Spirit Guardian - Vanguard Rush FAQ, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guides List

Here's a list of FAQ and Strategy Guides for the action RPG game Spirit Guardian - Vanguard Rush, presented by GTArcade, available from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android gamers.
- Spirit Guardian: General In-Depth Guides -

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Spirit Guardian: General FAQs -

Hero and Basic Functions:

How to know my Character ID(CID)?
   - Click your avatar on the top left corner of your in-game system. You will find your Character ID.

Why didn’t the diamonds I spent increase my VIP EXP?
   - You only receive VIP EXP when you purchase diamonds, not when you spend them.

Why can’t I send stamina to 5 Facebook friends for the Daily Quest?
   - This quest is only available to players who sign into the game with their FB account.

Can reputation tokens be used to buy shards? How can I get them? Is it only during daily reward or every arena match?
   - Yes, they can be used to buy shards. You can get them from daily rewards and weekly rewards. Having a higher rank in Arena will earn you more reputation tokens each day.

How do I get stamina?
    - There are 4 ways to get stamina.
    - 1.Click the stamina icon to purchase stamina with diamonds;
    - 2.Purchase Stamina Orb in VIP store;
    - 3.You can collect stamina from your friends in-game;
    - 4.You can worship if you participate in guild.

How to use XP Dust?
    - You can level up heroes with XP Dust.

I got a Hero through divination, but the card didn’t appear in my inventory.
    - You might have received a Hero shard. You will need to collect more shards to combine into a Hero card.

I used 8500 diamonds to divine 10 times, but received no legendary ones.
    - The first time you use 8500 diamonds to buy a 10x divination, it guarantees a Legendary hero. After that, when your total divination with diamonds reaches 10, you are guaranteed to get either an Epic or Legendary hero.

I can't personalize my system avatar with my favorite hero avatar.
    - The avatar for a Hero will be available to use when that Hero reaches purple quality or above.

What time do game functions reset on the X Server?
    - The X Server currently resets at 3:00 AM (GMT-4).

What is the Affinity System?

Affinity System - Hero Synergies
   - The Affinity System in Spirit Guardian is an important game feature that rewards players for teaming up certain heroes together. Deploying heroes that have Affinity with each other will make their property increase, making them much more effective in battle. Sometimes, a team of low star Heroes that share Affinities will be better than a team of high star Heroes with no Affinities!

   - You can view a hero’s Affinity by going into the Heropedia and selecting a hero. On the right side of the hero interface, you will see a list of available Affinities and detailed information for each.

Affinity System - Equipments
   - Additionally, heroes also have Equipment Affinity with certain items in the game. These are listed below the Hero Affinities. Equipping the required item will make heroes’ properties increase and make them even more formidable.

   - They are also the hardest equipment to obtain.
   - Equipment also comes in different qualities.
   - Legendary equipment are the most powerful, requiring 50 shards to synthesize.
   - Epic equipment require 30 shards to synthesize.

   - Keep in mind equipment in Spirit Guardian is not bound to heroes, so they can be swapped between heroes to save players a lot of gold and other resources. Be sure to keep your heroes’ equipment updated as they level up, or risk falling behind.

   - Master the Affinity System in Spirit Guardian and you will be reaching the top in no time!

The Equipment System

Equipment in Spirit Guardian is a vital part of hero progression. The properties they provide greatly increase a hero’s effectiveness in battle. There are 5 types of equipment:
   - Weapon: Increase ATK of a hero.
   - Helm: Increase HP of a hero.
   - Armor: Increase HP and DEF of a hero.
   - Boots: Increase HP and ATK of a hero.
   - Special: Increase BLOCK, DODGE, and/or CRIT of a hero.

*Enhancing equipment will increase it’s base properties.

*Source: Full credits and thanks to GTArcade Support Page for the official FAQs.

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