatar pic and select "Apply to Team". Wait for the team captain to start the raid.

   - You can defeat and claim rewards from each Bosses 2 times a day except for Epic Instances. Example: If the Boss description shows 0/2 then you can no longer get rewards from that Boss until the next server reset.

   - For higher Instances, quickly learn the attack patterns of the Boss, and avoid strong AoE attacks unless you are a tank. Pay attention to what other players are doing, if they are avoiding certain attacks or avoiding/attacking specific enemy or Boss, do the same.

*More similar events can be unlocked as you Level Up. 

Events - Grind EXP (Available All Day)

Important Note:

   - Note that some events here may consume Cultivation EXP (fighting field monsters), so if you want to use EXP cards to maximize Cultivation EXP, do these events later (refer to the Cultivation EXP section and Crusade War below for more info).
   - Make sure to complete them too before the server reset (00:00, check Event Center for the current in-game time). 
   - Here Are Some Examples:

Pesky Legion

   - Guild Event - Available All Day, enter twice.
   - Use other Pesky Legion NPC if other players are using it.

Class Armament

   - Follow all series of quests to gain EXP and Vitality Points, after this, go and complete Old Captain's Treasure right away (Event Center - No EXP here though, just for clearing inventory and getting rewards).
   - Next, open your inventory and use all "Old Captain's Treasure Diary".

Time Rifts

   - Check the number of times that you can Raid for the day (lower left corner), even if it says "Completed". You can also use [Rift Seal Stones] to open more Raid chances (or save them for higher Time Rifts).
   - Use the "Free Raid" next time to sweep and complete them faster.

Use Vitality

   - TIP: It's best to spend your Vitality Points first for completing quests (ex: Bounty Quests) that would require you to collect plants and do synthesis or alchemy, because these activities will also reward you Normal EXP.
   - To complete this Event, you need to consume 500 Vitality Points. Go to Function > Life to find more ways to spend them.
Lumia Saga - Vitality Points
   - In-case you are stuck in a Main storyline quest or Bounty Quest because you need more Vitality Points, open Bounty Quests and complete quests that would reward you with Vitality Potions. Reserve some Vitality Potions in-case you'll need them to complete quests later on.
   - Refer to the Bounty Quests, section below for more info.

Crusade War (Unlocks Lvl 30+)

   - Perfect event to get more Normal EXP (faster with teams), but make sure you have Cultivation EXP to receive Normal EXP from monsters.
   - You can enter or leave anytime you like, but at least complete 5 waves.
   - TIP: Before going to the Crusade War, accept the "Event Strategy_CrusadeBounty Quest to complete both quests in one go.
   - TIP: If you have Experience Enhancing Cards, this is the best time to activate one (refer below for more info). Best done every after server reset to maximize your Cultivation EXP (spend all if you want).

Wild Hunt (Unlocks Lvl 30+)

   - Use Hunting Gems to gain Hunting Points, Hunting Points will let field monsters drop Emblems, Magic Cores, and Pet Items.
   - Keep them for later use at higher levels when you want to get higher Lvl Magic Cores to push your Power Ratings. You can also obtain Emblems from World Boss and other events.
   - Example: Go to Instance > Heroic > Heroic Store to spend your purple Emblems.

*More similar events can be unlocked as you Level Up. 

Cultivation EXP and Normal EXP

What is the Difference?

   - Tap on your Avatar (upper left corner), to check your Cultivation EXP. Available once you reach Lvl 24.
   - Basically, you need Cultivation EXP to gain Normal EXP for leveling up your character.
   - If your Cultivation EXP is 0, you can no longer gain Normal EXP when you defeat field monsters, and when you are doing Profession related activities like collecting plants, alchemy and more.

How To Gain More Cultivation EXP?

   - Cultivation EXP is generated every server reset (00:00, check Event Center for the current in-game time), and the amount depends on your Lvl, so if you can Lvl up fast, you'll get higher potential EXP per day.
   - Note: Cultivation EXP carries over to the next day, with bonuses up to 3 days.

