Dragons Titan Uprising: Beginner's Tips, Reroll, Train, Leveling Up Dragons + Abilities

Here's some tips and guide on how to re-roll to get your desired dragons from drafts. Learn how to battle and create special tiles or gems for massive combos, build teams, leveling up dragons, leveling up abilities, which dragons to keep and may more!

The time has come, Vikings! Fight alongside Toothless and Hiccup to save Berk from the nefarious Dragonroot Company. Craft legendary dragon battle teams to become the ultimate puzzle champion in TitanUprising!
Dragons Titan Uprising: Tips and Guides

Re-Roll Guide (Optional - Android Devices)

How To Do Re-Rolls

   - Do this if you want to try your luck getting a 4* or 5* Dragon from the Premium Dragon Draft.
   - Check the [i] button at the upper right corner of the Drafts window to check their drop rates.

Reset and Play Using a Visitor Account

   - First, you need to reset and play the game using a "Visitor account". Backup your existing progress first if you like by linking it to your Facebook or Google Account via Settings menu.

   - To reset the game, go to your device's Settings Menu > Apps > navigate and look for "Titan Uprising" > navigate and look for "Clear Data" under "Storage" or similar menu.
   - Now open the game, and let it patch and run.

   - Once the game asks to link the game to your Google Account, select Deny.
   - Next, if it asks you to choose an account, just click outside the window.
   - Repeat steps if needed, until the game shows you the option to play as Visitor.

Complete Tutorial and Reach Stage 18

   - The first Draft Token that you will get early game will always draft a 3* Fanghook. You can get another free Draft Token after completing Stage 18.
   - Follow the tutorial until you are free to move.
   - Complete the stages, use auto combat mode (match + abilities) to make things faster.

   - A team of 1*~2* dragons (all colors) plus your 3* Fanghook should be enough to take down the Alpha boss in 2 battles.
   - Match Red Tiles to stun the boss, also works by using Special Red Tiles.
   - Clear entangled Tiles by matching, or destroy them with Special Tiles.

Target Dragons To Get From Premium Dragon Draft

   - Casual Re-Rollers: At least a 3* Dragon that is not Purple color since you already have a 3* Fanghook. Preferably, any Dragon with an ability that can heal or give support buffs to other Dragons. Nuker types are also ok.

   - Hardcore Re-Rollers: At least a 4* or 5* Dragon will do, save your successful attempt by linking it to one of your accounts, stop or try again if you like.

Beginner's Tips and Guide

Battle Mechanics and Quick Tips

The Basics: Special Tiles

   - Match 3 to launch a basic attack.
   - Match 4+ Tiles to create a variety of special tiles. Simply tap, match, or use other Special Tiles to activate them.
Dragons Titan Uprising Special Tiles
   - Those Purple and Red Special Tiles above will destroy all tiles within their line (match 4 Tiles in a row to get).
   - The Green Special Tile above will destroy surrounding tiles (match 5 "T" or "L" like tile patterns to get).
   - The Blue Special Tile above will destroy all Blue Tiles across the board (match 5 or more tiles in a row, or 7 tiles "T" pattern to get).

Attacking Enemy Dragons

   - Match tiles that are directly below them to inflict damages, also consider the color system ("what color beats what?").
Dragons Titans Uprising - Class Advantage
   - If there are no tiles that you can match, use your Dragon's abilities to finish them off. You can charge their spirit bars to full by matching tiles even if they won't hit an opponent.
   - Note: Click/Tap on the enemy you wish to target before you attack.

   - If you can't use your Skills, your Dragon might have gotten a debuff effect. Hold down on your  Dragon's portrait to see what temporary status effects does it have.
   - TIP: You can activate your Dragon's abilities once they are full and while those combos are on going, this will give you a chance to fire your skills before getting blocked by a debuff.

Other Quick Battle Tips

Combo Multipliers

   - The more matches that you can do, the higher your Combo multiplier will be (Adds x0.1 to attack damages per Combo). This can massively help you a lot during battles, so plan your moves well!
   - Focus on the top most area for better chances of making more combos. Using multiple Special Tiles will also do the trick.

