Miracle Pororo: Beginner's Tips and Guide - Rebirth, Enhance, Upgrade, and Evolve

Here's some beginner's tips and guide on how to Rebirth and use Soul Stones, how to enhance, upgrade, or evolve equipments, and some tips for exploring the dungeons.

Miracle Pororo is a side-scrolling type RPG that includes various missions and battles, character growth, game user community, and equipment enhancement, all of which can be enjoyed by all ages!
Miracle Pororo: Beginner's Tips and Guide - Rebirth, Enhance, Upgrade, and Evolve

Claim Daily Rewards and Other Freebies

Attendance Rewards, Daily Quests and Other Freebies

   - Login Everyday and claim your Attendance Rewards (check under Settings menu).
   - Check Your Mailbox for limited time freebies or compensations.

   - View Ads: Go to Shop and view some ads to get free P-Coins and Gold.

   - Blue Alien Ship During Battle
   - Click/tap the floating blue alien ship to view an ad and claim freebies.
   - Usually appears every after 20 stages from first appearance.
   - Rewards: P-Coins, Gold or Temporary Buffs (ex: Warcry of Bravery + 10 Minute(s) = Increases ATK by 50%.)

   - Complete Daily Quests
   - Complete all of them to receive a handful of rewards.

Weekly Events

   - Events varies depending on the featured event for the week.
   - For F2P/Casual Cash Players: Just complete what you can.
   - For Cash Players: Complete to get lots of freebies!

5 Star Guaranteed Summon Gauge

   - Keep using free Summons, or buy them from the SHOP to fill up the gauge faster.
   - Claim your free 5 Star equipment once the gauge is full.

Aim of the Game

Miracle Pororo: and Friends
   - Your main quest is to unlock and free all Pororo's friends, and with their help, reach the highest stage that you can, defeat all dungeon events, boss raids, and more to make your party stronger!

   - Collect stronger items, enhance and evolve them as you progress though the game to increase Pororo's overall stats.

   - Join the rankings and try to rank as high as you can!

When To Do Rebirths?

   - You can do Rebirths from Stage 51.
   - You can use Rebirth without using P-Coins, good during early game since Soul Stones per Rebirth is still somewhat low.
   - If possible during mid~late game, use Rebirth if you have at least 200 P-Coins to get more Soul Stones per Rebirth.

   - One way to determine when to do Rebirth is once you find your game progress starts to go a bit slow. Ready up your Rebirth option screen, then reach the highest stage that you can.
   - TIP: Use Pororo's friends to help you reach higher Stages, then Rebirth when Pororo is about to die.

   - Rebirth at least once a per day to complete Daily Quests.

Soul Stones and Upgrading Guide

   - The amount of Soul Stones that you can get depends on the Stage that you are currently in (the higher the better).
Miracle Pororo: Soul Stones and Upgrading Guide
   - Upgrading with Soul Stones: Evenly upgrade them all based on cost, or to make things simple, just go for the cheapest ones first. Bonuses are based on percentages so the higher they are, the better.

What's Gonna Happen After Rebirth?

   - After Rebirth, you'll start again from Stage 1.
   - Gold and Equipment Mastery (equipment upgrades made using Gold) will also reset. So go ahead and use up all of your Gold for upgrading your Equipments.

Equipment Enhancing, Upgrading and Evolving

Upgrading Equipments

   - Use Gold to upgrade your equipments (resets after rebirths though but it's ok).
   - Prioritize equipments with high stats (number of Stars) because Gold upgrades are percentage based, the higher the base stat is, the higher the bonus stats that you can get, maximizing your Gold per upgrade.
   - Use the "+10 Level Up" option for a chance to get a +10% Bonus while upgrading.

Enhancing Equipments

   - Choose an Equipment that you have equipped then select the Enhance option to add +1.
   - Would recommend to Enhance 5+ Stars Equipments, if possible with desired special and set effects.
   - To activate those Enhancement Effects of your equipment, you need to reach the required number of Enhancements first.
Miracle Pororo Enhancing Equipments

Enhancement Stones

   - Disassemble all 1~2 Stars Equipments from your Inventory to collect Enhancement Stones. Use the "Disassemble All" icon to make things faster.
   - You can also get them from Dungeon Events.

Evolving Equipments

Some Quick Rules

   - You can only evolve 3 Stars or higher Equipments.
   - You'll need 1 Duplicate gear and 3 same type gears with the same number of Stars to Evolve.

   - Normal Evolution: Evolve and consume all materials.
   - Evolution Tickets: Use to Evolve without materials consumed. Best for evolving 5 Stars to 6 Stars to keep all 5 Star Equipments for example.

   - TIP: Most players would go for Weapons first to at least 6-Stars.

Other Equipment Bonuses

Special Effects

   - Increases certain stats like ATK, DEF, Critical Hit Rate and more.

   - Increases Pororo's friends passive and/or active skill effects.
   - This is really good if you are aiming for a certain character, even better if you can also upgrade them under the "Party" section for more increased potential.

Set Effects

   - Mostly found from 5-Stars and above equipments.
   - Collect at least 2 Sets to activate the first effect.

Enhancement Effects

   - Enhance your equipment until the require number of enhancements is met, to activate the effect.

Exploring The Dungeons

   - Best done once you reach the highest stage that you can, with all Gold upgrades used. This way, you'll be able to maximize your party's overall strength and efficiently.

   - TIP: In other words, it's best NOT to enter right after your Rebirth since your stats are low.

Blue Light Cavern

   - Mine as many Enhancement Stones as you can before the cavern collapses!
   - At least Use Free Tries per Day
   - Rewards: Enhancement Stones

Rune Ruins

   - At least Use Free Tries per Day
   - Rewards: Runes for upgrading Skills (Pororo's Friends)

Dragon's Nest

   - Challenge Boss Dragons to receive rewards at the end of the event.
   - At least Use Free Tries per Day (winning a battle doesn't consume free tries).
   - Rewards: Hearts for the Dragon Treasure Shop, and Enhancement Stones, and more.

Mysterious Old Castle 

   - At least Use Free Tries per Day
   - Defeat all monsters. All stats, and skill cool-downs caries over to the next floor.
   - Rewards: Equipment Fragments (earn to Summon 5 Star Equipments via the Fragment section), Evolution Tickets, and more.

World Boss Raids

Miracle Pororo World Boss Raids
   - Participating in the Word Boss Raid rewards Medals, P-Coins and Evolution Tckets! Rewards are given at 15:00 GMT+8 every Monday.
   - Use the Medals in the Medal Shop to purchase equipment tokens, runes or equipment fragments!

I Want To Play This Game Using PC or Laptop, How?

   - You can try and download Bluestacks Android Emulator here: Bluestacks.com

Good Luck Pororians! ^^