Experience Enhancing Cards

   - Item that can be bought from the Store to double the EXP gained when using your Cultivation EXP (30 minutes).
   - TIP: You can also buy this item from Cressentia's Personal Store with Silver Coins. To go to her, Open Function > Manual > NPC > Cressentia > then tap "Go".
Lumia Saga - Experience Enhancing Cards
   - TIP: DO NOT use this item if you don't have enough Cultivation EXP that can last for at least 15 minutes of gameplay. Activate it before going to the Crusade War event for example to level up fast! best done every after server reset.
   - TIP: For F2P players that only uses a few cards per week, you can actually stack 2 days worth of Cultivation EXP then use them all using only 1 card, to efficiently use your cards and get lots of Normal EXP!

Best Ways to Spend Cultivation EXP?

Crusade War

   - Refer to the Crusade War section above.
   - TIP: You can consume all of your Cultivation EXP here first every after server reset, before continuing to the main quests and other events, this way you'll be able to maximize your Cultivation EXP with EXP enhancing cards.

Normal Bounty Quests (One Time Quests)

   - It is best to do and complete these quests if you have Cultivation EXP, to get the EXP rewards.
   - NOTE: It's fine to use EXP Enhancing Cards here, especially early game (almost near Lvl 30), go for Normal Bounty Quests that requires you to fight field monsters first since they are faster to complete. Once done, go and spend all remaining Cultivation EXP in Crusade War (Lvl 30).

   - Just complete what you can. "Visit Schor" and other NPC Intimacy quests can be completed as you go, by doing their Daily Quests and other methods.
Lumia Saga - Bounty Quests
   - TIP: Tap on the required plants for synthesis to collect them. If you can't collect because your Botanist Lvl is low, go to Function > Life > Botanist to check the requirements. Collect plants and/or synthesize to increase your Botany Proficiency (requires Vitality Points).

   - TIP: To complete some quests like the "Living Strategy_Lv.30", just buy the potions from the NPC using Silver Coins, because you need to get the Formulas first before you can synthesize them (uncheck the "Show learned only" to check requirements).

Increase Profession Ranks

   - Requires Vitality Points (This is also a nice way to spend Cultivation EXP, especially if you don't have a plan to use EXP enhancing cards).
   - Go to Function > Life and do any activity here to increase your Profession Ranks while spending Cultivation EXP to get Normal EXP.

   - If you need more Vitality Points, complete some Events from the Event Center (activity), do Bounty Quests that will reward you some Vitality Potions, buy from the Store, or wait for the server reset (00:00, check Event Center for the current in-game time).

   - If you don't have any Cultivation EXP, keep spending your Vitality Points to increase your Profession Ranks.

*If done right with enough time, your first Day should be around Lvl 35+ without using EXP enhancing cards (more depending on your server's Dauntless global buff). Lvl 39+ if card used before entering first Crusade War run.

Other Things To Discover

   - Also discover other things to do depending on your current Lvl and unlocked game features, like:
   - Bonds: Check Social icon near the chat window, do team events with bond mate to gain rewards used to buy items from the Bond Store.
   - PVP (at least complete Weekly Quest and Milestone rewards).
   - Other Guild Activities
   - Raising NPC Intimacy
   - Pets, Mounts, and more

Lumia Saga: Beginner's Guide Part 2

   - If you can no longer advance the Main Storyline Quests, you are done with all important/needed/current EventsCultivation EXP is 0 or more, and Vitality Point is almost 0, then it's time increase your Adventurer Lvl.

   - Go Here for More Info:
   - Beginner's Guide Part 2 - Dark Invasion, Rare Elite, and More
   - Also refer to the Part 2 of this guide to learn more about other character upgrades, events, and game features above Lvl 35.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Guide Part 1 - Level Up Fast and Cultivation EXP Guide for the action adventure MMORG mobile game - Lumia Saga. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

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