Bloodline: Beginner's Quick Walkthrough Guide, Tips, and Free Heroes

Here's a quick walkthrough guide for newbies playing Bloodline mobile game. So, after playing my first run in the game as an F2P player and reached Squad Lvl 40, here's some tips, tricks and strategies for Free to Play players who wants to boost their knowledge early on.

No Need To Do Re-Rolls!
   - Yeah during the tutorial, the first hero that you will get from the first free Gem Summon will always be a 3*/3* Hero, like Insanity BeyElite Killer or Hunter Nun Rene, so if you are wondering if re-rolls will also work in this game, well no.
Bloodline Walkthrough Guide
- Starter's Guide to Bloodline -

Starting Heroes, Are They Good?

The Sorcerer: Ron
   - He is a very nice starter hero, and will probably be your highest one because he doesn't need duplicates to evolve. His evolve materials can be easily farmed, and also given for free from "Growth Tasks" as rewards.
   - His Leader Skill will give bonus EXP to all party members post-battle, boosting the Lvls of your Heroes as you go, pretty useful for Raiding any stages, make sure to add him as party Leader.
   - What makes him good too is his very low COST (only 4 at Lvl 4*/5*), making more space for stronger Heroes that you might get.

The Half Royal Vampires: Shaya and Sha
   - Shaya is a nice 4* warrior, focus on upgrading her gears, and you'll get a decent tank until Lvl 50. Sha on the other hand is an offensive type Hero which is actually pretty good until Lvl 50.
   - Both Heroes are recommended early game, evolving them to 4*/4* is a bit hard but if you have a good number of active friends, you might be able to pull them easier from "Friendship Summons", it's the only recommended way to get their duplicates.

First Free 3*/3* Hero: Insanity BeyElite Killer or Hunter Nun Rene
   - Can be used as temporary members until you get better ones.
   - Sell them for 3 Crystals if no longer needed.

Auto Battle Configuration
   - Once you are able to unlock this feature, go to the Menu option during battle then hit Settings.
   - Here you can set the configurations you want, like turning off Auto Pots and Recovery Skills activation.

Invite and Accept Friends!
   - Every time you enter a battle, you will be given a chance to select 1 Ally to assist your team. I highly recommend you start inviting every player you can find.
   - You can re-enter screen to refresh the player list.
   - If you reached the max limit, you can remove low Lvl and/or inactive players to free up some slots.

Why We Want More Friends?
   - To get more Friendship Points for more chances to draw Friendship Summons. Unneeded heroes can be used as EXP fodders for your main Heroes.
   - The Leader Skills of allies will only activate if he or she is your friend.
   - Leader Skills stacks!

   - As you go through the game you might also want to focus on Ally Assist Leaders that will complement your team. Some good all-around heroes are those with nice Healing Leader Skills like Ara, or similar, which will greatly help you complete quests or stages. There are also other Leader skills that will enhance the attack and/or defense capabilities of you team, just check their Hero Info and see if you need them.

- Check List: Your Daily Routine -

Follow and Check that RED DOT
   - Means it needs your attention, check to see what you can do. This includes Sign-in Rewards, completed tasks, heroes ready to evolve or upgrade, and many more.

Follow and Do Your Daily Tasks
   - Just do what you can, depending on how active you play. This will boost your Squad Lvl EXP per day with some free rewards. Squad Lvl is essential, to increase STA and Team COST limits.
   - Note that the Purchase Gold task is optional.

Collect Free Stamina (GMT+8)
   - Login around 8AM to 10AM, 12PM to 2PM, and 6PM to 8PM to claim Stamina.
   - The 9PM to 11PM option is only available at Squad Lvl 35 or VIP 5.

Flying Chess (Guild Feature)
   - Number of chances will increase every 2 Hours, which can be stored up to 5 times. Use them all up whenever you can to gain handful rewards.
   - Refer here for more info: Flying Chess Guild Feature.

Tower of Time (Guild Feature)
   - F2P players can only do this once per day. Best for Heroes below Lvl 30 to gain +30% EXP.

*Note: Joining a guild might take a while depending on your team's PWR. Most guilds will only recruit players with at least 2,000 to 3,000 PWR, or by minimum Squad Lvl.

