Cowboy! Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide - How To Get Fast Cash

Here's a FAQs, tips, and guide for the arcade and action mobile game - Cowboy!, to help newbies learn how to play the game and progress faster by increasing your Cash gain per throw.

The aim of the game is to play like a cowboy and throw a lasso to try and catch as many animals that you can. Every animals caught will net you some Cash, but rarer animals and animals that can be unlocked by reaching new areas or worlds are far more valuable!
Cowboy! Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide - How To Get Fast Cash

How To Farm Faster Cash?

Increase Cash Gain Per Throw

   - Cash per throw/completion (speed or time).
   - If you are spending a lot of time completing a throw and misses a lot on getting those high Cash animals, then that would result to a low Cash gain per throw.

   - TIP: It is better to complete a throw asap, and just focus on catching those top 2 common animals available, including their rare version (golden animals).
   - Use the "Trophy Room" in-game as your guide if needed.
   - Unlock their Silver Medal bonus too, asap to get double cash.

   - Golden Animals are great but don't just focus on them alone, because it would slow you down, lowering your Cash gain per throw, even if you were able get higher Cash from that throw.

Double? or Triple Cash? (Watch Video Ads)

   - Available options after completing a throw (watch video ads to double or triple your cash).
   - TIP: If the video ads that you are getting is way longer compared to your single play through, better skip Double Cash and only select the Triple Cash option.
   - If it shows "No Ads Available", just keep hitting.

Animal Trophies and Medals

   - Unlock Bronze Medal to make their rare versions 50% more common.
   - Unlock Silver Medal to double the value per animal caught. Complete this asap for newly unlocked animals to increase cash gain per throw.
   - Unlock Gold Medal to ride the animal!

Which Upgrades To Focus On First?

Lasso Size

   - Increases the number of animals that you can catch per throw.
   - I would recommend to just increase this one to 20 Animals early game, then focus all your Cash on upgrading "Length".
   - Tip: Upgrade more (stay at 20 or upgrade to 25 Animals, then stop) if you can complete a throw by just catching those top 2 common animals (in terms of Cash), to keep a high Cash gain per throw.


   - Increases the number of meters of your throws (+40m per upgrade).
   - This is the only way to unlock new worlds, locations and animals. The farther you go, the better, because newer animals yields higher Cash gain per throw.
   - As you upgrade, newer or rare animals will gradually come out more until they become common.

Upgrade Length by Watching Video Ads!

Cowboy! Upgrade By Watching Video Ads!
   - Watch out for this opportunity, you can sometimes watch ads instead of spending Cash to do upgrades! This will greatly speed up your game progress.
   - To trigger this event, just keep on checking every time you complete a play.

   - TIP: This is another reason why we need to keep the upgrade of Lasso Size to 20~25, to shorten the amount of time needed to complete a throw. Faster completion = higher chance to trigger the video ad.

Offline Earnings

   - Passive bonus Cash while offline.
   - Once the required Cash for upgrading the "Length" of your reach is way too far than your current Cash, better dump your Cash here to get passive gains while offline.
   - Note: From here on (probably once you reach the Western Wilderness), as long that you can upgrade the "Length" option just by watching ads, keep dumping your Cash here.

I Didn't Receive My Offline Earnings?

   - TIP: If for some reason you are unable to get your Offline Earnings once you login to the game, try to do this trick:
   - First, play and complete a game then select the Double or Triple option to watch a video ad, once the close button or (X) mark is available, DO NOT CLICK or TAP, just wait for at least 1 minute.
   - Next close the ad, then you should receive your "Offline Earnings" reward. Note that the amount shown is the default one (depending on the upgrade), but your account will receive the total amount.

Other General Info, FAQs, and Tips

Wanted (Daily Quests)

   - Complete a quest to receive Cash, complete all quests to receive a Star Token.
   - You can refresh a quest to change it (1 free refresh every 12 hours).

What Are Star Tokens?

   - Used to play the "Lucky Draw" to get some nice steeds for your character.
   - After picking a card, you can use the "Pick Again" option to claim another steed (watch video ad, highly recommended).

How To Get Star Tokens?

   - Complete the "Wanted" Daily Quests everyday to get 1 free Star Token.
   - Watch a video ad every after 12 hours to receive 1 Star Token.
   - Buy from the Shop.

How To Obtain Mythical Animals?

Cowboy! How To Obtain Mythical Animals?
   - At the moment, it is only available to buy from the Shop.
   - These are animals with extra features that gives you double cash for example when successfully caught.

How Can I Get Rid of Those Pop-up Ads?

   - Go to the Shop and purchase the "No Ads" feature.

   - Note: All purchases in the Shop will remove non opt-in ads.
   - This is also a nice way to help the developers of the game.

That's it guys thank you for checking our Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide for the arcade and action mobile game - Cowboy!. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).