The Maze Runner: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

The Maze Runner is a fast-paced action and arcade running game presented by PIKPOK. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS - App Store. Enter the maze, run to survive and overcome all challenges to unlock the mystery!

Collect Clues to unlock new sections, but be mazes and tricky obtacles
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The Maze Runner - General In-Depth Guides -

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The Maze Runner: FAQ Tips, Tricks, and Strategies -

Basic Controls and Maneuvers
   - Jump: Swipe Up. Use Slide to cancel a Jump.
   - Slide: Swipe Down. Use Jump to cancel a Slide.

   - Switch Lanes: Swipe Left or Right, also works while in mid-air. This is useful for getting some of the hard to get Clues, and to avoid unexpected pits falls.
   - Run on Walls: Continuously Swipe Left or Right towards the target wall.

   - Sprint: Tap or continuously Tap on the game screen to use Stamina and Speed up. Very useful to finish most stages in the game. Always use this on straight paths, to give you more time, especially at the start and near end of the stage.
   - Long Jumps: Sprint then Jump, time it well. This can be a good alternative if you are having trouble running through walls.

Coins and Upgrading
   - Save your Coins to unlock Winston for 50,000 Coins.
   - Next, upgrade Sprint Boost and/or Stamina Boost upgrades. No need to upgrade Coin Magnet for this game, but if you want, then you may do so.

   - Getting Winston first will give your upgrades more bonuses since they are "percentage based" upgrades. Using it early game will yield low results because "Glader 1" has low base Speed and Stamina.

   - Get more from Daily rewards.

   - Once you get them while running, it's yours, unlike Clues that you need to reach the Glade to own them.
   - I think the reason why there are so many Gems that we can get while running, is because the game gets a little laggy on some devices. Lags on some Stages are horrible that it can't read your commands, hope they will fix this soon.

   - Anyways, use 1 Gem only if you are near the exit and you have all 4 Clues.
   - Spend all Gems for the Time Boost upgrade, every second counts.

   - Get more from Daily rewards.

   - The main objective of the game, get all 4 Clues per stage to unlock the next section or to advance the game.
   - Note that for every stage, you need to reach the Glade to permanently own them.
   - Revisit a stage to find remaining Clues.

The Maze Runner: Assorted Tips, Tricks, and Strategies -

Use Sprint!
   - Always use Sprint on straight paths to give you more time to complete the stages. This is a must especially at the start of the run where there are no Clues to be found yet. Ignore all Coins and Coin Magnets, focus on Sprinting at the start of you run, it's the best place to gain some Time.
   - Be careful, do not use Sprint if there are tricky obstacles ahead.

Timer and Time Boosts
   - If the timer turns red, it means you are behind, run faster!
   - If it turns green, it means you're doing great!

   - Grab Time Boosts along the way to extend your time, just get what you can.

Remember the Paths You Took
   - While running, always use same turns ("Left or Right curve turns") you did last turn to easily familiarize yourself into what's coming next.
   - New sections will add more tricky obstacles, just learn how to dodge them as you go on.

Ignoring Other Items
   - It's ok to miss some Coin Magnets while running, especially when you are in hurry or if the item is on a hard to get place.

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