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Experience a new type of high quality world-class turn-based cinematic RPG with the highly anticipated Guardian Stone! Embark, as descendants of great heroes, on a quest to fight the ever-encroaching evil. Journey into an unknown world, and unravel the truth behind the mystery of the Guardian Stone.
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Guardian Stone: General FAQs -

Where can I get new Guardians?
Guardians are summoned in the Guardian Sanctuary. Here are a few ways!

   - Guardian Stone - You can get Guardian Stones from Boss Raids, as Achievement rewards, or from goblins transporting them across the battlefield.
   - Special Summon - Using Rubies, you can summon higher Tier Guardians. 
   - Summoning Pieces - Collecting Guardian Pieces by playing certain stages and summon a marvelous Guardian at the Sanctuary.
   - Complete an area with 3 stars on each stage!

What are the Types, Classes, and Tiers of the Guardians?
   - Types - Guardians come in one of three types: Stellar, Lunar, or Solar.
   - Classes - Guardians come in one of the four categories: Arcane, Holy, Ravager, or Bastion.
   - Tiers - All Guardians can be evolved up to Tier 6. Evolving a Guardian to the next Tier requires Guardian Essences of the same Tier and type.

What is Guardian Cost?
   - Your Hero can only equip Guardians equal to or less than the maximum Guardian Cost. Your maximum Guardian Cost will increase as your Hero levels up, but your Guardians' Cost will also increase as they increase in Tier.

How can I level up my Guardian?
Guardians can can be leveled up in 2 ways!
   - 1. Battle with your Guardians.
   - 2. Enhance your Guardians at the Sanctuary with Guardians and Soulstones.

What is the max Guardian level?
Different Tier of Guardians can progress up to different max levels. As they level up, their attack power and Barrier will increase.
   - 1. 1-star Guardian = Level 10 Max
   - 2. 2-star Guardian = Level 20 Max
   - 3. 3-star Guardian = Level 30 Max
   - ...and so on.

How can I evolve my Guardian?
   - You can evolve a Guardian using a maxed level Guardian and Essences of the same Tier and type.    - Higher Tiered Guardians require a greater number of Guardian Essences.

Do Guardians change appearances when they level up?
   - Guardians change in appearance and can use even stronger skills as they evolve.

How do you Upgrade Guardians?
You can upgrade your Guardians by using the same Guardian. Each Guardian can be upgraded up to +5. Each upgrade greatly increases a Guardian's Attack and Barrier. 
   - 1. Upgrade to +1 = 1 same Guardian
   - 2. Upgrade to +2 = 2 same Guardian
   - 3. Upgrade to +3 = 3 same Guardian
   - 4. Upgrade to +4 = 4 same Guardian
   - 5. Upgrade to +5 = 5 same Guardian

Can I upgrade Guardians with any Tier?
   - Guardians of any Tier can be upgraded, and upgrade materials can be Guardians of any Tier or enhancement level, too. 

What is Guardian Transcendence?
   - Transcending a Guardian will raise its level by 1 and increase its parameters drastically. Each Guardian can be transcended up to +5. In order to transcend a tier 6 Guardian, you need an Elixir of Transcendence and another Tier 6 Guardian of the same type to act as a sacrifice.

How can I obtain Guardian Essences?
   - You can extract Guardian Essences from your Guardians.
   - You can get 3 tiers of Guardian Essences depending on the Guardian's Tier.
   - Max Level Guardians produce a much larger number of essences than those not at max level, so it is most effective to extract essences from Max Level Guardians.
   - You can also enter the Type Dungeon, which are Stellar, Lunar, and Solar Dungeons.  
   - Each offer the appropriate type of materials needed for your Guardian, such as Guardian Essences and Elixirs of Transcendence.
   - Normal Fields also drop essences based on a random chance.  Each field type delivers a different type of essence you can obtain.

What are Runes?
   - Runes are powerful pieces of equipment for Guardians to make them stronger. Runes range from Tier 1 to 6 and come in three shapes: Triangles, Squares, and Circles. Each Rune has one main property and four sub properties. Runes can be equipped in each Guardian's Rune slots, after which the Rune's effects will applied to the Guardian.

