Lumia Saga: Beginner's Guide Part 2 - Dark Invasion, Rare Elite, and More

Here's a quick walkthrough guide for beginners on how to increase Adventurer Lvl and increase Adventurer Abilities.

Also refer below for some tips on how to complete Dark Invasion, Rare Elite, and Field Lackey events in the action adventure MMORG mobile game app Lumia Saga.

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Adventurer Lvl

   - Go to Function > Manual.
   - Adventurer Lvl is different from Character Lvl.
   - Refer to your Manual (handbook), activate all Stars here and/or complete tasks to gain Adventurer EXP, Warrior Badge (for raising abilities), and other rewards.

Important Note:

   - Condition: If you can no longer advance the Main Storyline Quests, you are done with all important/needed/current EventsCultivation EXP is 0 or more, and Vitality Point is almost 0.

   - What To Do Next: This is where you can start focusing on increasing your Adventurer Lvl by:
   - 1) Defeating any field monsters (Stars),
   - 2) Exploring areas (take Photos),
   - 3) Improving NPC Intimacy (Daily Quests and other methods).
   - and more.
Lumia Saga - Manual
   - Farming Stars: Defeating field monsters is also a nice thing to do if you want to play while you are away (turn on auto cast).

Cultivation EXP and Vitality Points

   - Refer to the Part 1 of this guide for tips on how to level up fast, and use your Cultivation EXP and Vitality Points. Go here: Beginner's Guide Part 1 - Level Up Fast and Cultivation EXP

Upgrading and Enhancing Part 2

Gem Inlay (Equipment)

   - Just continue and complete events and quests to gain free Gems, equip them to your gears as you go. Also check your inventory and use all "Old Captain's Treasure Maps and Diaries" for a chance to get more Gems from chests.

Upgrading Gems

   - Example: Lvl 1 Ruby + Lvl 1 Ruby = Lvl 2 Ruby, then get another Lvl 2 Ruby to upgrade it to Lvl 3 Ruby, and so on. Just be careful and not to over do it though, because your character can't equip over-upgraded Gems.

   - Note: Just upgrade using duplicates that you can get from events and quests early game. Only start buying Gems from the Store if you need to complete a few upgrades to finish a task, or to push stats and ratings.
   - TIP: To buy cheaper Gems, go to Function > Manual > NPC > Alfresiso > Tap "GO". Open Alfresiso's Personal Store to buy her Gems once she is available at Lvl 40. Also, check Kalkin at Lvl 50.

   - TIP: Go to your character info screen and select the "Gem Inlay Activation" icon to check how you should upgrade your Gems. For your first task, you need to equip 15 Lvl 3 Gems.
   - Use this as a guide on what to aim for while playing.
   - Upgrade or replace them with better Gems as you go, each Gem got their own stat bonuses.

Rune Inlay (Function > Rune)

Inlay Runes

   - This is a puzzle like feature, pay attention to the arrows or energy links of the Runes and connect them to the center first. Next, connect other Runes to the existing ones by linking their arrows.
   - Use "Random Inlay" if you don't want to customize it yourself.

   - Basically, the more arrows your Runes have, the easier to place more Runes.
   - If the Rune you placed is not active, that means you did not connect them properly.
Lumia Saga Rune Inlay Guide
   - Note: The 6 slots around the center can be slotted with any types of Runes, but the others can only be inlaid with specific types of Runes like Attack Type, Defense Type or Life Runes (check the icons of the slots).

Rune Disk and Rune Skills

   - Upgrade the Rune Disk to amplify the stat bonuses of the Runes.

   - There are 2 Rune Skills, 1 each class, select "Switch Views" and/or "Switch Mastery" to check (you can also check the Rune Skill under Function > Skill > Auto Combat).
   - To unlock a Rune Skill, you need to upgrade that Rune Disk to Lvl 10 (upgrades doesn't share between 2 Rune Disks/Skills).
   - Charge Rune Skills during battle.

   - Decompose unneeded Runes to get more upgrade materials like Rune Essences and Universal Stones.

How To Get More Runes?

