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Here's a list of tips that is available from the Fallout Shelter's in-game loading screens. The most interesting tips below are those under Wasteland, it looks like a dweller's SPECIAL stats greatly affects the performance of your explorations, so sending a high Lvl dweller with great stats, armor and weapon, will be very productive.
- Fallout Shelter Loading Screen Tips -
Dwellers Info and Tips
   - Tap a Dweller’s SPECIAL chart for more details.
   - You can rename a Dweller by tapping their name on the Dweller information pop-up.
   - You can sort the Dweller list by tapping on the column names.

About Rooms and Dwellers
   - Rooms run on Power. Dwellers run on Food and Water.
   - Assign Dwellers to production rooms to obtain resources.
   - When a room finishes production, you have a chance to get bonus CAPS based on the Dwellers
   - If a room is full of Dwellers, the Dweller with the lowest stat for that room will swap places with the new Dweller.

   - Dwellers with high Strength perform better on Power rooms.
   - Dwellers with high Perception perform better in Water rooms.
   - Dwellers with high Agility perform better in Food rooms.

   - You can assign Dwellers to the Vault entrance to act as guards.
   - When a Dweller is assigned to the Radio room it will increase all Vault Dwellers happiness.

Rooms and Elevators
   - Upgrading a room will make it more efficient and give you more storage.
   - There are higher tier versions of the production rooms that are more efficient, but more expensive.
   - Rooms farthest from a power source will shut down first.

   - Build Storage Rooms to increase your Vault’s Weapon and Outfit holding capacity.

   - Build Medbays and Science Labs to increase your limit of Stimpaks and RadAways.
   - Build a Medbay to produce Stimpaks.
   - Build a Science Lab to produce RadAways.

   - The Weight Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Strength.
   - The Armory room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Perception.
   - The Fitness Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Endurance.
   - The Lounge will allow you to train a Dweller’s Charisma.
   - The Classroom will allow you to train a Dweller’s Intelligence.
   - The Athletics Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Agility.
   - The Game Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Luck.

   - Radio rooms attract new Dwellers and improve the happiness in your Vault.

   - If you are out of building space on a floor, build an Elevator to access lower parts of your Vault.
   - Tap on the resource bars at the top of the screen for more details on your resource storage.
   - Successfully Rushing will give you the room’s regular rewards plus a special bonus!

Wasteland Tips
   - To quickly check on your Dwellers exploring, just tap directly on the Wasteland.
   - The longer a Dweller survives in the Wasteland, the better gear they will find.
   - Higher level Dwellers with high SPECIAL have a better chance of surviving in the Wasteland.
   - Your Dweller does not suffer damage or radiation when returning from the Wasteland.
   - Each SPECIAL stat increases a Dweller’s effectiveness in the Wasteland in its own way.

   - Raiders can strike any time, be sure to have Dwellers ready and on guard!
   - During a Raider attack, flashing resource bars means they are stealing your resources!
   - Upgrading your Vault entrance will make it harder for Raiders to break in.

Objectives and Other Info
   - You can skip 1 Objective each day by tapping the X on the Objective screen.
   - You can get free Lunchboxes for completing some Objectives.

   - Need extra CAPS? You can sell weapons and outfits from your Vault storage.
   - Confused how something works? Check the VDSG in the Pip-Boy for help.
   - A nuclear winter is cold, keep warm with Vault-Tec!
   - Vault-Tec. We’ll be there! Vault-Tec.

If I missed something, feel free to comment them below, thanks. ^^

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