Where can I get Runes?
Runes can be obtained from the Rune Dungeons that open each day. The Tier of the Runes you get from dungeons will depend on the dungeon's difficulty.
   - Easy: Tiers 1 to 3
   - Normal: Tiers 2 to 4
   - Hard: Tiers 3 to 6.

How many Rune Slots can my Guardian have?
   - Each Guardian has one Rune Slot by default, with Tier 4 and 5 Guardians having one additional slot, and Tier 6 Guardians having two additional slots.

What are the requirements for equipping Runes?
   - You can equip a Guardian with Runes of any Tier or Type, but no two of the same shape can be equipped at once.

How can I unequip my Runes?
   - In order to unequip a Rune, you need a Sage's Scroll. When replacing one Rune with another, the previous Rune will be destroyed and disappear.

How do you upgrade Runes?
   - You can upgrade your Runes with other less powerful Runes at the Guardian Sanctuary. Of course, Runes need not to be equipped to be upgraded.

What's the max Rune level?
   - Runes can be upgraded to level 20. Each upgrade level improves the main property of a Rune, and sub properties become active at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

What are the types and rarity of equipment?
   - A Hero's equipment is divided into helmets, armor, weapons, and auxiliary gear; and comes in normal, rare, unique, and legendary rarities. Helmets, armor, weapons, and auxiliary gear can be obtained from clearing stages 5 and 10 in each area of each act.

How many Gem Slots does a piece of equipment have?
   - Every piece of equipment has at least one Gem Slot. Gems can be obtained by disassembling gear or as rewards, and grant your equipment special properties.

How can I upgrade my equipment?
   - You can upgrade your equipment using another piece of the same type of equipment or by using Craftsman's Catalysts as materials at Smithy. When using already upgraded equipment as material, it will transfer its previous EXP to the current equipment that is being upgraded.

What is Disassemble?
   - It's a good idea to disassemble surplus equipment in order to upgrade other pieces of equipment. Through dis-assembly, you can get Gems to insert into your equipment, as well as Refiner's Jewel's that can change a Gem's properties.

How many properties does a Gem have?
   - Each Gem has from one to three special properties, and some Gems have more than one of the same property.

What is Inserting Gems?
   - Every piece of equipment has at least one Gem Slot socket. Only one Gem can be inserted per slot. In order to remove a Gem, you need a Craftsman's Claw Hammer. When replacing one Gem with another, the previous Gem will be destroyed and disappear. Visit the Smithy in order to insert Gems.

How can I upgrade my Gems?
   - It is a good idea to use surplus Gems as fodder to upgrade other Gems at the Smithy. Gems can be upgraded to level 20, and each upgrade increases a Gem's properties. Of course, Gems need not to be already in use to be upgraded.

What is Challenge Mode?
   - Challenge Mode is a Special Dungeon where Heroes can challenge different Powerful Guardians and obtain rewards based on how well they are able to battle these powerful foes.
Some rewards include Rubies, and Essences.

What are Trophy Rewards?
   - Each stage can earn you up to three trophies based on the number of turns used in order to clear a stage.  Collecting trophies will grant you gold and EXP.
   - Also, you could earn an extra Guardian as a reward for collecting three trophies from each stage within a given area.

What are Type Dungeons?
   - The three Type Dungeons are the Stellar, Lunar, and Solar Dungeons.
   - Each offer their specific type of materials needed for your Guardian's.
   - Type Dungeons open periodically, and there is a limit to how many times you can clear each dungeon when it is active. (Failing a dungeon will not count against your limit)
   - Each Dungeon also has monsters filled with that Dungeons Type, so be sure to bring in your Guardians strong against that type.

What are Types and Elements?
   - Each Guardian comes in one of three types: Stellar, Lunar, and Solar.
   - Each type is weak against one type and strong against another.
   - Stellar < Lunar < Solar < Stellar
   - Each Guardian will also protect your Hero according to it's type, and a Hero's HP and skills are affected by your leader Guardian's type.
   - Certain monsters are classified as Dominant, meaning they are strong against all types, while others are Non-Elemental, meaning they are unaffected by type.
   - Chances for landing critical hits and inflicting status effects such as Stun and Sleep are also influenced by each type's strengths and weaknesses.

*Source: Full Credits and Thanks to FAQ for the Official FAQs.

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