The Trail: Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 2 - Beyond Eden Falls

Here's the 2nd part of our quick walkthrough guide and tips for beginners playing "The Trail" (Android and iOS mobile game).

Quick Walkthrough Guide - Part 1

   - I recommend that you follow the 1st part of our guide first for other tips that I will no longer mention here. Part 1 will also cover house upgrades and recommended furnitures to buy.
   - Refer here: The Trail: Quick Walkthrough Guide - Journey to Eden Falls (Early Game)

Guide to Farming Chits

   - Refer to our separate guide here: How to Get or Farm Fast Chits with Toys and Hats
   - Depending on the recipes you currently have, choose the best option according to your preference.
The Trail: Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 2 - Beyond Eden Falls
- Beyond Eden Falls (Mid Game) Walkthrough Guide -

Walkthrough Guide Part 2 - Quest List

Other Ways To Collect Quest Items
   - Normally, you can gather them along the trail, but here's some other options:
   - You can also get the quest items from "Top Trader" Gifts, and Raccoon Drops.
   - If available, you can also buy them from other Traders, and as a free gift from the ad girl Annie.

Recommended Quests: Part 2 (Follow In-Order As You Go)
   - Lumberjack > Carved Rabbit Recipe (advance and go outside Eden Falls to find Birch Trees)
   - Lumberjack > Birch Log Recipe
   - Explorer > Sheriff Hat Recipe (buy from traders or from other sources. Once completed, start earning Turkey Feathers for later)

   - Trader > Large Rucksack Recipe (easy to gather once you reach the Buffalo Range region)
   - Explorer > Pilgrim Shoes Recipe (craft or buy from other traders)
   - Explorer > Bread Recipe (gather or buy from other traders)
   - Explorer > Pilgrim Hat Recipe (craft or buy from other traders. You may use some of your saved Turkey Feathers for this)

   - Trader > Pilgrim Jacket Recipe
   - Trader > Pilgrim Pants Recipe
   - Hunter > Upgraded Advanced Slingshot Recipe
   - Lumberjack > Upgraded Hatchet Recipe
   - Trader > Mountaineer Bag Recipe (Woven Cloth can be obtained by using 3x Hemp Fibres in Weaver Houses. Once completed, start crafting to upgrade your bag)

   - Hunter > Jerky Recipe
   - Lumberjack > Cookie Recipe
   - Explorer > Adventurer Shoes Recipe
   - Hunter > Rabbit Felt Recipe (craft 1 Tanned Leather from Tanner Houses using 3x Beaver Fur Scraps)
   - Lumberjack > Pine Lumber Recipe (craft 1 Moulding from Carpenter Houses using 5x Birch Sticks)
   - End of Part 2 Quick Walkthrough Guide Quest List.
The Trail: upgrade your House to Lvl 4

Sequoia Glen Region (Eden Falls)

   - Try to upgrade your House to Lvl 4 first and purchase some recommended furnitues with at least 1 Luxury Bed before reaching the Buffalo Range Region.
   - Refer to the "Farming Chits" section above to help you decide which method is best and where to farm them.

Gather Crafting Materials For Later Use
   - From here on, start hoarding the following items and keep them in your Private Chests. Just collect what you encounter along the way, and from trades. No need for hard farming.
The Trail - Wheat GrassThe Trail - ApplesThe Trail - Raw meatThe Trail - Rock Salt
Wheat Grass and Apples
   - Materials used for crafting Cookies later on (2x Wheat Grass and 1x Apple).

Rock Salt and Raw Meat (Focus More Here)
   - Materials used for crafting Jerky later on (2x Rock Salt and 1x Raw Meat).

Prairie Crossing Camp Site and Ferry
   - If you need more Chits for your ferry fare, just refer to the "Farming Chits" section above.

Buffalo Range Region

Turkey Feathers!
   - Once you reach this region (Summer Base camp site), you'll start to encounter more Turkey Feathers. Grab them all and keep them into your Private Chest until you are able to craft Pilgrim Hats.
The Trail: Turkey Feathers and Pilgrim Hats
Pilgrim Hats
   - Crafting these hats will be your main source of Chits as you go on through the mid game. So keep gathering them while trailing, and buy every Turkey Feather that you see while trading.
   - Refer here for more info: The Trail: How to Get or Farm Fast Chits with Toys and Hats

Start Stacking Food
   - Yes, because as you go farther, Stamina drain will get a little bit trickier, especially for longer trails. Preferably, gather food items that can restore at least 2 Hearts and can fit into your pockets.

   - Restores 2 Hearts of Stamina: Cookies, Grilled Mushrooms and Mushroom Soup.
   - Restores 3 Hearts of Stamina: Bread and Jerky.

   - Note: If you can't craft them yet, buy them! Yes, from here onwards, start purchasing food while trading (especially Jerky), and stack them all into your Private Chests. If you do this now, the next regions would become much easier.
   - You can still survive Buffalo Range region by saving up Berries, Mushrooms, and Sweet Chestnuts along the way, but still keep some higher tier food into your pockets just in case.

Number of Hearts
   - Equip higher tier of gears to increase your survivability (craft or buy from traders).
   - From here on, keep your Stamina to at least 4 or 5 Hearts.

Frozen Peaks Region

Start Crafting Food!
   - Once you reach this region, learn these recipes and start crafting Cookies and Jerky.
The Trail - crafting CookiesThe Trail - crafting Jerky
   - If you followed my advice above (Sequoia Glen Region - Eden Falls), you should now have enough crafting materials for food.
   - Still continue and collect Wheat Grass, Apples, Raw Meat, and Rock Salt (no need to farm).

   - I didn't recommend crafting Bread because it requires 4 Wheat Grasses, and it will only restore 3 Hearts. Buy them from other traders instead.
   - Grilled Mushrooms are also ok to craft, as long that you have some Mushrooms and Birch Sticks in your bag (no need to farm).

IMPORTANT TIP: Weight Also Affects Stamina Drain!
   - Well, it can't be helped since you need to collect things while trailing, but their is an important factor why your Stamina is draining way too fast than before = Weight of Food!
   - Yes, to greatly reduce the weight you are carrying, STOP placing 10x Bread and/or 10x Jerky in ALL of your pockets or bag (10x Bread = 30 Weight; and 10x Jerky/Cookie = 20 Weight).
   - Limit Food Weight to around 30 for now, this should be more than enough. Let your extras stay in your Private Chests.

   - For more info about color of Hearts, go here: The Trail: How To Avoid Red Color Hearts (Fast Stamina Drain)

Reminder: If Your Character Collapses
Reminder: If Your Character Collapses
   - TIP: If your character fainted, do not accept any notification (even that check mark), instead, just open your bag and use your Food until all Hearts are full or at least almost full. If successful, your character will get up and no items will drop.

Pinecone Valley Region

   - Just continue whenever you can.

Quest Completion
   - Once you are here or about to reach the end of this region (Growing Camp > Green Meadows), you should have completed all quests above.
   - The next set of quests will cover beyond the Swamp.

Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 3
   - Thanks for checking our guide, refer below for the 3rd part of this guide. ^^
   - The Trail: Quick Walkthrough Guide Part 3 - Beyond the Swamp

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