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Dragon Storm is an action RPG classic style mobile game presented by mobirix, available on Android - Google Play.

To protect the fate of the human world, Weak Warrior Paul have picked up his sword again!
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Dragon Storm Beginner's FAQ Guide -

How To Farm Fast Gold

   - Tower of Death
   - During early game, the Tower will probably be your first on the spot option for getting a nice amount of Gold, this is ok but there is a better choice.

   - Expeditions
   - Once you get a new Character, you'll be able to send him including one of your wing guardians to an expedition, once complete, you'll get Gold and Item/s. This method will take some time so just treat this as your extra source.
   - Unlock more spots once you get more extra Characters.

   - Auto Gold Farming
   - This can be easily overlooked early game but if you will start with this method, it's going to be a smooth sail. Here's how to do it:

   - Step 1: Pick any stage you want, then play Normal Mode with out getting any hits. Get 3 Stars too by chaining high combos (2x Score and some items can also help).

   - Step 2: Repeat Step 1 for Hard Mode and Hell Mode to unlock the "Hell (Gold x4)" Auto feature.
   - Step 3: Use the AUTO feature and replay the stage as many times as you like to get lots of Gold. Recommended Wing Guardians: Create Type to get more Gold per run.

   - Step 4: Move to a higher stage, higher stage gives better Gold drops but not always. Find stages that has lots of enemies but still easy to complete. Here are some Examples: Stages 4, 12, 21, 41 and so on, just find and complete what you can, then compare the results.

   - At higher stages, feel free to buy some items from the start (Sword Burst, Sacred Shield, and Blue Stone of Destiny: Get "Drops Booster Often") to help you get the objectives.  You'll also probably get some cards along the way that will gradually reduce their prices, and Gold isn't a problem anyway, right?

   - Dimension Portals
   - Appears in your Story Mode map/s. This is also a nice way to get extra Gold, but you need to minimize your expenses (bought items from the start).

   - Now that you have enough Gold, proceed below to upgrade your character.

- Character Upgrading Guide -

Weapon and Armor
   - Yup, this are the very first upgrades that you should max first, because they will boost your base attack damages and armor defense. Upgrade them any way you want.

Character Abilities:
   - They might not be very appealing at first, but they are very useful with the right items or wing guardians later on, upgrade them next.

   - BERSERK: Max this first, it's the most common booster you will get and it can make your game much easier, just avoid getting hit by monsters though.

   - 2x ATK and 2x DEF: Alternately upgrade and max this 2 abilities to further increase your damage output and survival rate. 2x ATK works best with Berserk.

   - 2x SCORE: Max this last, or only upgrade if you want to start setting high scores.

   - SLOW: Nice, but it's optional since it will require Jewels. Upgrade later on to help clear Portals and Expeditions.

Guardian Wings
   - Level up your Guardian Wings to Lvl 10 by clearing stages, then use the Mix option to level up your main ones beyond Lvl 10. Synth is used to add or replace a skill.

   - Create Types (Rare or Common)
   - I highly recommend that you get and equip 2 create types for clearing or farming stages. For best results, grab a Blue Stone of Destiny: "Drops Booster Often".
   - If you want to get High Scores, in the Tower for example, also use them together with Red Stone of Destiny: "Drops Booster Often" to get more chance to gain infinite boosters!

   - Homing Types (Rare or Common)
   - These are very useful for breaking the chest in the Tower of Death. Get and upgrade 2 of these

   - Other Types: Use for Expeditions, or for Mixing.

Inventory Items
   - Just equip the best items you have. Attack, Armor, Item Drop % are some of the useful stats you might want to get.
   - For Expedition, equip characters that will shorten the time to explore.

   - Do not sell your items, Intensify them to +5 then use them to Enchant your main items.

   - How to Get Items
   - Story Mode Chest Rewards, Expeditions, Tower of Death, Store, Events and more.

- Story: Campaign Mode -

Just advance the story line if you can. If you fail a stage, go farm more Gold to upgrade your character's attack, armor, abilities, items, wing guardians and more.

Recommended Wing Guardians: Create Types
   - If you can Berserk (plus 2x ATK) during the whole battle, good!

   - At higher stages, feel free to buy some items from the start (Sword Burst, Sacred Shield, and Blue Stone of Destiny: Get "Drops Booster Often") to help you clear the stages with ease.
   - You'll also probably get some cards along the way that will gradually reduce their prices, and Gold isn't a problem anyway, right?

Character Skills (Red Button)
   - Either use it to avoid getting mobbed, or to escape a high damaging hit from a monster.

   - Default: Paul
   - Tutorial: Warrior Skeleton
   - Missions: Elizabeth and Flashare
   - Jewels Only: Teresa and Bombery
   - More will be added soon.

   - Paul is enough to clear the stages, but I personally prefer Elizabeth. Get her by clearing all stages in Chapter 1.
   - Elizabeth is a free character and can equip up to 4 Sacred Shields. Her skill is also nice and unique because you can freely trigger a Berserk Mode, giving you more chance to chain Berserks, plus a nice bonus "view" lol~ =P.
   - Pick and upgrade any character your prefer, then use the other characters for Expeditions or for clearing Dimension Portals (characters with added element).

- How To Get More Jewels -

Spend you Jewels for unlocking new characters, adding attributes, expeditions spots, and more.

Daily Login Bonus
   - Login to the game at least once a day to get your reward.

Story Mode: Clear Bonus Chests
   - Randomly given from Clear Bonus Chests every 5 Stages.

Dimensional Portals
   - This is the best way to farm Jewels, replay the stage as many times as you can.
   - Gold rewards here are also great, but farming is much more steady.

Events and Freebies
   - and more

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