Talking Tom Hero Dash: Beginner's Tips and Guide - Gems, Outfits and More

Here's some quick tips and guide for the endless runner mobile game Talking Tom Hero Dash. Refer below to learn how to get Coins, Gems, Credits, and more. Unlock new characters and their outfits by fixing up the worlds from enemy raccoons. Run and earn Multipliers to increase your High Scores too!

If you love playing Talking Tom Gold Run, you're going to want Talking Tom Hero Dash in your endless runner mobile game collections too! It’s a cool, easy to play game suitable for all gamers!
Talking Tom Hero Dash: FAQs, Tips and Guides

Talking Tom Hero Dash: Quick Beginner's Tips

Basic Controls and Info

Swipe Up (Jump), Down (Slide), Left or Right

   - Basic controls for moving around.
   - Swipe Left or Right while in midair to switch lanes.

Jump > Swipe Down (while in midair)

   - Perform an AoE attack that can hit multiple targets in front, including nearby enemies. It can also be used to grab nearby items like "Coin Pots" on the ground.
   - Use this technique if you want to immediately land your hero to the ground from midair.

Save Me Option

   - Watch a video ad to continue running (recommended). This is really good especially when you want to farm fast Coins.
   - Use Credits (optional).


   - Coin Magnet: Auto grabs all coins except for Coin Pots (lasts for 10 seconds).
   - x2 Coins: Doubles all nearby Coins (lasts for 10 seconds).
   - Shield: Saves you from harm (lasts for 10 seconds). Can also be used to clear enemies and obstacles by bumping into obstacles.
   - Booster Batteries: Use character's skill to destroy all obstacles and enemies, also grabs all items along the way.
Talking Tom Hero Dash Power Ups


   - Consumable items that can be activated during the first few seconds of your run.

   - Multiplier Booster: Start with +10 bonus Multiplier, good if you want to aim for higher Scores.
   - Speed Booster: Skips and advances the game to a faster pace (Scores will auto adjust too). This is good if you want to blitz through and skip the slow pace start, but Speed Booster won't auto collect Coins though.

   - Boosters can be obtained from Special Events as rewards, Chests, and from the Spinning Roulette.

Other Gameplay Tips

Changing Worlds
   - Once you unlock the 2nd World, Portals will start to appear randomly while running.
   - Each World has a corresponding portal color: Example 1st World (blue portal with buildings icon) and 2nd World (green portal with palm trees icon)
   - TIP: Entering Portals would give you some free space to run. Select Worlds that you are comfortable with, also nice if you are aiming for high Scores!

Hit Those Big Raccoons!

   - Sometimes it's the only way to clear obstacles.
   - You can also use or spam "Jump > Down" to perform an AoE attack and hit them faster from a distance.

Other Freebies

Spinning Roulette (Watch Video Ads)

   - Rewards: Coins, Gems, Credits, and Boosters.
   - If you are patient enough, you can actually earn a good amount of Gems and Credits here.
   - JACKPOT!? It's super rare to hit though.

Save The World!

Talking Tom Hero Dash World 3

Score Multipliers

   - Use Coins and Gems to clear out enemies and save the city, also to increase your Score Multipliers.
   - Sometimes, the game would also let you watch a video ad as alternative to Coins.


   - Can be easily obtained from runs, focus on farming coins to make things faster. Collect Coin Magnets and x2 Coins Power-ups to help you out.

Coins and Gems:

   - Complete Special Events from the Main screen (unlocks after saving Angela and unlocking the 2nd World). These are limited events, so try to complete them before the time expires.

   - Can also be obtained from the Spinning Roulette by watching video ads, or from Chests.

   - TIP: If the remaining locations only requires Gems to clear, still continue earning Coins from Runs to make things easier for the next World.
   - TIP: You can also convert your Coins into Gems using the limited time "Currency Exchange" special event.

Unlock New Worlds and Characters

   - Raccoons are destroying and polluting the world and it’s up to you to drive them away so that you can rebuild and clean up.
Talking Tom Hero Dash Boss
   - Once each location is fixed up, it’s time to face the Raccoon Boss. Defeat him and it’s on to the next running world!

How To Get Character Outfits?

Outfit Pieces

   - Obtain and complete all Outfit Pieces to unlock a new outfit, get them by opening Chests (chances varies per Chest, refer below for more info).

Outfit Multiplier Bonus
   - New outfits will give you bonus Multipliers (permanently, even if you switch with other characters).

Reward Probabilities in Chests

Types of Chests

   - In Talking Tom Hero Dash you can get Regular, Super and Ultra Chests. 

   - To get a Regular Chest you have to watch a video ad. After that, it will be 3 hours before another Regular Chest is available, and you can then watch another video ad to get it.

   - You can collect Super Chests while running and can either wait for them to open, or else instantly open them using Credits (or by watching ads if available).
   - You can also buy additional Super Chests with coins.

   - You can only buy Ultra Chests with Credits.

   - TIP: If you wan to use Credits to buy Chests, the best time is during a "Double Rewards Special Event".
Talking Tom Hero Dash Double Rewards

Rewards from Chests

   - Chests can contain five types of reward: Coins, Gems, Credits, Outfit Pieces and Boosters. 

   - Out of the five possible types of reward, you receive three in Regular Chests, three in Super Chests and five in Ultra Chests.
   - For example, in a Regular Chest you can either receive Coins and Boosters, or Gems and Credits, or Outfit Pieces and Coins, etc.

Here are the Probabilities of Receiving Each Type of Reward:

Talking Tom Hero Dash: Chest Drops

How To Play On PC or Laptop?

Play Using Bluestacks

   - Download and Install Bluestacks (Android Emulator) to your PC or Laptop.

   - Note: If the game is laggy, go to the settings menu of Bluestacks and try to switch to a lower Resolution and DPI, Select Graphics Mode (check/uncheck if needed), or Allocate more CPU and RAM.

Example Controls

   - Select the "Keyboard and Mouse" icon located at the lower right area of the window, then drag and drop "Swipe" to let you set the keys you want.
   - TIP: For double left or right movements, sometimes the keyboard alone won't work well, so use your mouse to do another swipe left or right.
   - The "Space" button above is optional, it's for Boss fights.

   - *If you want to reduce the visibility of the keys in your screen, select the "Eye" icon next to the "Keyboard and Mouse" icon.

Link the Game to Your Account

   - To continue your game progress using Bluestacks, make sure to connect your game first to your Google Play account for example, via the Settings Menu in-game.
   - Good Luck! ^^