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Little Raiders Robin's Revenge is an action adventure RPG game presented by Future Games of London, a Ubisoft Studio. Available to download from the App Store and Google Play.
- Little Raiders: General In-Depth Guides -

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Little Raiders: General FAQs -

What is the game about?
   - Build a treetop village and lead your Raiders into battle! Little Raiders is a unique combat adventure, bringing a magical twist to the classic Robin Hood tale.

   - Combining base-building with strategy-combat, Little Raiders takes players through an epic adventure, recruiting villagers to their cause to create a bigger and stronger army to march against the evil Sheriff Blackthorne; the man who destroyed Robin’s home of Snowbourne!

Can I Customize my Raiders?
Unfortunately we do not support character customization apart from what Raider class they are and which equipment they wield. This also means you cannot change your Raiders’ names. Similarly, you cannot decorate Old Oak as such but you can place buildings wherever there is space and move them around at any time, as long as they aren’t building, upgrading, crafting or have a sleeping Raider in there!

How Do I Level Up My Fame?
   - There are many ways to boost that Fame level! Try constructing new buildings, upgrading existing ones, completing research, and of course, going on plenty of Raids! The harder the mission, the greater the Fame point reward, not to mention the greater the experience granted to your Raiders.    - And when they level up more Fame points will be added too!

How Do I Get New Blueprints?
   - Can’t wait for your new building? You’ll need to complete main story Quests to discover new Blueprints. If you can’t progress on the Map, you can boost your Fame level to unlock the next Quests more quickly by using the FAQ on this page.

I Want to Craft Stronger Weapons for my Raiders!
   - Don’t worry! You can upgrade your workshops to craft more powerful equipment for your Raiders. You will need to increase your Fame level and collect silver and wood in order to carry out an upgrade (see How do I increase my Fame level.) Remember, you will have to level up your Raiders before they can equip high level equipment!

How Do I Get More Raiders?
   - A mission for a new Villager will always appear if it is necessary for a quest. Try doing lots of missions; a Villager rescue will show up!

How Do I Grow My Tree?
   - Running out space on your Tree? There are quests to Grow Old Oak as you progress through the game, as well as missions that will allow you reach new heights with an Acorn! You can also buy an Acorn from the Trader for Amber.

How Do I Get Legendary Equipment?
   - The only way to get the rare Legendary equipment is by using the Wishing Well! You have a chance of getting master, enchanted and legendary weapon when wishing with Amber. There are lots to collect and they are superior to regular weapons of the same level.

How Do I Complete a Goal?
   - To complete a Goal you need to fulfill the criteria listed beneath the Goal title. Most Goals take several steps to complete such as rescue a villager, move him in and then train him into a Raider! Completing Goals is well worth your time as you will be rewarded and it helps prepare you for your next challenge.

*Source: Full Credits and Thanks to FGOL Support Page for the Official FAQs.

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