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Thumb Empires is a mobile strategy war game presented by 4399en game. Thumb Empires is unique from the other strategy war games, it has interesting features which will give you formidable game experience. Go Lords! Train your troops and dominate your Empire!

- Thumb Empires: General In-Depth Guides -

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Thumb Empires: General FAQs -

FAQ: What's a Shield?
   - A: Shields protects you from PVP. You gain a Shield (8h) when you're defeated in PVP/counter, or you may buy one from the Buffs tab under the Build panel. It deactivates when time's up, or when you launch a PVP/counter.

FAQ: I don’t have enough builders to upgrade anything?
   - A: There are two ways: you can either spend Gems to instantly complete the construction and free up your builder, or you can use Gems to buy another Builder’s Hut (unless you’ve already reached the max of 8 huts).

FAQ: How do I cancel an upgrade?
   - A: Please be aware that whenever you cancel an upgrade you will only be refunded half of the cost. Once an upgrade has been cancelled, there is no way to undo the cancellation or to get a refund.

FAQ: How do I control my troops after deploying them?
   - A: Attacking is about placing your troops strategically on the battlefield. Once deployed, they will attack on their own,and cannot be steered by the players. Check the info for each unit before deploying them, you will know how to deploy them perfectly to reach the most ideal result.
Thumb Empires Gameplay 1
FAQ: How does PVP matchmaking works?
   - A: It is based on your Tribal Hall level and number of Crowns you've.

FAQ: How do I create/join a warband?
   - A: To create/join a warband, upgrade Tribal Hall to L4 and build a Meeting Hall. Tap the Meeting Hall → Warband button → Create/Search tab to create/join a tribe.

FAQ: How do I liberate other villages?
   - A: You need Oracles to liberate villages.Upgrade Tribal Hall to L3 to build a Temple and unlock them. In PVP, if they capture the Tribal Hall before it is destroyed, the village is liberated.

FAQ: Why do I have less units after battle?
   - A: Only those that had survived the battle will return.

FAQ: How do I make allies?
   - A: Tap Ally (the gauntlets button) at the lower-right of the main screen → Search tab to add allies. Another way is to add players making announcement from time to time.

FAQ: What is world map and land?
   - A: You unlock the world map after upgrading Tribal Hall to L5. There you'll see your village (your capital), other players'villages, and empty land. Clear out lands within 7x7 of your capital for resources output bonus.
Thumb Empires Gameplay 2

FAQ: What Are the in-game Currencies?
   - A: Thumb Empires is a new mobile strategy game. It has three types of currency: Gold, Mana and Gems.
   - Gold: For building, upgrading the structures and defenses.
   - Mana: For training the troops.
   - Gems: For the Privilege: Cancelling cooldown , speeding up building and purchasing the resources.

FAQ: What is a Mana Mill?
   - A: The major resources are Gold and Mana. They are interrelated and mutually limited. Mana is used for training troops. And Mana Mill is for fabricating Mana, and Mana Pool is the storage for Mana. Building and upgrading Mana Mill and Mana Pool will consume your Gold.

FAQ: What is a Gold Mine?
   - A: Gold Mine is for fabricating Gold, and Vault is the storage for Gold. Beware that you should upgrade the Vault from time to time, or you might waste the Gold because of the insufficient storage. Building and upgrading Gold Mine and Vault will consume your Mana.

FAQ: What is a Builder Hut?
   - A: More huts means more builders, and thus more constructions, upgrades, and gem crafting at the same time. Having more Builders means more development at the same time. Builders, you could never have enough of them.

FAQ: What is a Tribal Hall?
   - A: Tribal Hall is the most important buildings of your empire. Upgrade the tribal hall to unlock new buildings and raise build cap. You will get three stars when you destroy all the buildings. Enemies will make efforts to destroy your trial hall, so build your tribe to protect it.

FAQ: What is a Gem Factory?
   - A: Different from the traditional strategy mobile game, you can  produce Gems by yourself in the Thumb Empires!  All you need to do is to  upgrade the Tribal Hall to Lv 5,  unlock the Gem Factory and let one builder to produce the free Gems.

*Source: Full credits and thanks to 4399wn Game Support Page for the official FAQs.

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