ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time is an online Action RPG mobile game presented by GAMEVIL, available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store. Explore nine treacherous realms to uncover the mystery behind the portal and put your skills to the test to become a legendary!
- ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time General In-Depth Guides -
- For Beginners
- To Do List, Info and Tips
- Missions and other Tips
- Select a Location to View More Info -

- Destroyer, Duelist, Adventurer, Guardian, and Transcendentalist Item Sets

- New Equipment Tier Lvls
- The Recycle System
- Info and Tips
- Types of Gems and Stats
- How to Evolve Gems
- How to Get More Gems
- Character Stats and Skill Builds -

- Character and Item Gear Customization -
- Base Bonuses per Stat Allocation
- Slasher, Ranger
- Fighter, Magician
- and Assassin
- Info and Tips
- What Are Soul Stones?
- How to Get More Soul Stones?
- Requirements and Bonuses per Grade
- Types of Gears
- Item Grades and Bonuses
- Salvaging and Evolve Points
- Tier Up and Upgrading Grades
- Info and Tips
- Resetting an Item's Stats
- Reset Rules
- Updating Gems
- Stat Reset: Set of Stats Per Item -

- Info and Tips
- When to Start Upgrading Seals?
- SEAL Upgrading Requirements
- How to Farm the Gears Needed
- Info and Tips
- How to Get More Fairies?
- Hot to Get Bonus Stats and Buffs
- Types of Fairies
- Other ZENONIA S: FAQs and Guides -
- Free ZEN Info and Tips
- Best Ways to Use Your ZEN
- Monster Wave ZEN Trick!
- Info and Tips
- Getting Your HIVE ID
- Share Your HIVE IDs here!

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