Gods Rush: General Heroes and Gods Team Building Guide

Here's a game guide that will help players find their best Arena, Gauntlet or Raid teams in the thrilling action RPG mobile game - Gods Rush. Choose 1 of the recommended formats below (I recommend the general format), then select your target team members or check which heroes or gods you have available.

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- Different Types of Heroes/Gods -

   - Damage takers or absorbers. Ideally placed in the front lines (some mid heroes can Tank too).
   - Their main objective is to stay alive as long as possible.

   - Stands for Damage per Second/Strike.
   - Damage dealers or nukers, ideally placed at mid or back (some front liners can DPS too).

   - I'll call them debuff specialists, heroes that can immobilize enemies and render them useless.
   - Heroes with Stun, Silence, Sleep, Freeze, Exile or other similar skills.
   - Ideally placed on mid or back positions.

   - Heroes that can "Buff" your Hero's or Team's Stats, and Heroes that can Heal.
   - Ideally placed on mid or back positions.

- Team Building Guide: Hero Positioning -

   - Front, Mid, or Back Heroes, depending on the Hero's natural position.

Team Building Guide: Recommended
   - Here's some recommended team formats that you might want to follow:

General Format: | 1 Tank | 2 DPS | 1 Control | 1 Support |

   - Example #1: | Front: 1 Tank | Mid: 1 DPS and 1 Control | Back: 1 DPS and 1 Support |
   - Here's the most commonly used hero positioning. You can do your own too, just follow the the general format above.

   - Example #2a: | Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS | Central: 1 DPS and 1 Control | Back: 1 Support |
   - Example #2b: | Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS | Central: 1 Control | Back: 1 DPS and 1 Support |
   - Here you'll see that I used 2 front liners, but it's ok because 1 of them is a DPS type.

3 DPS Format #1: | 1 Tank | 3 DPS | 1 Support |
3 DPS Format #2: | 1 Tank | 3 DPS | 1 Control |

   - If you want to use 3 DPS heroes, it's ok as long that you have at least 1 Control or 1 Support hero to cover your team.
   - Example #1a: | Front: 1 Tank | Central: 2 DPS | Back: 1 DPS and 1 Support |
   - Example #1b: | Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS | Central: 1 DPS | Back: 1 DPS and 1 Support |

   - Example #2: | Front: 1 Tank | Central: 1 DPS and 1 Control | Back: 2 DPS |

Team Building Guide: Not Recommended

Full DPS Format: | 1 Tank | 4 DPS | or | 5 DPS |
   - Also known as glass cannon build, yeah they can do lots of damage, but the problem is, if your opponent has a nice Control Hero, you're dead. Chances are, you won't even be able to cast most of your Hero Ultis.

Dual Tank Format: | 2 or more Tanks | +Any
   - The problem here is, your Team's DPS output will weaken, and most of the time you'll even lose your 1st or 2 tanks first, before you can take down your enemy's tank. How? One reason is because AOE attacks (or splash damages) are area based, and those 2 tanks will always take damage at the same time.
   - There are some rare exceptions here though, but I would only suggest this format for experienced players, for newbies, kindly use the simpler ones instead.

- Team Building Guide: Heroes and Gods Selection Area -

Choose 1 of the recommended formats above (I recommend the general format), then select your target team members below, or check which heroes or gods you have available.
   - Another note, try to avoid selecting 3 or more Front, Mid or Back line heroes/gods for your team, keep it balanced. For Campaign Battle Mode, just use your Gauntlet Teams.

Labeling Guide:

   - Tier 1 Heroes = Popular Heroes used mainly in the Arena, and also ok for Gauntlet. The Hot Picks!, but it's not necessary that you group them all, find a team that works together (including Tier 2).

   - Tier 2 Heroes = Heroes or Gods that are also ok in the Arena, common but mainly used on certain situations like Raids, Gauntlet or other notable modes, or if you don't have any Tier 1 yet.

   - Tier 3 Heroes = Rarely used heroes or gods, only usable on very select situations, or if you don't have any better choice.

   - Please note that these ratings will change after hero buff or nerf, or if popularity drastically changes. You are also welcome to suggest the ratings you think is right. ^^
Tank Candidates

   - Front Line Tank Heroes/Gods:
   - Hercules: Most recommended tank especially for Arena because of his purple resurrect skill. What makes him best is because he is farmable from Elite stages.

   - Hades: Also one of the recommended heroes/god to get because he can tank Gauntlet stages (works best with Chryseis). Redeem using points or hire from your Guild.

   - Hector: Very useful for Guild Raids (Party Stages) due to his massive armor reduction.

   - [Any Female Tank You Like]: Keep one female hero/god upgraded for completing higher tier female only Trials.

   - Front Line Heroes/Gods That Are Also Good:
   - Ares
   - Cadmus
   - Chiron
   - Hephaestus
   - Ion
   - Snowman
   - Taurus NEW! (notable tank for Mage teams)

   - Mid Line Heroes/Gods Considered as Tank:
   - None at the moment

DPS Candidates

   - Mid Line DPS Heroes/Gods:
   - Argus
   - Artemis

   - Cerberus
   - Echidna
   - Hecate (notable hero for Gauntlet)
   - Ladon
   - Medea
   - Monkey King NEW!
   - Tiresias
   - Typhon (also a notable hero for Gauntlet)

   - Back Line DPS Heroes/Gods:
   - Atalanta
   - Cupid
   - Golden Boy NEW!
   - Hera
   - Hermes
   - Homer
   - Mrs Claws

   - Front Line Heroes/Gods Considered as DPS:
   - Achilles
   - Apollo NEW!
   - Athena
   - Leandra

Control Candidates

   - Mid Line Control Heroes/Gods:
   - Astraea
   - Eris
   - Medusa
   - Pandora
   - Poseidon
   - Young Zeus
   - Zeus

   - Front Line Heroes/Gods Considered as Control:
   - Helen

Support Candidates

   - Back Line Buff Support Heroes/Gods
   - Chryseis (notable healer for Gauntlet!)
   - Prometheus (notable for magic attack teams and Gauntlet)
   - Stella NEW! (meta changer, must have hero for Lvl 1~85)

   - Mid Line Buff Support Heroes/Gods
   - Aphrodite
   - Aries NEW! (notable PvE hero)
   - Cassandra (notable for magic attack teams and Gauntlet)

Unclassified Heroes/Gods
   - New or upcoming heroes/gods. Kindly share their skills if you have info thanks.
   - None

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