Dragons Titan Uprising: Quests, Home Upgrades, Duties, Adventure, and Breedery

Here's some tips and guide on how to complete Quests and Duties (Astrid's, Fishleg's, Hiccup's and Valka's Duties), which Home Upgrades are recommended to upgrade first, adventure mode quick tips, and Breedery introduction on how to breed Dragons!

Note: Page 1 of our Tips and Guide can be viewed here:
Dragons Titan Uprising: Beginner's Tips, Reroll, Train, Leveling Up Dragons + Abilities
Dragons Titan Uprising: Quests, Home Upgrades, Duties, Adventure Mode

In-Game Features, Home Upgrades and More

Adventure Mode

   - Increase your Team Power by upgrading your Dragons, this will help you advance through the adventure mode. Take your time, and defeat stages that you can, it's ok not to rush.
   - Some stages have 3 or more waves, so always create a team that can survive well.

   - Drops: Eggs, Coins, Fish and EXP (Depends on Stage: Scales, Dragons and Runes)

Alpha Bosses

   - Before taking on these bosses, make sure that you have a decent Team Power and full Energy, because you might need to take multiple battles just to defeat them.
   - If you need more Energy, just level up your Viking Lvl.

   - Use color advantage, most of them will get stunned if you can match their color weaknesses.
   - Take note of their Special Skills that can affect the board or tiles, then learn how to counter them to deal massive damages.
   - Also "click/tap+hold" on the enemy to check it's special abilities.

   - Dragons that can do single target nukes are great for boss fights, support types too to help your team survive longer. You only have 20 moves, so choose your attacks well!

   - Winning a battle against these Alpha Bosses will give you a handful of rewards including a Premium Draft Token.
Dragons Titan Uprising - Quests


Repeatable Quests

   - Focus more on those Repeatable Quests to farm Eggs, Coins, Fish and EXP. Unlock next stages by advancing the Adventure Mode and defeating Alpha bosses.

   - This is where most your Energy will be used.
   - Viking Lvl: Aside from unlocking home features and upgrades, leveling up will also increase max Energy, roster space, or storage capacities.

Scale Search

   - Start farming and complete all stages that you can.
   - Scales will be used for training your Dragons and for hatching specific color of Dragons.
   - Available color depends on the day of the week, weekends will drop all kinds of Scales.

Runes, Coins,  Fish and Other Expeditions

   - Probably farm those Runes, others are optional.

Treasury and Fishery

   - Upgrade only if the required Coins is cheap for you, or once other important upgrades are maxed.
   - Focus your Coins more on unlocking Duties and training your Dragons to 2 active Stars early game.

   - For early game, Fish is not a problem so if possible do not claim and just keep them to your Fishery until needed. Lvl 2 Treasury and Fishery are also cheap early game, so upgrade them to increase production and storage capacity (upgrade more later on if you need to increase capacity for other upgrades).

   - At later stages around Viking Lvl 16 (Breedery unlocked) onward, you'll start to spend more fish, upgrade the Fishery if needed.
   - Note: If you have a full Fish storage, use them up by leveling up your main Dragons, best while doing duties. You can also ignore and just keep it full, no pressure.
Dragons Titan Uprising - Hatchery


   - Hatch Eggs here especially when your Egg Storage is almost full.
   - Also check your Roster Space, use some of your Dragons to level up your main Dragons to free up space.

   - If you don't need the Dragons yet, it's better to let them stay there for a while until you receive a duty that requires you to hatch a number of Dragons.

   - Upgrading might take a while but keep on going until you are able to unlock and hatch Rare 3* Dragons, then Epic 4* Dragons!


   - Highly recommended to upgrade and unlock all available duties to progress faster.
   - Complete duties and collect keys to get lots of freebies from Viking Chests!
Dragons Titan Uprising - Viking Chest

Viking Chests Drops:

   - EASY (tutorial): Coins: 1k, Fish: 1k, 1* Scales: x2 (random), 20 Runes and 5 Energy.
   - EASY (5 Keys): Eggs: x10, Coins: 3k, Fish: 3k, 1* Scales: x2 (random), 20 Runes and 5 Energy.
   - MEDIUM (10 Keys): Eggs x20, Coins: 6k, Fish: 6k, 1* Scales x4 (random), 2* Scales: x1 (random), 40 Runes and 10 Energy.
   - HARD (15 Keys): Eggs x30, Coins: 10k, Fish: 10k, 1* Scales x6 (random), 2* Scales: x2 (random), 80 Runes and 15 Energy. Plus x1 Bonus Basic Draft Token.

