ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Enhancing and Evolving Item Gears

Enhancing is a way to level up your gears to make better and usable for a longer period of time. Once your gear reaches max level for enhance, you can evolve the gear and increase its Grade to the next tier, making it a whole new gear to use.

*Due to the v1.0.8 update patch, Gamevil implemented the New Equipment System. The New Enhancing and Upgrading Guide can be found here: ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Enhancing, Tier Up, and Upgrading Item Gears

- Hunting for Base Item Gears! -

Main Gears
   - From Lvl 5 Weapon, all items will start to rotate every 5 levels.

Weapons (ATK) Lvl 1 Lvl 5 Lvl 10 Lvl 15 Lvl 20 and so on...
Headgear (DEF) Lvl 2 Lvl 6 Lvl 11 Lvl 16 Lvl 21 and so on...
Armor (DEF) Lvl 3 Lvl 7 Lvl 12 Lvl 17 Lvl 22 and so on...
Gloves (DEF) Lvl 4 Lvl 8 Lvl 13 Lvl 18 Lvl 23 and so on...
Shoes (DEF) Lvl 5 Lvl 9 Lvl 14 Lvl 19 Lvl 24 and so on...

2 Types of Main Gears

Regular Gears
   - Can be farmed from Dungeon Stages and Monster Wave.
   - They can also be obtained from Mission Rewards and various in-game events (Weapon and Shield Coupons).

Set Gears
   - Items with (S) on their icons are Set Items that can only be farmed from Boss Raids.
   - For more info, go here: Raid Boss Item Drops and Set Stats

   - These items rotates every 10 levels, so it's good to invest on them. Can be obtained from Arena victory rewards, V Pts weekly rewards, Missions and Login events (Accessory Coupons).

Necklace (MP) Lvl 9 Lvl 19 Lvl 29 Lvl 39 Lvl 49 and so on...
Cape (HP) Lvl 10 Lvl 20 Lvl 30 Lvl 40 Lvl 50 and so on...
Ring (ACC) Lvl 11 Lvl 21 Lvl 31 Lvl 41 Lvl 51 and so on...
Amulet (EVA) Lvl 12 Lvl 22 Lvl 32 Lvl 42 Lvl 52 and so on...

Item Grades and Bonuses
   - Higher Grade and Item Lvl yields higher stat bonuses.

   - Grade SS = 4 Stat Bonuses (3 Gem Slots)
   - Grade S = 3 Stat Bonuses (3 Gem Slots)
   - Grade A = 3 Stat Bonuses (2 Gem Slots)
   - Grade B = 2 Stat Bonuses  (2 Gem Slots)
   - Grade C = 1 Stat Bonus (1 Gem Slot)
   - Grade D = 0 Stat Bonuses (0 Gem Slots)

Grade SS+, S+, A+, B+, C+, D+ Items
   - Note: An item with "+" will also get an additional bonus, it's either a [Raid Exclusive Stat] or a [+1 Gem Slot!]. Primary stats and stat bonuses are somewhat same though with the regular ones.

   - For more info about Gems and Gem Slots, go here: Gems and Gemstones Info and Tips

Summary: The Perfect Base Item
   - For late game gears, aim for set or non-set items with "+1 Gem Slot" bonus, with all the types of Gem Slots you like (bonus stats doesn't matter), then proceed below to enhance, evolve and reset the item!

- Step #1: Enhancing Items! -

Enhancing will only increase the primary stats of the item, not the bonuses, so if you really don't intend to, then only enhance your items if you want to evolve them.

Never Let Yourself Run Out of Gold!
   - Enhancing is one of the biggest money sinkers in the game, only do serious enhancing at Lvl 30+, where you have lots of gold and the fees are affordable, stop if you feel that the fee is way too much.
   - Always maintain at least 200k to 500k Gold.

   - Items with higher grade and Lvl will give better results.
   - Each item included regardless of the item's Grade and Lvl will increase the fee by a fixed rate, so it's better to aim for the minimum number of items possible to reach 5/5 enhancement.
   - Try to reach the 5/5 enhancement with less than 20 items.

   - Examples:
   - S > SS = use Grade B, A, S, and/or SS
   - A > S = use Grade C weapons, B, and/or A
   - B > A = use Grade C weapons and/or B
   - C > B = use Grade C
   - D > C = use Grade D weapons, preferably high Lvl ones.
   - (Grade D is ok, but only for Accessories)

Salvage All Grade "D" Main Gears
   - Yep, do not use them at all for enhancing, because these items will only increase your fee and will give very poor results, unless it's for upgrading grade D gears.
   - It's also an excellent way to get [Evolve Points], do salvage them from the start!
   - Grade C non-weapon items can also be salvaged if your inventory is getting full, start from your low level item gears. Note that weapons gives better results than other type of gears.

   - Grade D accessories are ok to keep since accessories are somewhat harder to get.
   - Use and configure the "Auto Select" feature to quickly scan and salvage all Grade D items in your inventory.

- Step #2: Evolving Items! -

Upgrading the item to the next Grade will add additional bonus Stat or Gem Slot depending on the next Grade, refer to the Item Grade and Bonuses section above. If you are lucky, there is also a rare chance that a regular item will get a "+" bonus after evolving.
Use Evolve Stones!

   - As much as possible, save your Evolve Points for the "Reset" feature and only use Evolve Stones for Evolving Items.

Evolve Stones Level Cap
   - Ex: Evolve Stone (Lv.20) = can only be used for Lvl 20 or lower item.

How to Get More Evolve Stones?
   - Farm them from Raids, go here for more info: Raid Boss Item Drops
   - Reward from Daily Mission.

When to Evolve to S or SS?
   - Try to advance the game with only Grade A gears (changing every 5 or more levels), and only upgrade to S or SS once you get stuck and need some boost (must be at least Lvl 30~35!).
   - or if you reached Lvl 40+ or 50+ where leveling up is getting slower, and monsters are getting stronger.

   - S or SS gears can be used for 10 to 15 more levels (from the item's Lvl) before changing, so only do this at higher levels.
   - Example Tip: A Lvl 30 Grade S weapon can be used until Lvl 40, because a Lvl 40 Grade A weapon has better primary stats than a Lvl 30 Grade S weapon. This is a suitable time to start farming and change sets or some items if you like.

Important Reminder:
   - Evolving to a higher Grade will also require you to Reset the Stats of your newly evolved item to get higher bonuses. If left alone, your item will just have an upgrade to it's Primary stat like DEF, ATK, and more.

- Step #3: Customizing Items! -

Item customization is the final part of the steps, it will allow you to reconfigure the stat bonuses of your items the way you like.

For more in-depth info, go here:
   - Customizing Items: Resets and Gems

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