Heroes Charge: Chapter 8 Guild Raid Heroes and Teams

This section will cover Guild Raid Chapter VIII - The Nedan Coils. To start raiding, Join a guild with a good number of active raiders, then unlocks and complete Chapter 8 from Campaign Normal Mode to join Chapter VIII - The Nedan Coils Guild Raid!

Guild Raid: Chapter Selection -


Chapter VIII Raid: Boss Stage -
Super Fallen Dominion is a Lvl 69 boss that creates multiple mirror images, adding to his great damage output and damage absorption. Having AoE hitters and armor reduction works well here.

Sample Team Formations
   - 1 Tank and 4 DPS
   - 1 Tank, 3 DPS, and 1 Support
   - 2 Tanks and 3 DPS, or 2 Tanks 2 DPS and 1 Support (for low level players).

Tank Heroes
   - Death Bringer
   - Savage One (armor reduction)
   - War Chief

DPS Heroes
   - Ancient Protector (off-tank DPS hero)
   - Arcane Sapper (only at Lvl 73+)
   - Cloud Walker
   - Drunken Master
   - Ember Blade
   - Fallen Dominion
   - Lightning Elemental (ok for low levels)
   - Lunar Guardian
   - Machinist
   - Ninja Assassin
   - Poisoned One (armor reduction)
   - Rifleman (armor penetration)
   - Shadowleaf
   - Sword Master

Control Heroes
   - Imperial Executioner (if lower lvls need CC)

Support Heroes
   - Commando
   - Tusked Storm

Labeling Guide
   - Highly Recommended Heroes = Popular raid heroes for this chapter.
   - Possible Alternatives = Nice heroes that can be mixed or used as alternatives to the recommended ones.

Team Compositions
   - Refer to the comments section below for sample team compositions.
   - Got some nice raiding team/s for this stage? Why not share them below!
   - Include Lvl of heroes, stars, Expected Total Damage (ETD), and more.

Friendly Reminders:
   - Rent heroes you need from the Mercenary Camp, if they don't have the hero you are looking for, try to ask nicely, someone might lend you one.
   - Help and speak to your guildmates to know what they need too. Don't think of them as your competition, -- cooperation, teamwork, and strategy matters a lot here.
   - To get items, select "Loot" and queue for the item you want.

To Newbie Guild Leaders and Officers:
   - Your guild has to finish the current chapter before moving on to the next one. Never reset an unfinished raid!
   - Always do the top 2 or 3 available Chapters, depending on your guild's kill rate and points gain rate.
   - Reset the highest chapter, then reset any Chapter you like with the remaining points. You must also check your queues to help you choose which chapters to reset.
   - Ignore the 7 days completion bonus, do not reset or spend your points just to complete them on time.

Final Notes:
   - Heroes with Legendary Skills are NOT considered here for now to give mid to near high level players a better and accurate options. I will consider them if needed.

   - These are not the only heroes out there that can be used. I probably missed some Heroes that are also useful, but the above heroes should be enough. Learn, experiment, and share. Good Luck Guys!~ ^^

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