World of Legends: Best Sideckicks To Upgrade and How To Get Runes

Here's a quick info, tips, and guide to help players decide which Sidekicks are best to upgrade early game in the MMORPG mobile game: World of Legends. Refer below to learn where to farm or get Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Runes.

Please note that the info below is just my opinion based on experience and observations, it might change depending on game updates, specific events, and more.
World of Legends: Best Sideckicks To Upgrade and How To Get Runes

Which Sidekicks To Upgrade Early Game?

Important Notes:

   - All of them can be upgraded easily to Lvl 10, after that you need to decide which sidekicks to use for long term.
   - This is really tricky and would still depends on player's preference (especially when it comes to PVP, so I would prefer not to focus there), but based on experience and observations until Lvl 20+ clearing all Bosses until Mountains map, here are some suggestions for all around use:

Bro-Barians (1 Unit - 1 Slot)

   - Bro-Barian is a nice starter sidekick and a well balanced unit when upgraded.
   - Can be used as a filler because of his 1 slot requirement, but most players prefer Archers instead.


   - Since you'll be upgrading your Archers and Titans, it's better to not upgrade him for now to conserve your resources... unless you want them and have lots of resources.
   - If used as a filler, Lvl 10 should be fine, Common Runes are easy to find anyways.

Archers (1 Unit - 1 Slot)

   - Nice ranged DPS unit and very useful from the beginning, her long range can also help boost her DPS compared to other short ranged sidekicks that still needs to move to attack.
   - Very popular for Raids too especially for the first 2 World Bosses Tricia (Forest map) and Niki (Tomb Hill map).
   - Requires only 1 slot which is really helpful with any team compositions.


   - Upgrade to at least Lvl 15~20.

Titans (1 Unit - 5 Slots)

   - High HP sidekick that can help tank damages for PVE (gives you more time, to cast spells).
   - Low DPS, but can at least do AoE attacks.
   - Good for certain team compositions against specific Bosses in the game, especially when you don't have Legendary Gems.


   - Since Common Runes are... well common, upgrade to at least Lvl 10~15.

P.A.T.s (1 Unit - 3 Slots)

   - AoE type melee unit, nice against low HP melee mobs but as you progress farther, enemies will get higher HP, also not recommended for attacking single targets.
   - DPS is not really good compared to others with the same number of slots, in terms of AoE damage.


   - Better save your resources for better sidekicks.

B.O.B.s (2 Units - 3 Slots)

   - These sidekicks are great early game especially when you use Haste Spells on them, the problem is there low HP.
   - At higher levels where enemies will get higher HPs, using Haste Spells on them won't work as effective during early game, especially when you need to use other Spells as well.


   - Usable early game, especially against World Boss Tricia (Forest map), recommend Lvl 10. (DPS must be higher than your Archers to be effective though (BOBs are 2 units so DPSx2).
   - Red Runes are common anyway so Lvl 10 should be easy. Increase upgrades if you want to be more competitive against Tricia and have lots or resources.

Assassins (2 Units - 2 Slots) and Boxingtons (4 Units - 2 Slots)

   - Usually used for strategic purposes, their fast move speed can help draw enemies and group them up right from the start, and to avoid letting them from moving forward and reach your other units.

   - Example Formations: Assassins/Boxingtons (front center), then the left and right slots can be Titans or Archers.
   - Also, usable sidekicks as fillers against Amanda - World Boss (Central map).

   - Both got their own advantages but I prefer Assassins because it's the obvious choice for me to upgrade for the 2nd group of sidekicks. HP and DPS per unit is also higher which is good for faster kills with survivability.

   -  Boxingtons' DPS are a bit better if they group up 1 target, but quickly diminishes if they get killed easily.


   - Upgrade Assassin to Lvl 10~15 early game.
   - If you like Boxingtons too, I would suggest to upgrade them to Lvl 10 for now, unless you have lots of resources.

T.I.M.s (1 Unit - 3 Slots)

   - Usable for certain battles and if you have available slots.
   - Most of the time, you'll be using Poison Spells to clear mobs so this sidekicks are usually used if you need more area to cover or for faster mob clearing.
   - Just be careful not to let enemies redirect their attacks to your T.I.M.s because of their short range.


   - Upgrade to Lvl 10 for early game, more if you need more firepower for higher levels or certain battles.

Satyrs (2 Units - 4 Slots)

   - These guys can heal themselves while dishing high DPS attacks that slows targets! Key units to defeat certain bosses in the game, especially when you don't have Gems.
   - Slot requirement is high though so it's best to use them with a team that works well together.
World of Legends Amanda - World Boss
   - Highly recommended sidekicks versus Amanda - World Boss (Central map).


   - Definitely upgrade to at least Lvl 15.

Pyromancers (1 Unit - 4 Slots)

   - AoE type medium ranged unit similar to T.I.M.
   - DPS is kinda lower than T.I.M. but range is longer and area of effect is a bit wider.


   - Focus your resources on your Satyrs, use T.I.M. as your AoE unit as long that they can do the job.

How To Upgrade Sidekicks

Collect Runes

   - Common Runes: Gray Runes
   - Rare RunesRed Runes and Blue Triangle Runes
   - Epic RunesYellow Runes and Green Triangle Runes
   - Legendary RunesPurple Runes and Red Triangle Runes

   - From Lvl 1 to Lvl 10, sidekicks will only use Runes according to their tier.
   - From Lvl 11 to 15, all of them will also require some Blue Triangle Runes.
   - From Lvl 15 to 20, all of them will also require some Green Triangle Runes.
   - From Lvl 20 to 25, all of them will also require some Red Triangle Runes.
World of Legends - Satyrs

How To Obtain Runes

Obtained From Chests:

   - Shop Chests except Gear Chests (recommended if you want to spend Gold or some real cash to accelerate your progress while supporting the developers as well).
   - PVP Chests

   - World Boss Chests (recommended because you can farm them every few hours).
   - Refer to our separate guide below for the first 2 World Bosses:
   - World of Legends: World Boss Tricia and Niki - Best Team Build, Spells, and Gears

   - Lore Book Chests (collectibles)
   - Guild Chest Rewards
   - From certain Campaign Quests

   - *Drop rates depends on rarity of the Runes.

What is the Max Lvl of Sidekicks?

   - Lvl 25 at the moment.