Plants vs. Zombies 2 Epic Quest: Gem Jam! Walkthrough Guide

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the Epic Quest: Gem Jam stages. in the strategy defense game - Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time!

How to Plant Guide:

   - | Sunflower | Peashooter | Peashooter | Wall |
   - This means: Plant Sunflowers in the 1st column from the left, Peashooters in the 2nd and 3rd columns, then Wall-Nuts in the 4th column.

   - Using Power-Ups is optional, unless it is highly recommended.
Plants vs. Zombies 2 Epic Quest: Gem Jam! Walkthrough Guide
- Epic Quest: Gem Jam Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -

Gem Jam - Step 1 (Plan Your Defense!)

   - Formation: | Laser Bean | Lightning Reed | Magnet |
   - Laser Bean and/or Lightning Reed can also be replaced by Blommerangs.
   - PF: Any
   - Magnet-shroom: just place 3 on the center lanes to grab those Buckets.

Gem Jam - Step 2 (Reach The Target Score)

   - The more combos you do, the better. Wait for them to circle around then hit them.

Gem Jam - Step 3 (Survive the Zombie Attack)

   - Formation: Follow recommendations below.
   - Bloomerang: Place your first Bloomerang on the 2nd column cart. Place all Bloomerangs on carts.
   - Lightning Reed: Place them on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd columns (not on carts).
   - PF: Lightning Reed vs Buckethead zombies during final wave.
   - Carts: Move and focus more Bloomerangs vs tough zombies.

Gem Jam - Step 4 (Survive while Sun Bombs Fall)

   - Formation: | Any | Any | Any | Any |
   - Reminder: Wait for the Sun to hit the ground before getting.
   - PF: Any, preferably on a plant that has a Power tile underneath it.
   - Just spam at least 2 of these plants: Potato Mine, Chili Bean, Primal Potato Mine, and Grimrose.
Gem Jam - Step 4 (Survive while Sun Bombs fall)
   - Blover: Best vs flying zombies.
   - E.M.Peach: Use if needed, this will disable all machines in an area.
   - Cherry Bomb: Use if needed.

Gem Jam - Step 5 (Plan Your Defense!)

   - Formation: | Sun Bean | Lightning Reed | Magnet |
   - PF: The formation above can hold even without using PFs, but if needed, use some on your Lightning Reed when there are wizard zombies present.

Gem Jam - Step 6 (Mini-Game)

   - Wait for their front line zombie to reach the 2nd column before unleashing your balls!
   - Lightning Balls: Conserve them and only use if zombies managed to reach the 1st or 2nd column. Best vs tough zombies.
   - Mower (tap+hold): Manually use 1 of your mower vs the Gargantuar, or just wait for him to reach them.

Gem Jam - Step 7 (Survive with Given Plants)

   - Formation: | Sunflower | Fire Pea all the way~ |
Gem Jam - Step 7 (Survive with Given Plants)
   - PF: Any
   - Complete your Sunflowers first, then use your Fire Peashooters to warm up the other Sunflowers.
   - Rotobaga: After completing your 2nd column of Fire Peashooters, plant these on the left side of those "Up" sign platforms. Refer to the example screenshot below.
   - Stunion: Use if needed vs Troglobites (pushing zombies).

Gem Jam - Step 8

   - Formation: | Sunflower | Snapdragon | Snapdragon |
   - PF: Any
   - Start with 2 or 3 Sunflowers then quickly plant Snapdragons to defend against the first few waves. Use your Stallia, Iceberg Lettuce and Puff-shroom to give you enough time.
   - Stallia and Iceberg Lettuce: Use it to stall zombies from the start, then spam them in-front of your Snapdragons to disrupt them.
   - Puff-shroom: Spam from the start to help eliminate zombies, also place them on those golden tiles to get Sun.
   - Chili Bean: Best vs buckethead zombies.
   - Blover: Use to blow away those dragonflies.

Gem Jam - Step 9 (Plan Your Defense)

   - Formation: | Refer to the screenshot below |
   - PF: Use 1 to your Infi-Nut, then the remaining ones to your Sun Bean vs Gargantuar.
Gem Jam - Step 9 (Plan Your Defense)

Gem Jam - Step 10 (Protect the Flowers)
   - Formation: | Cold Snap (on flower column) | Wall | Spike |
   - PF: Any
   - Cold Snapdragon: Complete the column then place remaining plants behind them. Start on the 2nd and 4th rows first to cover more lanes.

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