The Trail: How to Get or Farm Fast Chits with Toys and Hats

Here's a guide that shows how to unlock Toys and Hat recipes and use them for farming Chits. Please note that these are just suggestions, and what matters still is your personal preference.

Some Few Reminders

   - Upgrade the Lvl of Recipes to increase their value.
   - Once you reach Eden Falls, buy Quality+% Furnitures to increase all crafted item's quality (higher price). Also purchase Private Chests to store all items, then sell them in one go!

Best Camp Site To Sell Items?

   - From Eden Falls, go and unlock the Prairie Crossing Camp Site (beside the ferry). This is your best choice because you'll always get 3 Traders here, and it's close to Eden Falls.

   - Before selling your hard earned toys and/or hats, do a test run on the "Watch Video for 2x Chits" option first, because sometimes, these video ads doesn't work!, and will just take your items away for nothing...restart the game if needed.
The Trail: How to Get or Farm Fast Chits with Toys and Hats

Optional Ways to Earn Chits

Maximizing Chits Gained From Trading
   - Refer here for more info: How to Get More Chits From Trading

The Warehouse
   - The item needed is also the featured item on the crate. If there is no featured item, place any item that you think your neighbors can produce too. Fill up the crate to 20/20 to reset the featured item again.
   - The overall Chits gained depends on the quality and value of all the items placed. So high value Items = more Chits. Example: Easy to craft Hats (Native Headbands and Pilgrim Hats) and Toys.

- Early Game Notable Hats and Toys -

Wooden Carving Runs

The Trail - Wooden Carving Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 2x Pine Logs.
   - Requires a Stone Axe (at least) to chop down Pine Trees.
   - Pine Log Recipe: Crafts 3x Pine Sticks = 1 Pine Log.

Example Hunting Locations
   - Town's Community Logging Area (aka Tree Farm).
   - Community Logging can be unlocked by using 20 Gold.

   - This is highly recommended if your Town has unlocked this feature. It's not spammable though so still use other methods to gain more Chits while waiting for the trees to grow back.
   - The best part here is, you don't need to worry about your gears' durability.

Other Notes
   - Crafting Wood Carvings is ok during early game until you reach the White Mountains region or Eden Falls to get some quick Chits, but after that, it's not really recommended to do it along the way as your main source of Chits.

Toy Bird Runs

The Trail - Toy Bird Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 2x Rabbit Hides
   - Requires a Slingshot (at least) to hunt rabbits.
   - Rabbit Hide Recipe: Crafts 3x Rabbit Fur Scraps = 1 Rabbit Hide.

Example Hunting Locations
   - Pine Fields region: Leafy Grove > Waterfall View; or Waterfall View > Green Site
   - You can also find lots of Rabbit Fur Scraps here.

   - White Mountain region: Bleak Horizon > Spring Bank (Ferry)
   - White Mountain is also a nice area to hunt rabbits because you can grab some Blue Duck Feathers along the way for crafting Native Headbands.

Other Notes
   - An excellent choice for early game. Short cool-down and can stack.
   - If you need quick Chits right away, then this is a good choice.

Native Headband Runs

The Trail - Native Headband Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 2x Duck Feathers and 2x Rabbit Fur Scraps.
   - Requires a Slingshot (optional, but I would recommend) to hunt rabbits.

Example Hunting Locations
   - White Mountain region: Choose any trail that you are comfortable with, example Bleak Clearing > Deep Post; or Bleak Horizon > Spring Bank (Ferry)

   - Sequoia Glen region: Lumberjack's Rise > Eden Falls
   - Blue Feathers are somewhat unpredictable, sometimes you'll get a lot or too few. Purchasing furnitures with "Trail Items +%" might help increase spawn rates (optional).

   - Native Headband Runs is best done together with other Runs, for example: Bleak Horizon > Spring Bank also has lots of Rabbits so get a Slingshot at least and hunt them for Toy Birds too.
   - Lumberjack's Rise > Eden Falls has a good number of Beavers, buy some Advanced Slingshots (at least) from Traders then hunt them for Toy Raccoons while picking up Blue Feathers.

