Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle - Beginner's Tips and Upgrading Guide

Here's some tips and strategy guide for the RPG idle merger mobile game app - Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game. Refer below to learn which soldiers and heroes to use and upgrade, and how to speed up your game progress by using Gold, Diamonds, and more.

Complete Dungeons to obtain Accessories, Summoned Beats and more. Open up Gacha Chests with Key Fragments to get more Potion Fragments, giving you more chance to summon soldiers!

Common Soldiers To Upgrade (Temple)

Early Game: Shield Warriors, Healers, and Sorcerers

Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle - Beginner's Tips and Upgrading Guide

Shield Warriors (Tanks)

   - I would suggest that you start by merging your soldiers until you can use 5 Shield Warriors. Upgrade them from the Temple to increase their HP even further to tank well, and to get some bonus damages.
   - Keep upgrading your Shield Warriors to advance through the stages (until Lvl 150~200, depends on how fast you can get a better tank).

   - TIP: During boss fights, you can switch your injured Shield Warriors for healthy ones (reserve some Shield Warriors for situations like this, especially if you want to push stages).
   - Shield Warriors are easy to merge, one of their notable advantages.

Sorcerers and Healers (Support)

   - Once you are able to unlock Sorcerers and Healers, upgrade them to Lvl 30 asap and keep upgrading (until Lvl 100~150) to increase their HP, ATK, and healing amount. Equip them to support your Shield Warriors and to deal higher damages.

Suggested Formation

   - 5 Slots: Go for 2 Shield Warriors, 2 Healers and 1 Sorcerer for now.
   - 6 Slots: Go for 2~3 Shield Warriors, 2~3 Healers and 1~2 Sorcerers for now.

   - If you want Damage Dealers or DPS units, better wait until you can unlock new Heroes (check Get Heroes! section below).

Dungeon Runs

   - Opens after reaching Stage 30.
Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Dungeon
   - The units above should be able to survive well for this game mode. Merge and use your Shield Warriors as tank reserves before going in if needed.
   - TIP: Turn OFF Auto Merge Function (click/tap the yellow bottle icon), to avoid accidentally merging your Shield Warriors.

   - Note: When one of your units gets 0 HP, he can only return to the battle with some HP if you will not switch him out and let him finish the stage (or this could be a game bug). Anyway, switch dead heroes to keep the slots full, or if you key main heroes are in danger, switch them out, then back.
   - You have a limited number of times to switch heroes, choose wisely.

Farming Dungeons

   - TIP: If you want to farm the Dungeon, do not complete the final stage that would let you advance to the next grade (use the Exit button to stop) or else, you will not be able to enter the Dungeon again until the next day.
   - Use the green nodes or circles below the stage number to track your progress, and once you see the WARNING SIGN, then that's the time to exit.

   - It is best to complete the final stage for that grade, right before the day ends if you can (check "time to reset" when you enter the Dungeon).

Stuck? Can't Merge More Soldiers?

   - If you run out of space for merging new soldiers, merge your equipped Shield Warriors and Healers (use all if needed) then quickly replace them.
Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Expand Lobby
   - You can also go to the (Temple > Production > Expand Lobby) to increase capacity (cap it to around Lvl 3~5 for now).
   - TIP: Grab some Heroes to free up space, Heroes doesn't count to your Total Population when equipped.

Early to Mid Game: Get Heroes!

   - Merge 2 Warrior Thorkells to get a random Hero.
   - Reach new Chapters to unlock more Heroes.
Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Get Heroes
   - TIP: Front units that can't tank are more likely to die in battle, so it is best to use them more for clearing normal stages, or as backup damage absorbers for Dungeon mode.

   - TIP: Ranged units are more likely to survive but they have lower DPS than most melee heroes. They have some nice skills though, like splash damages, healing, and immobilize which are really great for Dungeon runs.

Here's Some Hero Suggestions:

Example Formations:

   - 2 Support (Healer and Immobilizer), 2 Damagers, and 2 Tanks.
   - 2 Support (Healer and Immobilizer), 3 Damagers, 1 Tank (switch another Tank if needed).
   - 2 Support (Healer and Immobilizer), 2 Damagers, 1 Tank, and 1 Off-tank (switch another Off-tank if needed).
   - 2 Support (Healer and Immobilizer), 2 Damagers, 1 Tank, and 1 Off-tank or Damager (switch both).


