Angel Stone: How to Defeat Bill Greed in ACT 4-10 and ACT 4 Party Dungeons

Here's a newbie FAQ guide on how to defeat Bill Greed in ACT 4-10. Bill Greed is also the main boss for the Normal and Heroic ACT 4 Party Dungeons after clearing ACT 4 and reaching the required Lvl.
   - If you reached this point, you probably know now how to strengthen your Gears, with preferred Angel Stones (skills) to use depending on your hero class.
   - If not, you may refer here:
   - Angel Stone: Shadow Mage Stats and Skill (Angel Stones) Builds

Mission Info
   - Also check the Mission Info to check the recommended Lvl and Equipment Rating. If you are confident enough, you can also finish it at lower Lvls with nicely upgraded legendary gears and Angel Stones.
   - For other class, the suggested Angel Stones isn't really necessary, you can use any Angel Stones according to your play-style, especially the high DPS ones.

- ACT IV-10 Dungeon Stage -

Choose Shortest Path
   - If this is your first time hitting this stage, better go for the shortest path first, then come back once you get stronger.

The Golden Goblin
This fellow here is the key! Don't kill the goblin from the start, go straight to the boss.

   - Once the boss charges up (see sample screenshot above), or even before it does it's thing (needs timing), click on the Golden Goblin (Red Dot on Map), and defeat it. Once defeated, you'll get a temporary shield, it's your best defense against those charged attacks.

   - Angel Stones with low cool-downs works best for here, but if you are still having problems, just cut the Goblin's HP to half first, then defeat once Bill Greed charges up.

   - TIP: Once you see the Red Dot on your mini-map again, start targeting that Goblin, by the time you defeat it, your shield will be up for the next charged attack.
   - Should be easy, once you get the pattern.

- ACT IV Normal and Heroic Party Dungeons -

Same strategy above, but this time the Goblin's HP will be higher, so it is easier to always cut it's HP to half first every time it respawns, then return and defeat it once Bill Greed starts it's Charged Attack.

If your party has one or two Lvl 45+ for Normal, or Lvl 50+ for Normal/Heroic, it should be easier, they would sometimes even ignore the Goblin.

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