   - TIP: Best done after activating a Dragon ability that increases damages similar to this: "All Allies Guaranteed Strong Hit for X turns" or after inflicting a debuff to targets that will amplify damages.

Enemy Symbols and Spirit Bars

Dragons Titan Uprising - Sword and Skull
   - You can check the next moves of your enemies by checking the symbols next to their HP bars. A Sword symbol is a normal attack, and a Skull means a special attack is incoming!

   - Enemy Spirit Bars (yellow) will charge every turn and when they get hit by basic attacks.

Tiles Will Carry Over to the Next Wave

   - This means that you can set up Special Tiles or group of tiles ready for combo attacks before the next wave.
   - You can also charge up your Dragon's Spirit Bars or heal them up, best done when there is only one enemy remaining with low HP.

Focus on 1 Enemy

   - If possible, focus your attacks and skills to defeat 1 enemy asap (preferably low HP targets) to greatly reduce their overall damages.
   - Note: Click/Tap on the enemy you wish to target before you attack.

Quick Tips on Team Compositions and Drafting

Basic Team Compositions:

   - Create a balanced team early on with all different colors, for general use.
   - Note: You cannot use the same dragon twice (exact name and color) in a team.

   - Replace 1* Dragons with 2* Dragons. Replace 2* Dragons with 3* Dragons, and so on as you go. Focus on getting 3* Dragons for now since they are easier to achieve, also recommended for F2P players.
   - Check the "Leveling Up Dragons" section below for more info.

Example General Team Builds

   - 1 or 2 Healers or Support Types: Highly recommended to survive longer.
   - 1 or 2 Multi-Hitters: Inflicts great damages against multiple targets.
   - 2 or 3 Single Target Nukers: Great for finishing enemies and against single targets like Bosses.

   - Note: Some dragons can also have more than 1 specialty, but check if which one are they more effective in terms of healing/support or damage capacity.

Countering Enemy Dragon Colors

   - Reserve some 2* or 3* Dragons (at least 1 per color) as backups early game for countering enemies' Dragon colors (depends per stage). Replace your weakest Dragon (in terms of color disadvantage for the stage) with a stronger one.
Dragons Titan Uprising - Countering
   - Example: If the stage recommends Green Color Dragons, because there are lots of Blue Dragon Enemies, then replace your Red Dragon with a another Green Dragon.
   - Note though that using your Red Dragon is still doable as long that it is strong enough, this is just an alternative option.

   - For Yellow and Purple Dragons:
   - Use only 1 Yellow and 1 Purple Dragon, because it would also be disadvantageous to go up against 3 Waves of Purple Dragons with 2 or more Yellow Dragons on your side, unless they are strong enough.

How About Using Mono Color Teams?


   - Damage is focused on 1 color tile which is great if done right, can also possibly defeat 1 target in 1 or 2 turns if you are lucky!
   - You can charge up multiple dragons at the same time.
   - Damage taken will get reduced as well, increasing survivability of the whole team (depends on stage).


   - Not ideal during early to mid game because of you have limited dragons and Roster space.
   - The main problem is, what if the color tiles you need won't appear as planned? You'll need to quickly destroy all other tiles to get what you need.
   - You won't get decent damages from other color tiles which is a bit of a waste. Combo Multipliers and Special Tiles won't get maximized as well.


   - To balance out your team, it's better to just go with 2 Dragons of the same color.

Drafting Dragons with Runes Early Game

   - Your best chance to successfully draft at least 3* Dragons or if lucky even 4* early game is through the "Daily Featured Dragons and Color Type" drafts.

   - Monday = Purple Color Dragons
   - Tuesday = Red Color Dragons
   - Wednesday = Blue Color Dragons
   - Thursday = Green Color Dragons
   - Friday = Yellow Color Dragons
   - Saturday and Sunday = Featured Dragon Specie

   - Use 400 Runes early game if you still don't have any 3* of that color yet for your main team (best for F2P players).
   - Use 4000 Runes if you are aiming for 4* or even 5*. Best after getting at least one 3* Dragon per color, or for Cash players.
   - Example: If you still don't have a 3* or 4* Yellow Dragon, login during Fridays and use your Runes for the "Fearless Friday Draft" to get increased chance of 3* and 4* Yellow Dragons!
   - Drop rates of 3* is above 10%, while 4* Yellow Dragons are higher than 3* of different color.