   - Replace Shield Warrior with Armored Warrior and/or Army Band Captain Skald.
   - Upgrade your tanks mainly to increase HP, more HP means higher healing output (percentage based).
   - You can also use other melee Heroes with very high HP like One-armed Toothless and Black Sail Grose as reserves or alternatives.
   - Note that Shield Warriors are still great when used as tank reserves early game (until you can get more tanks or high HP heroes).

   - Replace Healer with Freya Devotee (highly recommended!).
   - Replace Sorcerer with Blood Sorcerer (highly recommended!). Immobilize skills are very effective for boss and mobs to support your tanks.

If You Want a Damager Type front Hero, Aim For:

   - Chief Thorkell: 2nd highest normal attack DPS unit, similar to Berserker, but can cover ranged units because of his Fast move speed and higher HP.
   - Gatekeeper Janus or Espen of Flames: Double Splash Damage great for mobs.
   - Ultima Fragment I: Similar to Gatekeeper Janus, lower normal attack DPS but 2nd skill will get an immobilize effect.

If You Want a Damager Type Ranged Hero, Aim For:

   - Black Crow: is a ranged high DPS and Crit Hero, good for clearing mobs with splash damages as well. Nord Spearman or White Owl also decent alternatives.

Other Notes:

   - Refer Here for Stats and Skills List + Hero Ratings.
   - Best Heroes To Get - Chart and Tier List

   - Add or switch them depending on the situation (vs Boss or enemy mobs), also use your Heroes' strengths and range depending on what mode you are playing.
   - Upgrade them up to at least Lvl 100 to unlock all skills, more for your main or reserves Heroes. All skills are active skills, and both will be used during battle.

   - Refer Here for Example Team Builds:
   - Team Build to Clear Stages and Defeat Bosses

How To Get Legend Heroes?

   - Collect 10 duplicate Heroes to evolve them to a Legend Hero.
   - Their upgraded versions will get x2 stats!

Speed Up Gameplay and Progress

Watch Video Ads!

Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Speed Up Game

Speed Up

   - Game speed doubles for 10 minutes.
   - Watch more video ads to increase duration.

Gold Buff

   - Click/Tap on the Golden bird flying across the battlefield.
   - Gold loot is doubled for 5 minutes.

Speed Potion

   - Click/Tap on the (>>) near the Summon Unit button.
   - Watch a video ad to double the speed of Potions, effect lasts for 3 minutes. OK feature for active players, to speed up summons for manual merging!

Other Methods (Use Gold and Diamonds)

Summon Soldiers Using Gold (Shop)

   - Once you are able to get lots of Gold, use your Gold to buy all Soldiers from the Shop (everyday till it's sold out) to speed up progress.

Use Diamonds!

   - Diamonds can be obtained as drop item while in battles, or buy them from the Shop. Check the "Other Freebies" section below for more info on how to get free Diamonds.

   - Summon Soldier (Premium):
   - This is a total gamble, it's better to buy Potion Gems: 100 Diamonds = 1,000 Potion Gems or 1,000 Infantry Soldiers. Over time you can create 62 Warriors with your 100 Diamonds.

   - Buy Potion Gems/Fragments
   - One Diamond = 10 Potion Gems or 10 Infantry Soldiers.
   - This is a better option, buy if you need more.
Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Diamonds Buy Potion

Increase Production

   - Increase this section if you want to speed up merging common soldiers while being idle. Best if you have lots of Diamonds mid to late game.

   - Auto Merge:
   - If Auto Potion function is full but it can't summon a unit, increase "Auto Merge", would suggest to upgrade this one first to Lvl 11 early game then 16 and 21 later on.

   - Expand Lobby:
   - If the game is stuck because it can no longer use both Auto Merge and Summon Unit (Population is maxed), expand Lobby (cap it up to Lvl 3~5 for now, at least 5 if you will go idle for hours), or equip a Hero to free up space (Heroes doesn't count to your total population).

   - Auto Potion:
   - Auto Potion is only good to increase if you want to speed things up a bit, and have a good flow of Potion Gems/Fragments mid to late game (upgrade up to Lvl 6~11 early game, then Lvl 16 and 21 later on).
   - Increasing this one would also require that you to increase Auto Merge (Auto Merge's Lvl must be at least equal to the Lvl of your Auto Potion).
   - TIP: Make sure that there is enough space in oyur Lobby before going idle.

