Brawl Stars: Big Game Best Brawlers To Use and Best Time as Big Brawler

Here's a guide on how to play the Big Brawler Hunting Party Ticket event and reach the maximum time possible as the Big Brawler, in the fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena mobile game app - Brawl Stars. Available to download from Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS players.

5 vs 1: Five players attempt to defeat one player's Big Brawler!
Brawl Stars: Big Game Best Brawlers To Use and Best Time as Big Brawler

Recommended Brawlers To Use

Big Brawler

Brawlers That Can Do Multi-Hits and Summons!

Brawl Stars - JessieBrawl Stars - NitaBrawl Stars - PennyBrawl Stars - Tara
   - Jessie, Nita, Penny, Tara and other similar Brawlers.
   - This will help you deal damages to enemies without relying heavily on your attack reloads.
   - NOTE: After March 2019 update, all summons got nerfed...

Brawlers That Can Do Piercing Damage with Normal Attacks

Brawl Stars - FrankBrawl Stars - Poco
   - Frank, Poco and other similar Brawlers.
   - Their wide range and piercing damages can really help charge their Super fast.

Any Brawlers

   - Any Brawlers that you like to play with, this guide will focus more on the tips below to increase your record time.
   - Some Brawlers are easier to play with than others though, depends on your play style.
   - Also note that any Brawler can be countered.

Quick Tips and Strategies

   - Once the match starts, go and hide right away let them look for you to stall some time.
   - Use corners or obstacles to cover yourself from enemy attacks.
   - Don't stay near spawn points, enemies will get immunity advantages.
   - Note: Healing effects are reduced for Big Brawlers.

Hunting Party

Any Brawlers

   - Yup, any brawler that you like will do, but preferably those that are also effective as Big Brawlers, just in-case.
   - Also consider the map (ex: destroy obstacles to expose covers), and the most commonly used Brawlers as Big Brawler.
   - Note: Stun durations are reduced for hunters.

Big Game Ticket Event Tips and Tricks

Do Not Use Brawlers with High Trophies But Low Upgrades!

   - This is probably the main reason why players are getting wrecked as a Big Brawler because they are using a high trophy Brawler with low upgrades (ex: 500 Trophies with Power Lvl around 5).

   - The reason here is because the matchmaking system used in the game is based on trophies, so it is very likely that if you are going to play with your 500 trophy Brawler for example, you'll end up playing against enemies that are around Lvl 8~10 (lucky if there are some Lvl 6 with same amount of Trophies as you that joined the match).

   - At 300+ Trophies, you will still encounter Lvl 10 brawlers but not as much. Most enemies are around Lvl 6~8 and some Lvl 5 if you are lucky.

   - To get better results, it is recommended that you use a high trophy Brawler with high Power Lvl  (ex: 400+ or 500+ Trophies with Power Lvl around 9 or MAX).

Use Low Trophy Brawlers with High Upgrades

   - Here'a another approach that some players are doing to make things a lot easier to obtain better time record, but the catch is:

   - Option A: You need to lower 1 of your very high Lvl Brawler's number of trophies (as low as possible). Imagine a Lvl 10 Big Brawler against 5 players at around Lvl 3...
   - Option B: Use a newly obtained Brawler, do not increase trophy but level him/her up (as high as possible, recommended at least Lvl 6 or 7, the more the better).

   - The advantage of doing this is to exploit the matchmaking system, by using Brawlers with very low trophies but with decent or high Power Lvl, giving you stats advantage (including Star Power if you like).
   - Just hope that you won't encounter other players that are doing this same trick.

   - By doing this method, you should be able to get new time records as a Big Brawler, above 3~4 minutes or higher depending on the Brawler used and player skill.

How To Achieve the Best Time Record as Big Brawler?

What is the Highest Possible Time Record?

Brawl Stars - Big Brawler 8 Minutes
   - The best record possible is 8 minutes, with 32 Tokens Max reward.
   - Countdown will start forcing you to end the match after 8 minutes.

How Can I Achieve This Record?

   - It's really hard to do this because it would require luck and some friends to increase success chances.

Here's the Requirements:

   - You and your friends should use Mortis (or maybe a similar Brawler that can heal up fast).
   - Mortis can use his Super to steal HP from targets, best if his Star Power is unlocked to steal even more HP from defeated enemies.

   - You need some friends using Mortis too with similar number of trophies (preferably 400+ to avoid random noobs) to join you in the match, the more the better.
   - The best time to do this is when matchmaking is kinda slow on searching players for the current match.
   - Click or tap the "Play" button at the same time to increase chances.

   - Next, if one of you is the Big Brawler then just run towards the spawn point.

   - For friendly hunters, spin around right from the start to signal other players that you want to help the Big Brawler achieve max record, now this is where luck comes in because it would depend on those random players if they want to help or even understand what is going on.

   - Whatever happens, friendly hunters must not attack the Big Brawler to let him still get a high record, in case those random players would like to attack. If the Big Brawler is not one of your friends...then you may attack to end the match and try again.

   - However, if done right, all hunters should just group up near the spawn point, let Mortis the Big Brawler attack and kill them all at once, let him focus on healing up to survive for as long as possible.

   - Do this until Mortis gets 8 minutes or close, then continue using the same method with your friends until all of you gets the best time record for the Big Game ticket event.
   - Good luck! ^^

Do You Recommend Farming Tokens Here?

   - Not really, better save your tickets for Robo Rumble Ticket Event, check link below to learn how to effectively defeat the mode and earn lots of Tokens!
   - How To Defeat and Get Best Robo Rumble Time (Trick)

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