   - Most Rune materials needed can be obtained from Dark Invasion.
   - You can also get them from Challenge Bounty rewards (chest), Store, or through Alchemy.
   - TIP: Go to Function > Manual > NPC > Prindon > Tap "GO". You can buy Rune related items from him, start mining some Tin Ores (Mineralogist Lvl 3) and gift them to him to increase Intimacy and unlock more items from his Store.

Use Alchemy to Create Runes

   - Go to Function > Life > Alchemist > Start Alchemy, then go to the Runes section.
   - Example: You can use Copper Ores alone to synthesize Runes, the other items are add-ons to increase your chances of producing higher quality Runes. Tap on the "Source" option to check where to get them.

Game Events and Features Part 2

Heroic/Epic Instance: Snowman Cavern

Quick Tip

   - Once you unlock the Snowman Cavern, remember that your team needs to defeat both Hayden and Ryden at the same time, to keep the Ice and Fire Rings active. Lure Ryden near Hayden and if possible, overlap both Fire and Ice Ring. Move and stay inside the Ice Ring or Fire Ring depending on which Boss is going to use it's Ultimate attack (listen carefully to the " talking guide" while in battle).

Dark Invasion

   - Tap Dark Invasion to check the time slot (not the "Join" button), then refer to the Event Center Time - upper right corner). When the event is available move and search these "Dark" Event Bosses once you enter the map (scattered across the map).
   - NOTE: Dark monsters of different difficulty levels share the limited times of rewards. The higher the difficulty level, the better rewards.

How To Join Teams

   - 1) Enter the map, find these "Dark" event bosses and wait for other players nearby to invite you, or select any characters nearby then tap their "avatar pic" at the upper area of your game screen, select "Apply to Team" if available.

   - 2) Just below the Quest tab, select the "Team" option > Join a Team. Under the Team Goal drop down box (currently set to ALL), select Team Event and Dark Invasion. Use the Refresh option to check new teams.
   - You can also try joining via the "Nearby Teams" section.

   - 3) Try to use the Chat feature in-case some teams would direct invite you. If someone is recruiting via Chat (LFM = "looking for members"), open the Chat then tap on their avatar pic and select "Apply to Team".

How To Create Teams

   - Select the "Team" option > Create A Team, then invite friends or nearby players to join you.
   - TIP: To let other players easily find your team, tap on the "Team" option again. Under the Team Goal drop down box (currently set to None), select Team Event and Dark Invasion (also set minimum Lvl to 42). Accept incoming requests to add them.
   - You can also recruit players via Chat.

   - Preferably, your team should at least have 1 Tank, 1 Healer and DPS characters.
   - NOTE: All members' Lvl must be within the Lvl limit to enter.

Quick Battle Tips

   - Before the fight, you can check the skills of the Boss (2 random skills or affixes). Learn and find a way to counter or dodge them effectively.
   - Optional: If you are the Captain, find a Boss with skills that are easier to dodge for example.
Lumia Saga - Dark Invasion Boss Skills
   - Quickly learn the attack patterns of the Boss, and avoid strong AoE attacks unless you are a tank. Pay attention to what other players are doing, if they are avoiding/countering certain attacks or boss skills, do the same.
   - Rewards are give only once per day. Goodluck! ^^

Field Lackey

   - Enemies that can be defeated alone or with other players in the field. Select "JOIN" then tap any of the monsters shown in the map to go there.
   - If there are no monsters shown, remove any highlighted targets like plants that you have first, then try again.
Lumia Saga - Field Lackey
   - TIP: You can defeat each Boss once per day and get rewards, keep spamming the "JOIN" button to teleport to the other map, or use the world map at the upper right corner of your game screen. Defeated Bosses won't appear for some time, so double check your maps.
   - Farm Magic Cores, Emblems and other rewards here.

   - You only need to defeat 2 Field Lackeys to complete this Field Lackey event.

Rare Elite

How To Hunt Boss

   - Similar to World Boss, but this time you must be there before the Boss spawns. If there are lots of hunters, it's possible that the Boss will get defeated in 1 minute or less!
   - Time used here is your local time, unless you are a cross-server player (check the time at the lower left corner of your game screen). Do not use the Event Center time for this event.
Lumia Saga - Rare Elite
   - View the Map to check possible spawn points, and choose one location (tap boss icon).
   - TIP: Memorize the spawn points and use the map for quick auto navigation if needed.

