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Drift Girls is a mobile racing game with a dating sim twist, presented by NHN PixelCube Corp. and TOAST, available on Android Google Play, iOS App Store. Take speed-dating to the next level with Drift Girls!. It's a little bit racy, and you're going to love it! Learn the curves in this drift racing masterpiece!
- Drift Girls: General In-Depth Guides -

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Drift Girls: General FAQs -

What happens if I take the same girl to the same dating site all the time?
   - The girl's intimacy will go down and she will hate it.

Do I get extra fondness/intimacy to visit an location for the first time?
   - Whenever you go on a date at a location for the first time you will receive bonus fondness points to increase your intimacy level.

How often can I race?
   - You can race as long as you have Fuel. Each stage requires certain amount of Fuels to initiate a race. 1 Fuel will regenerate every 30 seconds.

How to start a race with perfect acceleration?
   - Before any race starts, accelerate your RPM to the GREEN area to have perfect acceleration.

What's Nitro boost?
   - Nitro boost speeds up your car for a few seconds. The better you drift, the faster your Nitro boost refill.

What are the ways to get FREE money?
Drift Girls offers various ways to get free Money while you are playing the game:
   - 1. Daily Quests
   - 2. Achievements
   - 3. Level up!

   - What else?
   - You can join Drift Girls Facebook to participate on our weekly events to have a chance to earn extra Money too! 
What happens when I hit a wall (got stuck)
Here are some tips when you got stuck and can’t go any further with your current car. Let us know your tips below!

Upgrade Car
   - Cars are meant to be upgraded to improve its performance.
   - Visit the Garage to start upgrading with the cars you received after winning a race.

Buy New Parts
   - It’s always good practice to buy new parts for your cars to improve its performance.
   - Visit the Parts to start upgrading the parts!

Going On Dates
   - Dates help increase the stats of your girls. The higher the stats, the better you will perform at the race! Whenever you have time, go on dates!

Replay Stages
   - It’s always good to replay the same stages that you haven’t obtain the highest score as it allows you to try again and get better scores. Furthermore, you will receive EXP for complete the same stage. Finally, the more you learn how to drift, the better your skill!

   - As you level up, you can earn extra money to buy items in the shop.

Car Drawing
   - Draw a new car with better stats! But don’t forget to upgrade it to increase its stats even more!

How can I upgrade my car?
   - Cars are meant to be upgraded to improve its performance.
   - Visit the Garage to start upgrading with the cars you received after winning a race. That means sacrifice useless cars to improve the performance of your best car! Also, attach Car Parts whenever you get them. You can only attach high Star Car Parts to high Star Cars, so be sure to save them when necessary.

How can I play Drift Girls on different OS with the same account?
   - It's recommended that you login with Facebook connect to play the same account on different OS. Game Center login is only available for Apple iOS users while Google+ login is only available for Android users.

*Source: Full Credits and Thanks to TOAST.com FAQ for the Official FAQs.

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