Ragnarok Rush: Farming, Combining and How to Upgrade Cards

Here's a guide on how to farm, combine, and upgrade cards in the RPG mobile game Ragnarok Rush.

Cards comes with different tiers or levels and can be equipped into gears in order to add their stats.

Equipping cards is not permanent, so feel free to move them around to maximize their bonus stats to your character or pets.

Buy Cards Using Diamonds:

Buying Cards from the Magic Box

   - Use the x10 Summon Card Box for a chance to obtain a full Yellow or Red card.
   - This is recommended if you want to obtain fast cards especially early game to give your character and pets some boost. Best done during 20% discount event to maximize your Diamonds, especially for F2P players.
Ragnarok Rush: Farming, Combining and Upgrading Cards
Exchange Card Store
   - Card Points will be given every time you take a summon, use these points to get more Red Cards!
   - Note that some Red Cards can only be obtained here.

Farming Cards:

Farming Yellow Cards From Ruins

   - Complete and unlock more farming locations to farm faster. This method will drain your Energy fast, so if possible, do this during 2x drop rate events if want to farm Yellow Cards.
   - Note: This method might not be ideal for high VIP players, or whales though, better aim for Red or Gold cards.

Easier Farming Method (Yellow Cards)
   - Go to your Bag then find the Yellow card shard you want to farm (if you don't have it, farm from Ruins first or get from a card box. Next, select the "Use" option then "Confirm Drop".
   - A new window will show you where to farm them.

Farming Cards From Stores

   - You can also buy Yellow and Red Cards from different stores using specific points.
   - Best done once you have your ideal core team pets.

   - Arena, Endless Tower, and Prontera Defense Stores: All have Yellow and Red Cards.
   - Guild Store: Yellow Cards can be bought with Gold through donations (optional).

Card Box Rewards and Events:

Login Rewards and Other Events

   - Play the game everyday to gather these rewards.
   - Watch out for limited events that will give you some free card boxes too!

Eden Group (Daily Event Rewards)

   - Complete all tasks to obtain some Red Boxes as rewards.
   - Earn then open them up once you get 50 pieces.

Boss Raids

   - Obtain Yellow or Red Boxes depending on Total Damages that you dealt with the Current Boss.
   - Note that higher Bosses will drop more and better boxes as the server progression goes (early Bosses on new servers will not drop any).

Guild Wars

   - After battle rewards, win or lose you can still get some Yellow Boxes, but would still depend on your rank after the war. Red Boxes will start to appear when invading or defending higher Lvl guilds.
   - Refer here for complete invasion or defense time for guild wars:
   - Territorial War Invasion Time, Guild Defense Can't Enter Problem

Faction Wars (Farm from Mines)

   - Chance to drop from Mines (someone must occupy Field or World mines first). If you are lucky, you can sometimes team-up with a strong character that can occupy the World Mines or Field Mines at least.
   - Those Yellow Chest Boxes contains both Red and Yellow cards.
Ragnarok Rush - Faction War Assets
   - Note: All chests from your Faction Assets can be opened by other players as well, so be quick. The first chest that you'll open is free, and the next ones will require some Diamonds (resets at server time).

Faction Wars (End of War Rewards)

   - At the end of the Power Battle game mode, players will be given some Red or even Gold boxes depending on their rank and total accumulated donations.
   - Keep donating until you can reach the next tier of rewards.
   - If you can donate more than 75,000 points, then you can start farming some Golden Card Boxes here.

   - Refer below link on how to join Faction Wars:
   - Ragnarok Rush: Global Server Reset Time and Events GMT+8 and +7

Team Battle (Match)

   - You need to form or join a party first to enter Team Battles.
   - Promote to the next league to obtain some Red Boxes as rewards.
   - After the event, your team will also be given more Card Boxes depending on your final league rank.

Charging Diamonds Via Events (and VIP offers)

   - You can get these different kinds of card boxes by charging diamonds, recommended for VIP players.

Odin's Warehouse (Limited Event)

   - During this event, you can gather some materials and exchange them for Golden Cards.
Ragnarok Rush - Odin's Workshop Limited Cards
Ragnarok Rush Card CrystalsRagnarok Rush Stone of Sage
   - Dismantle Red Cards that you no longer need to gather Card Crystals. 1 Red Card = 1 Card Crystal, dismantling upgraded Cards will also give higher amount of Card Crystals.
   - Stone of Sage can be obtained from events (mostly by charging Diamonds).
   - and a number of Diamonds.

Combining Cards:

Gather Boxes

   - It is best to gather them first until you can reach 40 or 50 pieces, then choose which card to combine.
   - Another method is to gather and only open if you have enough existing cards that can be combined.

Combining Cards

   - You can open card boxes and combine card shards from your "Bag".
   - 40 pieces for Yellow Cards, and 50 pieces for Red Cards.

Basic Stats To Follow:

   - Not all Gears can equip all cards, so also check the cards that you can equip to your gears, plan ahead to maximize the potential of your characters and pets.

   - Weapons, Accessories (Hats), and Wings: Any Cards (customize stats here)
   - Armors (Tops and Capes): Defensive Cards (cards with HP)
   - Shoes, Necklaces, and Rings: Offensive Cards (cards with ATK or MATK)
Ragnarok Rush Stats Chart

General Stats to Follow:

   - Units with Physical Attacks = ATKA.CRI and AP. May also include CRI.D and HIT.
   - Units with Magic Attacks including Healing = MATKM.CRI and MP (except for full support Healers). May also include CRI.D and HIT.
   - For Melee and Tank units = HPDEFMDEF and FLEE. May also include A.C.RM.C.R and HIT.

Note: You may add any stat you think is suitable for your main character or pets like HPDEFMDEF and FLEE to increase survivability of your DPS pets for example. Thief class can go with a Glass Cannon all attack build, or Attack+Survivability hybrid.

Stats Flexibility:
   - Cards are also important like gears because you can change the stats builds of your character and pets depending on the situation you are into.

   - Example#1: If you want to give more HP to your weaker pets that gets killed easily from AoE attacks during Arena fights.
   - Example#2: You can also equip more MDEF/MCR or DEF/ACR cards to your tank for example, to easily counter Magic or Physical based teams like in the Arena, Eden Group Missions, and more.

What Are Set Effects?

Ragnarok Rush Set Properties

Set Properties for Cards

   - Cards can also activate Set Effects (stat bonuses) when certain conditions are met.
   - Click on the "Set Properties" button near your character or pet's avatar. Check the "Equipment Card" and "Card Level" tabs in-game for more info.
   - Just get and equip what you can during early game, then slowly upgrade them as you go.

Upgrading Cards

Enhancing Cards

   - Cards can be enhanced to have their levels increased. Enhancing a card requires at a set level. Higher-leveled cards require higher-leveled material cards.
   - Cards can be enhanced up to 10 times, but Gold Cards can be enhanced up to +20.
Ragnarok Rush Upgrading Cards
   - To enhance a card, go and equip that card first, or find the gear > card you want to upgrade.
   - Select the "Enhance" option, then select an identical card that is not currently equipped. Note that enhancing cards is permanent.
   - Example: Osiris Card +1 and Osiris Card +0 = Osiris Card +2
   - Example: Osiris Card +1 and Osiris Card +1 = Osiris Card +3

   - If you are happy with the stats presented, then select "Confirm" to proceed and enhance the card.
   - Congrats! ^^

Combo With Character Enhance (Stars)
   - For best results, this is also the best time that you should be upgrading your Character's Stars to increase total output. Stats from upgraded cards + growth rate multipliers from character/pets Star upgrades, will give huge stat bonuses!

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