   - NOTE: The Boss will not always follow the spawn time, sometimes it would spawn around 10~15 seconds before/after the spawn time. Yeah... alone or with team, luck is really needed here (33% success chance).
   - TIP: While waiting, open the Rare Elite window again, if the spawn time is still RED, close the window, repeat until you see "Refreshed" next to the target Boss, that's your sign that the Boss spawned! If it did not spawn in your area, quickly check the others.

   - Team Strategy 1:
   - Do not scatter and rely on luck (high chance to get Top 3 but luck based). Try and go for "Last Strike" if it did not spawn in your area. Ideal for average/regular teams with no communication at all.

   - Team Strategy 2:
   - Let 1 or 2 scout other areas, then pass the leadership to one of them if the Boss spawns in their area (optional). If it spawns near the captain, activate the "Gather" feature or let allies use "Follow" to quickly go to the location of the Boss. Ideal for strong/regular teams with good communication.

   - To complete this event, you only need to participate, land a hit, and defeat 1 Boss.

Rewards System

   - Rewards will be given to players who can do:
   - First Strike to the Boss (if 1st striker died or escaped away, he/she will lose the place)
   - Last Strike to the Boss
   - Top 3 Teams (top damages)
   - Top 4~10 Teams will also get rewards.

   - You can receive up to 5 rewards per week. Rewards here like Magic Cores are really great but make sure to prioritize your Stats Build over Ratings (higher ratings but with bad stats build is not cool).

TIPS (Optional)

   - When creating teams, make sure to add DPS characters (huge advantage). Switch your character to a more DPS type if you want (ex: Guardian > Adjudge; or Oracle > Scholar).
   - Turn "Auto Battle" ON to increase chance to take the first strike (best with fast animation skills). Skills with long attack animation (multi hits) is also ok to cast right before the Boss spawns, or when it's HP is really low to try and get the last strike.
   - Go to Function > Settings > Video > Max Wide-Angle to get a better view.

What To Do Next?

Follow The Pattern

   - Just continue and complete all main storyline quests, tasks, events, and other quests. Spend Cultivation EXP every after server reset, and consume Vitality Points to increase Profession Ranks ~ same pattern.

   - If you can no longer advance the Main Storyline Quests, you are done with all important/needed/current EventsCultivation EXP is 0 or more, and Vitality Point is almost 0, then it's time continue and increase your Adventurer Lvl again (refer above section).

Upgrade and Enhance Your Character

   - Focus on farming Magic Cores to Refine your gear's stats (depends on stats build).
   - TIP: The easiest way to farm non-stop is via the Adventure > Monster > Select high Lvl monsters. Each monster will drop specific gears and stats so check them all out.

   - Also check Heroic and Epic Instance Stores and exchange your Emblems. Note that even weaker Lvl Magic Cores are still ok to farm, in case you can get better stats.

   - Continue upgrading your Gears (including Outfits).
   - Promote your Character to higher Ranks and Equip better Titles.
   - Experiment with your Skills and Talents (get ideas here for stat build as well).
   - Upgrade Gems and Runes.
   - Check the Store (for items that you might like to buy like Gems for Crystals) and Trading (learn how to sell items you no longer need here to get Gold, you can only sell unverified Magic Cores).
   - Check Guild Store, and also increase your Personal Tech Tree (Silver Coins).
   - Train Pets (2 Free Pets from login rewards).
   - Increase Profession Ranks (bonus stats).
   - and more

Function > Guide

   - TIP: Go to Function > Guide > Rating to check the recommended targets and increase what you can.
   - TIP: Go to Function > Guide > Grow to check where to find things for your upgrades.

Other Things To Discover

   - Also discover other things to do depending on your current Lvl and unlocked game features, like:
   - Bonds: Check Social icon near the chat window, do team events with bond mate to gain rewards used to buy items from the Bond Store.
   - PVP (at least complete Weekly Quest, Milestone rewards, and Bright Peak Rewards by joining 5 times).
   - Other Guild Activities
   - Raising NPC Intimacy
   - Mounts, and more

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Guide Part 2 - Dark Invasion, Rare Elite, and Field Lackey Guide for the action adventure MMORG mobile game - Lumia Saga. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

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