Plants vs. Zombies 2: Vasebreaker Endless 1-15 Walkthrough Guide

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the Vasebreaker Endless stages in the defense strategy mobile game: Plants vs. Zombies 2 It's About Time.

Vasebreaker is a mini-game where you need to break all vases to complete the stage. You can't select any plants to play with, and you can only randomly get them from breaking vases. Good Luck!
Plants vs. Zombies 2: Move Vase Power Up
- Vasebreaker Endless 1-15: Strategy Guide -

General Tips to Remember

Which Vases to Break First?
   - Break all last column vases first, once done, break all green vases next.
   - Most of the time, it is best to break and defeat 1 zombie at a time, but it also good to break multiple vases depending on the situation, refer to the guide below for more info.

Placing Plants
   - Prioritize incoming zombies first, but if your defense can handle them, place your plants on a row that has the most number of non-green vases. Refer to the formations below as your guide per stage.
   - As much as possible, only break vases in rows that doesn't have zombies and has a good defense.
   - Always break vases from right to left, unless stated otherwise.

How to Plant Guide:
   - | Sunflower | Peashooter | Peashooter | Wall |
   - This means: Plant Sunflowers in the 1st column from the left, Peashooters in the 2nd and 3rd columns, then Wall-Nuts in the 4th column.

Game Is Luck Based
   - Vase locations, plants, and zombies that you get are totally random, so yeah may luck be kind.

   - Using Power-Ups is optional, unless it is highly recommended.

Sun and Plant Food Carries Over
   - You can get Sun from 1 vase per stage, and will carry over to the next stages. Use them for your Cherry Bomb if needed.
   - If possible, maintain at least 2 or 3 PF, and only use them if needed.
Plants vs. Zombies 2: Vasebreaker Endless Wave 1

Vasebreaker Endless - Wave 1

   - Formation: | Threepeater and Repeater | Wall or Bonkchoy | Split Pea (last column) |
   - PF: Repeater or Split Pea vs Gargantuar, break his vase last. If you can defeat him without spending PF, then that's even better.
   - Threepeater: Place on the 2nd and 4th rows for best results.
   - Wall-nut and Bonk Choy: Best vs Bucket zombie, if possible.
   - Bonk Choy: If you have extra, you can also place one behind Gargantuar's vase before breaking.
   - Potato Mine: Best vs tough zombies and Gargantuar. Place in-front of Gargantuar's vase if possible.
   - Other Notes: Use your Butter (power-up) if needed.
***Example screenshot here

Vasebreaker Endless - Waves 2 to 6

   - Same as above.

Vasebreaker Endless - Waves 7 to 10

   - Formation and strategy: Same as above.
   - Here you'll start to see more tough zombies like 2 Bucketheads.

   - Potato Mine: Since you now have a handful of PFs at this point, place your mines on the 2nd or 3rd column to defend against tough zombies that might pop-up next to them. Use some of your PFs vs the Gargantuar, but always keep 2 or 3.
   - PF: If you were able to get another PF but your PF bar is full, it also a good idea to break Gargantuar's vase then use that floating PF to defeat him.
   - Butter (power-up): You can also use this one on weak zombies that might trigger your mines.

Vasebreaker Endless - Waves 11 to 15
   - Formation and strategy: Same as above.
   - From here on, you need to face and defeat 2 Gargantuars.
   - Butter (power-up): Use if needed vs tough zombies and Gargantuar.
Plants vs. Zombies 2: Vasebreaker Endless Wave 12
(example gameplay screenshot)

Congratulations, you now have the 3rd Vasebreaker Power-up! Continue and see if how far can you get with your complete set of Power-Ups. Good Luck!

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