   - Potion Production Speed:
   - Do not upgrade this one, unless your Auto Potion is high enough that the Summon Unit is always hitting 0/7, but if you prefer doing manual merging most of the time, then you may increase this and combo with the "Speed Potion" feature (watching an ad) to speed things up.

   - Potion Capacity:
   - Do not upgrade, unless needed.

   - Titan's Blessing:
   - Optional, luck based so it's not guaranteed (either go for high Lvl or none at all).
   - Start upgrading after maxing Auto Potion and Auto Merge to Lvl 30.
   - How It Works: If you merge 2 Infantries for example, there is a chance that you will get a Shield Warrior instead of a Spearman!

Battle (Stats)

   - Better upgrade these stats late game since it is percentage based.
   - Start upgrading once you get more Legend Heroes.

Running Out of Potion Fragments/Gems?

   - Open more Common or Rare Chests, watch video ads or farm from stages if you need more Key Fragments.

   - Do Dungeon runs. Do not complete the final stage that would let you advance to the next grade if you are farming (use the Exit button to stop) or else, you will not be able to enter the Dungeon again until the next day. Use the green nodes or circles below the stage number to track your progress, and once you see the WARNING SIGN, then that's the time to exit.

   - Buy with Diamonds (easiest way).
   - Going offline will also give you some Potion Fragments.

Resources and Other Freebies

Complete Quests

   - Rewards: Soldiers, Gold, Diamonds, Key Fragments and more.
   - TIP: For quests that requires you to upgrade a soldier a number of times, you can upgrade the cheapest unit you have just to easily complete this quest (if you like, especially at higher levels).


   - Complete various missions and collect rewards like Gold and Diamonds.

Level Up!

   - Diamonds and Gold can be obtained as you level up.

Watch Ads!


   - Go for the free Daily Diamonds (increases as you go).
   - Gold Roulette is luck based, Key Fragments are optional.

Character Roulette NEW!

   - Spin to get more soldiers, awesome if you can get a Warrior Thorkell.

Chest Gacha

   - Chests can be obtained as drop item while in battles (Normal or Dungeon).
   - Craft Keys to open up Chests, if you don't have enough Key Fragments, watch a video ad to get +60 free Key Fragments (limited per day), or farm them from stages (higher stages drops more Key Fragments).
Barbarian Wars: Hero Idle Chest Gacha

Common Chest

   - Gold (71%), Diamonds (15%), Potion Fragments (11%), Accessory C~A (2%), Summoned Beast C~(1%)

Rare Chest

   - Gold (59%), Diamonds (18%), Potion Fragments (18%), Accessory C~S (3%), Summoned Beast C~S (2%)

Legendary Chest

   - Gold (35%), Diamonds (30%), Potion Fragments (10%), Accessory B~S (15%), Summoned Beast B~S (10%)

Other Tips:

   - If you want to farm higher grade Accessories and Summoned Beasts, open Rare and Legendary Chests first.
   - If you want more Potion Fragments, open Rare or Common Chests first.

Accessories and Summoned Beasts

   - Accessories and Summoned Beasts can be obtained as drop items from Dungeons.
   - Open up Gacha Chests (check above section for more info).
   - Buy Summoned Beasts from the Shop if you like (optional, check (?) for success rates).

Which Stats Are Great?

   - Aim for Cool-time (to spam more skills) and Attack (increase damage and healing amount). Try any stat that you think is best for your team.
   - Stack same stats to gain bigger bonus, since they are percentage based.

Sub Beasts

   - Equipped Sub Beasts will activate their Passive Skills (stats).
   - Note that their Active Skills may also proc during battle, just keep on summoning them... but would recommend that you choose according to the stats that you need and the extra effects that their skills can do.

Other Info:

   - Click/Tap+Hold then drop to any available slot to equip what you need.
   - Upgrade them by getting dupes, and to unlock their skills.
   - 5th slot Accessory requires 500 Diamonds to unlock, highly recommended to unlock early on.

Save Your Game!

   - Go to Settings > Click/Tap on the Up Arrow icon to connect your game to an account and do a backup save. Take note of your USER ID below it just in-case you want to contact support to restore your game.

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Tips and Upgrading Guide for the RPG idle merger mobile game - Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).