Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire FAQ, Tips and Strategy Guides List

Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is a mobile RPG game based from the popular Japanese manga Bloodline, presented by CHERRY CREDITS PTE LTD. Assemble your squad of adventurers, tailor them to your liking, and embark on an epic journey that will put your strategic abilities to the ultimate test!
Bloodline Mobile Game
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- Bloodline: General Beginners Guides -

- Starting Heroes, Are They Good?
- Check List: Your Daily Routine
- Optimizing Your Resources
- 4 or 5 Star Heroes for F2P players

- Dungeon Runs and Leader Skills
- The Hero Fusion Leveling System
- How to Farm Fusion Materials
- How to Upgrade Weapons

- Requirements for Hero Evolution
- Farming Evolution Materials
- How to Get More Gold
- Changes After Evolving Heroes

- Requirements to Trigger Limit Breaks
- Limit Break Results and Effects
- The Best Time to Do Limit Breaks

- Requirements and Rules
- How Enemies Are Generated
- Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles
Bloodline: General In-Depth Guides -

- ULT, Talent and Leader Skills
4*/4* Heroes Skills List
- ULT, Talent and Leader Skills

- Farmable Heroes and Fragments
- Redeem and Upgrade Heroes
- Farm and Sell for Crystals
- Complete Collection Tasks

- Farmable Heroes and Fragments
- Redeem and Upgrade Heroes
- Farm and Sell for Crystals
- Complete Collection Tasks
Bloodline: General FAQs -

- How to Get More Free Gems
- Guild Feature: Flying Chess Trick
- Optional Methods for F2P and P2P

- Job Class Passive Bonuses
- How to Change Jobs
- Job System and Requirements

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What is a Guild?
   - A Guild is where players may gather and participate in Group discussions with other guild members and engage in Guild Wars. Some other exclusive Guild features includes a Guild Shop where you can purchase cards with Honor Medals, play a mini-game with the Flying Chess and use the Tower of Time to earn some EXP for your Heroes.

I have the same hero cards. Why are the statistics different?
   - Hero Cards may have their statistics focused in the following areas: HP; ATK; DEF; REC; POT; therefore, similar Heroes may end up having different statistics.

What is Divine House > Fragment and Crystal Trade?
   - The Fragment Trade within the Divine House is where you will exchange your Hero Fragments for their respective Hero Cards. The Crystal Trade within the Divine House is where you will exchange your Crystals for Hero Cards.

What is Airship Merchant?
   - The Airship Merchant is where you are able to purchase items, EXP cards and Hero Fragments with gold and gems. The Airship Merchant refreshes his goods for sale at 9:00am 12:00:pm (GMT+8).

How do I use Friends?
   - Making friends with another player allows you to use their leader Hero in battle in Quests, Challenges and Events but not in Arena. You can also receive Friendship Points whenever your friends use your Hero in battle. Friendship Points can be used to summon new Heroes to strengthen your squad. Each friend's Hero can be used once every  2 hours. Once you use the Hero, it will not be available but you can use other friends’ Heroes.

What are Gems and how do I get them?
   - Gems are the in-game currency which can be used for Hero Summon, Guild Creation and Name Changing, Stamina Refill, Gold Purchases, Energy Purchases, Item Purchases, Advanced Awakening, Quick Evolution, Tower of Time and many other functions.

Free Gems are awarded as you progress in Game (Example: Chapter Rewards, Daily Tasks, Growth Tasks, Squad Level Up, Flying Chess, Arena). You may also purchase Gems via “Top-Up”.

What are Crystals and how do I get them?
   - Crystals are the in-game currency which can be used for Trading for Hero cards within the Divine House in the Village. Crystals are awarded for every Hero Summon. Even the Free Hero Summons will give you Crystals!

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