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Final Fable is a mobile RPG presented by IGG.COM, that brings beloved fairy tale characters together in an unexpected twist: When dark forces threaten to destroy their home, heroes and villains alike must unite to save the world of Fantasia!
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How Do I Collect Final Fable Heroes?
   - There are many ways to collect Heroes. Gather their respective Hero Shards or summoning them from the Magic and Arcane Tomes. You’ll also be given one free summon after a certain amount of time.

How Do I Collect Gear for my Heroes?
   - Hero Gear can be won as battle rewards or crafted from materials. Tap a Gear’s icon to find out which chapter you can find it in or what items are needed to craft it.

Do Heroes have Elemental Alignments?
   - Final Fable has six elements: water, fire, wood, wind, light, and dark. Every Hero has one main element and can have another sub element added. Combining two different elements grants a tactical advantage in battle. However, if the main and sub elements are the same, the Hero’s elemental attack and defense will be greatly boosted.

How Do I Evolve my Heroes?
   - Collect and equip the specific Gear that your Hero can wear, then tap the Evolve button to reach new heights! Keep in mind that Gear used for evolution will be permanently bound to your Hero.

How I Increase my Heroes’ Star Level?
   - Increasing a Hero’s Star level, also known as Promoting, can be done by collecting the necessary amount of Hero Shards for that unique Hero.

How Do I Collect Hero Shards?
   - Hero Shards can be won as battle rewards or gained from Hero Summoning events.

How Do I Begin a Battle?
   - On the main screen, tap “Battle” to view the chapters. There are three difficulty levels: Normal, Elite, and Legendary. Tap the chapter of your choice to begin!

How Do I Fight?
   - Select a chapter, then either manually or automatically select the Heroes you want to use, and begin! The fighting is automatic!

How Do I Activate Skills in Battle?
   - When a Hero’s MP is full, its avatar will glow. Tap it to unleash its skill!

Can I Continue Playing When my Stamina is Depleted?
   - If your Stamina runs out, tap the Stamina icon on the top-right corner to buy more and continue your journey.

How Do I Get Gold?
   - You can win Gold from chapters and event stage, or buy it directly by tapping the Gold icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

How Do I Buy Gems?
   - Open your “Bag” and tap the Gem icon to buy as many Gems as your heart desires.
How Do I Become a VIP?
   - At the main screen, tap the VIP button below your avatar, then buy Gems until you unlock VIP status. There are various VIP levels. The higher your level, the greater the benefit you can enjoy.

What are Crests?
   - Crests are special items that can be collected, crafted, and inlaid into Heroes to add extra stats and other bonuses and can be won in Elite chapters. To inlay them, visit the Talent interface and tap “Change.”

What is a Rift?
   - When fighting in an Elite chapter, there is a chance for a Rift to open and for you to win Hero Shards and Gold. They’re open for only 4 hours, during which your friends are alerted and can participate in them. When your friend completes a Rift for the first time, you’ll get Friend Points that you can use to buy  items in the Shop.

What is the Conquest?
   - In the Conquest, players will fight across a total of up to ten chapters that steadily increase in difficulty. If it gets too difficult, players can request aid from friends.

How do I participate in the Arena?
   - The Arena has four parts: Players, NPC, Defense, and Ranking. “Players” lets you challenge other players. “NPC” lets you challenge the computer. Defense is where you need to set up a team to defend yourself when challenged by others. The higher your ranking, the better the prizes you can get!

What are Trials?
   - The Trials consist of five element-based stages: Pyroclastic Flow, Cataclysm, Tsunami, Starfall, and Eclipse. They are available from Mondays to Fridays for Lv 25+ players. Select your most suitable Heroes for the difficulty level. Successfully winning a Trial yields great rewards.

What is the Use of the Roulette in Battle?
   - The Roulette is Final Fable’s unique feature. Each team can have up to 7 Heroes. In battle, 4 will be actively fighting, while 3 will be in the background, constantly recovering. Spin the Roulette to adjust the positions of the heroes, to set active Heroes to recover in the background, and background Heroes to take over the front lines. Take full advantage of this feature to increase your chances of victory.

What Special Effects Does the Hero Get in the Center of the Roulette?
   - The Hero that stands in the center is the team’s leader. Team members that share the same element as the leader will obtain stat boosts.

What is “Robbin’ Goblins”?
   - “Robbin’ Goblins” is one of the game’s important source of Gold. Players can rob some Goblins blind twice daily and add their Gold to your coffer. It is unlocked when Team Level 12 is reached.

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