   - *I would suggest going for the Hard Chests asap, to earn fast Runes!

Re-rolling Duties

   - Re-rolling duties is also possible to avoid hard to complete duties (you get 1 free re-roll per day).

   - I would suggest re-rolling duties that will take you a very long time to complete:
   - Example: Fishleg's "Hatch [X] Yellow color baby Dragons" during early game.

Astrid's Duties

   - Win X Battles in Any Mode.
   - Defeat X Dragons in Any Mode.
   - Defeat X Mini-Bosses in Any Mode.
   - Use X Special Tiles.
   - Earn X Coins in any Mode.
   - Use (X Color) Dragon Ability 4 times (Note: You can also use multiple X color dragons in your team to make things faster.)

   - Win X Battle(s) with a team using one of each color Dragon.
   - Win X Battle(s) with a (X Color) Dragon in Any Mode.
   - Win X Battle(s) with (X Color) (X Color) Dragons.
   - Win X Battle(s) with X (X Color) Dragons. (Note: Works even if you only have 1 (maybe a bug,) otherwise just follow or re-roll if it requires more than what you currently have).

Fishleg's Duties

Level up X Dragons

   -  Level Up any Dragon you like and just reach 1 Lvl increase (more than that would still count as 1 dragon), exit and return to the dragon selection screen then repeat as required.
   - Optional: When leveling up, use 1* Dragons that you have trained first, reserve the others with 0 active stars for completing duties like Fishleg's "Train a number of Dragons".

Pet X Dragons

   - Pick any of your Dragons, tap and hold then move around the dragon, hearts will show up while petting.
   - This is the easiest duty that you can get.

Train X Dragons

   - Pick any dragon with 0 Stars active, and train them to activate 1 Star.
   - Obtain or Hatch dragons and farm Scales if you need more.

Hatch X Eggs

   - Just hatch baby Dragons from the Hatchery.

Hatch X (X Color) baby Dragons

   - This is gonna be tough early game because you can only hatch randoms, better re-roll if the required number is more than 2.

Hiccup's Duties

   -*Kinda similar to Astrid's Duties...

   - Win X Battles in Any Mode.
   - Complete X Quests.
   - Earn X Coins in any Mode.
   - Earn X Fish in Any Mode.
   - Earn X Eggs from Quests.
   - Complete X Duties.

Valka's Duties

   - Breed X Dragons. (Note: If you just need to breed to complete this, then go for those cheap ones to save some Fish).

   - Breed a (X Specie) and a (X Specie) together. (Note: Save 1 or 2 copies each Dragon (2* and above) and train them to activate at least 1 Star, for Breeding specific Dragons.)


   - Unlocks at Lvl 16.
   - Pair Dragons together to produce offspring...or discover powerful Crossbreeds! make sure to check all possible offspring!

   - Dragons under Breedery cannot be used in battle, until they are done breeding.

   - You can only use trained 2* Dragons (with at least 1 star active).
   - Selection screen: Click/Tap on your available Dragons that is locked to check the requirement.
Dragons Titan Uprising - Breeding
   - This is the best option for your idle or backup Dragons, keep breeding for a chance to get 3* or better Dragons! 5* Dragons to breed even more rarer Dragons!

   - For some rarer Dragons, the Breedery level needs to be upgraded. Click on the Dragon that is locked and it will tell you what is required for breeding.
   - Example: To breed 4* Dragons, you need to upgrade the Breedery to Lvl 3.
Dragons Titan Uprising - Breeding 2
   -  TIP: Using 2 identical Dragons will get fewer offspring possibilities, and higher chance to get a stronger Dragon (number of stars). Earn 2 identical 2* Dragons to get 3* Dragons, then use 2  identical 3* Dragons to get 4* Dragons, and so on.
   - Using 2 identical Species (with different color, name or number of stars) would also result to fewer possibilities as well.

   -*Check Valka's Duties above for more tips.

Arena and Clans

   - Refer to our separate guides here:
   - Clans and Alpha Dragons, Keys, and Chests