Ragnarok Rush: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Ragnarok Rush is a RPG mobile game based on the famous MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Presented by Gravity Interactive Inc, available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Create your hero and collect all the famous MVP bosses, monsters and pets of Ragnarok!

Create a team with the world of Ragnarok as the legendary monsters and pets fight alongside you to save the world from chaos. Play now and experience a whole new adventure in your hands.
Ragnarok Rush: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
- Ragnarok Rush Trailer Video -
- Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guides -
ragnarok rush player guides

 Beginner's Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

   - Quick Tips for Job Classes and Team Builds
   - General and Basic Tips, Summoning Pets
   - Quest, Tasks, and other Freebies
   - Best Ways to Use Diamonds and Gold (Zeny)

Upgrading Pets and Character

Ragnarok Rush Power Up
   - Promotions and Job Advancements
   - Leveling Up, Skill Upgrades, and Power Up Skill Trees
   - Enhancing Using Shards and Where to Farm Them
   - How to Reset Pets Using Rebirth

Crafting and Upgrading Gears

Ragnarok Rush Upgrade Equipment
   - How to Obtain and Upgrade Gears
   - Farming Crafting Materials (Hammers, Red Scale Shards and Carniums)
   - General Stats To Follow and Learning Set Effects
   - Enhancing Gears (Number of Star), and How to Farm Oridecons and Eluniums

Farming and Upgrading Cards

Ragnarok Rush Cards
   - Buying, Exchanging, and Collecting Card Boxes from Events
   - Farming and Combining Cards
   - Upgrading Cards and Set Effects

- Ragnarok Rush Game Modes -
Ragnarok Rush: Faction Wars Power Battle Guide, How to Mine and Pillage

Faction Wars/Power Battle Guide NEW!

   - How to Gather Ores and Increase Faction Lvl
   - Faction War and Attacking Tips
   - How to Increase Rewards and Get Faction Assets

Prontera Defense Guide NEW!

   - How to Join and Get Rewards
   - Tips and Tricks: Conserving Number of Tries or Challenges
   - Team Compositions and How to Defeat Bosses (Recommended Teams)

- Other Ragnarok Rush FAQs -
Ragnarok Rush Arena and Guild PVP

Territorial War Invasion and Defense Time

   - Invading Other Guilds and Tips
   - Defending Guild and Tips
   - Can't Enter During Guild Defense? Solved!
   - Note: Time is based on PST/PDT but we will use GMT+7 and GMT+8 conversions as well due to high requests.

Global Server Reset Time and Events

Ragnarok Rush Blue Porings
   - If you are having Trouble with the spawn time of Blue Porings, Prontera Defense opening and closing time, server reset time, and more, refer here to avoid missing all events in-game!
   - Note: Time is based on PST/PDT but we will use GMT+7 and GMT+8 conversions as well due to high requests.

Chests and Summon Drop Rates

   - To check the latest drop rates for chests, card boxes, and summons, refer to the link above.
   - Example: If you want to know how much you need to buy a guaranteed cash only pet.
   - Credits to Ragnarok Rush warpportal.com.

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