Mage and Minions: Free Friend Public ID Codes for Mobile Games

To get the first 50 free Gems in the hack and slash Action RPG game - Mage and Minions (M&M), you need to enter a valid "friend's Public ID code" in one of the messages from the Mail in-game. You need to do this fast though, before the timer runs out.

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- Friend Public ID Codes -

Kindly See Comment Section For The Codes
(You'll see below some codes posted by other players, you can also post your own codes on the comment section below.)

Do You Have a Code From A Friend?
   - Did a friend introduce you to the game? Did they give you a code?
   - Enter the code to unlock the attached gems!
   - If you don't have one, use the free code given above. If it's not working, try the ones given by other players below (comment section).

Bring Your Friends To M&M!
   - Remember, you can earn gems by bringing friends to the game.
   - Show them the game, and after a few levels, they will be asked for an invitation code.
   - Give them your code, and you will both earn gem rewards.
   - See the Friends tab for your code and for the reward list.

   - 1st Recruit: 100 Gems
   - 2nd Recruit: 100 Gems
   - 3rd Recruit: 200 Gems
   - 4th Recruit: 100 Gems
   - 5th Recruit: 300 Gems
   - 6th Recruit: 100 Gems
   - 7th Recruit: 400 Gems
   - 8th Recruit: 100 Gems
   - 9th Recruit: 500 Gems

   - You can also invite your Facebook friends to try the game.

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