   - Note: Higher drop rates can be enjoyed during weekends too depending on the featured Dragon Specie! Check it out if you need them.
   - Check the [i] button at the upper right corner of the Drafts window to check their drop rates.

   -*If you are lucky, you can also get 3* Dragons from Basic Dragon Draft with free tokens.
   - TIP: You can check stats and abilities of dragons from your "Book of Dragons" tab, or just keep on refreshing the featured dragons in the Drafts section until you see the Dragon that you are looking for.

Upgrading or Leveling Up Dragons

Leveling Up Dragons

   - Leveling Up will increase your Dragon's Power.
   - Donating Dragons of the same color as your base Dragon gives bonus experience, but you may still use other colors especially 1* Dragons  to level up your main Dragons if needed.

   - This is best done while completing Duties, related to leveling up Dragons. Also, if you need to free up Roster space.

Training Up Dragons

   - Training a dragon will activate 1 Star and increase Power.
   - Training will also increase Ability Lvl of Dragon by 1 Lvl.
   - Requires Scales (also rarity), Coins, and/or Fish depending on the current number of Stars your Dragons have.

   - NOTE: Training a 4* Dragon for example to 3 active Stars would require a copy of that same dragon. Likewise for 5* Dragons to activate 4 active Stars.
   - TIP: Use the Breedery and use that dragon to produce copies, upgrade your Breedery if needed.

   - TIP: Reserve some Dragons with 0 active Stars for completing duties like Fishleg's "Train a number of Dragons".

Increasing Stars Will Upgrade Lvl Caps

   - 1 Star = Lvl 30
   - 2 Stars = Lvl 40
   - 3 Stars = Lvl 50
   - 4 Stars = Lvl 60
   - 5 Stars = Lvl 70
   - *Dragon's Lvl will go back to 1 after activating a new Star.

Increasing Abilities

   - Max Ability Lvl is 10. Gives +1% Ability Increase per successful attempt.
   - You can only use up to 10 Dragons per attempt: Aim for at least 10%~20% (for non dupes) if you want to attempt upgrading Abilities, but lower than 10% is fine if you are just casually leveling up Dragons.
   - NOTE: Even at 3%~10% chance it is still possible to get some upgrades, just keep pumping.

   - Dragons (same color): Ex: +3% chance (even higher for 2* or more Dragons).
   - Other Dragons (not same color): Ex: +2% chance.
   - Duplicates (same color and name): +25% chance! (Just use 3 copies to reach 75%).

What To Do with 1* Dragons?

   - Donate them to level up your main Dragons.
   - Train them to activate 1 Star for completing duties like Fishleg's "Train a number of Dragons".
   - When leveling up, use 1* Dragons that you have trained first.

What To Do with 2* Dragons?

   - For F2P players, it's ok to level up 2* Dragons that are in your main team early game, just enough to help you advance, especially Adventure Mode to unlock higher quests.
   - 2* Healer or Support Type Dragons are good to use early game.
   - No need to increase Stars and Abilities since they will get replaced by 3* Dragons early on.

   - Save 1 or 2 copies each and train them to activate 1 Star, for Breeding Dragons later on (Viking Lvl 16+), and for completing Valka's Duties (ex: Breed using specific Dragon species). Replace them too with 3* Dragons as you go.

   - Donate what you don't need to level up your 3* or higher Dragons.

What To Do with 3* Dragons and Above?

   - For F2P and casual players, start with 3* Dragons, level up and train them to 2 active Stars at least to help you progress through the game. Just aim for around 3%~10% if you want to increase their abilities, it's very possible just keep going.

   - Save all 3* and above Dragons for later use (2 Dragons with same Color and Name) for Breeding.
   - Save all 3*~5* Dragons (1 copy each) for team compositions that you like, level up some of them for your main team/s.

   - Use dupes (same name and color) that you don't need to massively increase the chances of leveling up the abilities of your base Dragon. Recommended for your main Dragons.

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