Archero: Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide - How To Get Stronger

Here's a FAQs, tips, and guide for the arcade and action mobile game - Archero, to help newbies learn how to play the game and get stronger.

The aim of the game is to level up, learn skills, and defeat all monsters and Bosses, clear stages to unlock new Chapters or areas, strengthen your character with new weapons, gears, accessories and pets, and more.
Archero: Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide

General Battle Tips

Character Movement and Attacks

   - Your character will always attack the nearest enemy that can be targeted, and will lock on to it until you move or when it's dead.
   - Move then stop again to quickly re-target to the nearest available target.


   - Weapons used by your character will also affect your overall game play style, check out all weapons and use what you think is best for you.

Skills or Abilities

   - Check our separate guide for skills builds and recommended skills to get:
   - Archero: Beginner's Tips and Guide - Best Basic Skills To Get and Build

Enemy Movement and Attack Patterns

   - Learn attack patterns of your enemies including their attack cool-downs/delays/pattern/animation, move speed, and range, but just use enough movements while dodging to keep attacking.
   - Use walls or obstacles as cover from enemy attacks, but be careful with those that can penetrate walls.
Archero Learn Enemy Movement and Attack Patterns
   - Bosses will also have unique moves and attack patterns, learn to dodge them all while looking for windows to land your attacks.
   - If you are having trouble dodging them, try to get some defensive type skills, next time.

How To Recover or Increase HP?

   - Angel NPC (Heal): Partially restores your HP (always available).
   - Leveling Up will restore some HP.

   - Sometimes, defeating monsters will give you HP Recovery item drops (Red Hearts).
   - Mimics (chest monster before boss battles) always drops Red Hearts.
   - Defeating stage Bosses also recovers some of your HP.

   - From Lucky Wheels (random; after boss fights).
   - Learning HP+ Boost skills.
   - Devil NPC (Life +1): You gain extra life for your adventure (random skill).

Other Ways To Strengthen Your Character


   - Talents can permanently increase your ability!
Archero Talents
   - Use your Coins here to upgrade them all, but it's limited and only available after reaching a specific player level.
   - Grind, then upgrade your talents to get stronger.

How To Grind Faster? (Player Lvl)

   - Play newest chapter and complete stages that you can (the more, the better). Playing previous Chapters would give you less EXP even if you complete all 50 stages.

Character Customization

Equipment and Pets

   - Equip weapons/armors that you like to use depending on your play style, but if you are able to get a stronger weapon, try to use that instead.
   - Note that higher rarity weapons and gears will get a unique set of bonus stats.

   - Accessories: I would suggest Serpent Rings and/or Bear Rings since ground and ranged enemies are very common than Airborne or Melee types.

   - Pets: I would suggest that you go for Pets that can attack enemies behind walls like Living Bombs or Laser Bat for example. These pets are also really helpful for taking down flying enemies that can fly and stay above walls.

How To Farm or Get Gears and Pets

   - Farm from Stages
   - Dropped by any Bosses and regular Monsters (random gear/pet and rarity).

   - Mysterious Vendor
   - Buy from the Mysterious Vendor that appears randomly after clearing a stage. He sells Scrolls, Gears and Pets that can be purchased with Coins and/or Gems.
Archero Mysterious Vendor
   - You can also buy Epic and Rare Gears or Pets from this merchant (example: Epics are worth 2000 Gems, starts to show up in Chapter 5 - Lost Castle).

   - Shop: Golden Chest
   - Free every 24 hours or spend 60~50 Gems per draw (60 > 50 > 50 and so on).

   - Shop: Obsidian Chest
   - Free every after 7 Days.
   - Use Gems here (or buy specific gears from the Mysterious Vendor). After your first draw, you'll get a discount for the next ones, so plan ahead if you like (300 > 280 > 260 > 260 and so on).

   -*Free Chest Keys are also available from Stage Rewards (chest), after clearing certain stages.

Upgrading Gears

   - Scrolls
   - Dropped by Monsters: Used for upgrading Gears and Pets.
   - Buy from the Mysterious Vendor that appears randomly after clearing a stage. It's best to use your Coins here if you have extra.
   - Unlock "Time Reward" under Talents to unlock new feature where you can earn free Scrolls overtime.

   - Gears are easy to upgrade up to Lvl 10~15 early game, go for "Great" rarity gears and pets for now until you can get better ones later on.

Fusing Gears and Pets

   - Fusing gears (same rarity and item/pet name), will increase the rarity of the base item.
   - Higher rarity will get higher max upgrade Lvl, and will also get a new bonus stat (Rare and Epic only).
Archero Fusing Gears and Pets
   - Note: Upgrades from your base item will  carry over after fusing. Don't worry, consumed materials with upgrades will be give back (all Coins and Scrolls used).

Energy, Resources and Freebies


   - 1 Energy replenishes every 12 minutes, so a 20 Energy bar will fill up every 4 hours.
   - You can also view some video ads to get free Energies (limited per day), or spend Gems (optional). Click/Tap the Energy Icon to view the options.
   - Get from Stage Rewards (chest).


   - Can be obtained every time your reach a new Player Lvl.
   - From Stage Rewards (chest).
   - From Lucky Wheels (random; after boss fights).
   - Daily spins (after spinning a lucky wheel, limited per day).
   - Buy from Shop.
   - Check Mail for compensations (free Gems from the Devs).


   - Can be obtained every after a run (depends on how far you reached).
   - From Stage Rewards (chest).
   - From Lucky Wheels (random; after boss fights).
   - Daily spins (after spinning a lucky wheel, limited per day).
   - Unlock "Time Reward" under Talents to unlock new feature where you can earn free coins overtime.
   - Buy from Shop.

That's it guys thank you for checking our Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide - How To Get Stronger, in the arcade and action mobile game - Archero. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).