Other Notes
   - Still an excellent choice early game, even though it has longer cool-down than Toy Birds and can't stack. Buy or gather all Blue Feathers that you see along the way, wherever you are.

Toy Raccoon Runs

The Trail - Toy Raccoon Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 1x Beaver Fur Scrap and 2x Beaver Hides.
   - Requires an Advanced Slingshot (at least) to hunt beavers.
   - Beaver Hide Recipe: Crafts 3x Beaver Fur Scraps = 1 Beaver Hide.

Example Hunting Locations
   - Sequoia Glen region: Lumberjack's Rise > Eden Falls
   - Buy some Advanced Slingshots (at least) from Traders then hunt them, pick up Beaver Fur Scraps, Blue Duck Feathers (for Native Headbands), and Rabbit Fur Scraps along the way too.
   - Once you reach Eden Falls, go to your Home and craft, then place them all inside your Private Chest. Wait for them to cool-down, then sell them all at once.

   - Buffalo Range region: Yellow Steppe > Lavender Tor
   - Collect some Turkey Feathers along the way too.

Other Notes
   - Although this recipe can be unlocked late, I would still recommend to upgrade this to at least Lvl 5 (360 Chits each) early game, to be on par with Lvl 7 Toy Bird (320 Chits each).
   - Also a nice early game source of Chits (once you reach Eden Falls the first time).
   - The cool-down is longer than Toy Birds but can be ignored, it doesn't really matter.

Carved Rabbit Runs

The Trail - Carved Rabbit Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 1x Birch Stick and 2x Birch Logs.
   - Requires a Hatchet (at least) to chop down Birch Trees.
   - Birch Log Recipe: Crafts 3x Birch Sticks = 1 Birch Log.

Example Hunting Locations
   - Refer to the Wooden Carvings section above, this is the 2nd tier of Wooden Carvings.

- Mid to Late Game Notable Hats and Toys  -

Sheriff Hat Runs

The Trail - Sheriff Hat Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 2x Turkey Feathers and 2x Rabbit Hides

Other Notes
   - Once you unlock this recipe, better skip and go straight and unlock the Pilgrim Hat recipe.
   - This hat requires 2 Turkey Feathers which makes it harder to farm.

Pilgrim Hat Runs

The Trail - Pilgrim Hat Runs
   - Crafting Materials: 1x Turkey Feather and 3x Beaver Hides.
   - Requires an Advanced Slingshot (at least) to hunt beavers.
   - Beaver Hide Recipe: Crafts 3x Beaver Fur Scraps = 1 Beaver Hide.

Example Hunting Locations
   - Start gathering once you reach the Buffalo Range region, but farm them around Frozen Peaks region if you like. Choose any trail that you are comfortable with, example: Cold Ground > Pine Slopes.
   - Trading is one good source of Turkey Feathers. Keep trading and fill up your bag, grab right away if you see a Turkey Feather!
   - Recommended: Prairie Crossing (Sequoia Glen Region beside a ferry beyond Eden Falls). Note that if the traders are throwing in a different kind of feather, just refresh the game.

   - Now, all you need to do is hunt Beavers. Either hunt them along the way as you go, or farm, refer to the "Toy Raccoon Runs" section above.
   - Tip: For best results, craft or buy some Upgraded Advanced Slingshots to increase drops.

Other Notes
   - An excellent source of Chits mid game. Buy or gather all crafting materials that you see along the way, wherever you are.
The Trail - Pilgrim Hat Runs and Stacking
   - Pilgrim Hat values at 360 Chits at Lvl 1, upgrade to Lvl 6 to cut it's cool-down by 30 minutes with a value of 1,260 Chits a piece! Like I said above, long cool-downs doesn't matter because the returns are great. Just store them all in one or two of your Private Chests, wait, then sell them all.

Optional Method
   - This is also similar to the Native Headband Runs above, do this together with other Runs, especially Toy Raccoon. Focus more on this hat though, and just use your extra Beaver Hides for Toy Raccoons if you run out of Feathers.

That's It For Now Guys!
   - I'll update this more soon, thank you for checking our guide. ^^
   - Continue and explore The Trail.

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