Arena (Squad Lvl 15)
   - Always consume all Arena Orbs you have.
   - Select teams with lower PWR than yours for higher chances of winning. You can also refresh opponents by reentering the Arena.
   - The best way to increase your Rank Title fast, is to use weak Heroes as your DEF Squad. Your aim is purposely lower your ranking to be able to get easy wins for faster FAME gain. This will also unlock new Titles and Honor Trade options.

   - Next, if you want to farm Honor Points, then just rank as as high you can and replace your DEF Squad with better ones.
   - Honor Trade Points is capped at 200,000, so it's best to consume some of it. I highly recommended getting Hero Fragments.

Vampire Sanctuary (Squad Lvl 20)
   - A nice source of upgrade materials, Gold and more.
   - For more info, go here: Bloodline Vampire Sanctuary.

Potential Awakening (Squad Lvl 22)
   - Just do this once or twice per day. Go to Hero Menu > Potential Awakening > Select a character.
   - Hit Potential Awakening to generate a new Potential Stat for your selected Hero. If you like the result, hit Save, otherwise hit Back and CANCEL options.
   - Aim for more than 10% or 15% with any stat you like for your heroes. Example: HP+, DEF+ or All Atr+ for Warriors, then the other classes can be ATK+, All Atr+, or depends on your playing style.
   - Do not upgrade the Potential Lvl of your Heroes for now, earn your Awakening Points for your late game core and final heroes.

Always Consume Stamina
   - Check Events, Challenge Mode and use the chances available. Advance the Quest Mode to unlock more Challenge Modes and Chapter rewards.
   - Before entering, check the PWR Recommendation for the stage as your guide.
   - Also use Stamina to farm Materials for upgrading Gears or Hero Lvl.

Events: Availability depends on their rotation per day.
   - Child of Forest: EXP Mats for upgrading Hero Lvls.
   - Buried Legend: Gold Mats for upgrading Thunder type Heroes, or Sell for Gold.
   - Vital Fantasy: Evo Mats for evolving Heroes.
   - Lost Wonderland: Farmable Heroes, Gear Upgrade Materials and Dusts for evolving.
   - Tomato Family: Skill Mats for upgrading ULT Skills or Fire type Heroes. Best used on 4*/4* or 5*/5* Heroes.

Tip: If you didn't get the drops you like, you can Leave the Battle and try again, you'll just lose 2 Stamina but will give you more chance to effectively use your limited entries per day.

Challenge Mode
   - Farmable Hero Fragments and Dusts for evolving.
   - Go to the Village > Divine House > Fragment Trade to redeem them.

Leveling Up is Good But Don't Forget Your Gears
   - To upgrade gears, go to your Hero Info screen, select a Hero then check their gears. Farm the materials needed to upgrade. You can get a handful of Hero units here anyway as EXP fodders.
   - Prioritize core heroes first that can go for 4 or 5 Stars max.
Also Check These Useful Guides:
   - Bloodline: How to Level Up Heroes and Farm Growth Materials
- Optimizing Your Resources -

Earn Your First 2500 Gems!
   - Yup, the first thing you need to do with your Gems is to save them for the "10 Gem Summons" option, to get a sure shot 5*/5* Hero.
   - For more info go here: Bloodline: Best Ways to Spend Gems, and How to Get More

Earn Your First 150 Crystals!
   - Your aim here is to buy the available 5*/5* Hero in the Crystal Trade.
   - In-case you already have the featured 5 Stars Hero, still reserve at least 150 Crystals for the next featured 5*/5* Hero event. These guys are worth it because you don't need to go through those long process of evolving and Lvl grinding .
   - There is an exception here though, like if you need 4*/5* duplicates to evolve a core Hero to 5*/5*, or if you are targeting a specific Hero that is elusive or not available from Gem Summons.

Crystals can be earned by selling 3*/3* Heroes (3*/4* and 4*/4* is optional and only if you don't really need them), summoning units, sign-in rewards, task completion rewards, and more.

Earn and Conserve Your Gold!
   - I know that the Airship Hero Fragments can be a nice source to get some good Heroes but hold that idea for now until you reach mid or late game with lots of Gold or maybe Gems. Airship is the biggest money sinker in the game and if you will do this right away from that start, it will give you a very hard time to evolve your heroes due to insufficient Gold.
   - Farming Hero Fragments from the Airship is a long term investment anyway.

   - I suggest you only buy the Materials (unless you have lots of it) for upgrading and those EXP Mats.

- How To Get Free 4 or 5 Star Heroes for F2P -
Aside from Ron, Sha, Shaya, and other Event based heroes (sign-in, invite rewards, growth task rewards and more), here are some notable ways to get 4 or 5 Star Heroes.

First 2500 Gems and 150 Crystals
   - Explained above, can be reached around Squad Lvl 30.

Free Summons
   - Since you can't use your Gems early game this is an alternative way.
   - Luck based but still good.
   - You will get 1 FREE Summon every 66 Hours cool-down or about 3 Days, not bad.

Summon Scrolls
   - Since you can't use your Gems early game this is an alternative way.
   - Luck based but it's your best chance to get 4 or 5 Star Heroes, some say you will eventually get a 5*/5* hero after a certain number of tries.
How to Get More Summon Scrolls
   - Chapter Achievement Rewards: Check required number of Stars per Chapter.
   - Arena Title Milestone Rewards.
   - Random drops from Vampire Sanctuary Chests.
   - Trade using Crystals from the Divine House (not recommended though).
   - Sign-in Reward (depends on the event for the month).

Early Game Notable Heroes
   - Check these useful guides:
   - Bloodline: Lost Wonderland Farmable 4 and 5 Star Heroes
   - Bloodline: Challenge Mode Farmable Heroes and Fragments
   - If you want a nice Healer, Rin or Nina is OK until you unlock Eagle from Challenge Modes.

Arena Honor Trade
   - Start farming Ivy from the Honor Trade Arena Shop and evolve her to 4*/5* Stars, continue if you want.
   - More Heroes can be unlocked as you go.

Lilo.I and Ron's Task Collections
   - Check the Collection Task Rewards and try to farm missing heroes from your available Challenge Modes. Evolve them if necessary.
   - This is the only way to get Lilo.I aside from limited events, and Ron's duplicates for Limit Breaks at 5*/5*.

Other Sources
   - Flying Chess (Guild Feature): If you are lucky, you can get a 3*/5* Fina here. Use the Throw Dice option to help you.
   - Vampire Sanctuary: Chests here will also drop Hero Fragments or full Heroes if you are lucky enough. Some players said that they were able to get 5*/5* Yan here, bug or not but it's true.
   - Airship Hero Fragments: Only if you just need a few pieces to complete a set.
   - Guild War and Guild Shops: Buy Hero Fragments.
   - Event Based: Watch out for announcements for limited time events.

- Other Notable Tips for Beginners -

Basic Team Building

Warrior Class - The Tanks
   - It's a good practice to have around 2 Warriors to tank for your team, they are sturdy and will get hit more often than other classes. Prioritize their gears especially armor upgrades.

Follow the Leader
   - Create a team based from your preferred Hero and Leader Skill.
   - Example: If you like Thunder Lia's Leader Skill that gives 25% Damage and DEF to all female Heroes, then you should aim and upgrade female heroes for your team (aka "Mono Female").

Sell All 3*/3* Heroes
   - Yup, they are only good for farming Crystals.
   - Optional: If you can easily evolve 2*/3* to 3*/3*, do so if you want before selling to get 3 Crystals. Best done if you only need a few pieces.

Do Not Sell All 4 Star Heroes!

2*/4* or 3*/4* Heroes
   - Do not sell them right away, check the Task Collections first to see if you need to evolve them to complete certain hero sets.
   - Optional: If you can easily evolve them to 4*/4*, do so if you want before selling to get 10 Crystals. Best done if you only need a few pieces.

4*/4* Heroes
   - You can reserve and strengthen some of them for completing Class Restricted Stages later on, for farming Job Change Scrolls. Example: If you want to farm Assassin Job Change Scrolls for your Lvl 40 Assassin, using a single Assassin would be very difficult to complete a stage, so you need multiple decently upgraded Assassins to help.

The Potions Lab (Village)
   - Crafting will be very helpful starting around mid game, especially for F2P players.
   - Craft Recovery Potions for backup purposes, like in-case you are in a "near win" situation.
   - Awakening, Antidote and Cleansing potions are also good for fending off bad statuses during battle.

That's all for now guys, I hope I was able to answer some questions bugging your mind, go now and kick start your Bloodline game! ^^

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