Defenders & Dragons: How to Get Free Glu Credits or Gems

       Here's a game guide on how to get more free Glu Credits (Android Google Play players) or Gems (iOS App Store players) in the action and arcade defense game - Defenders & Dragons.

       Follow the guide below to learn how to farm credits offline, or how to collect credits online by watching app trailers or by installing optional apps into your devices!

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- Free Glu Credits or Gems (Offline Mode) -

Free Credits After Completion!

   - You can get 5 free Credits every after 10 waves!, so after completing Wave 100, you have earned an additional 50 Credits.

Farming Credits!
   - Randomly dropped by enemies during battle, 1 drop = 3 Credits.

   - Choose any wave that has a huge number of enemies, the more, the better. Note that wave replay is only available after Wave 50. I recommend the higher Lvl waves, or Balewyrm stages.

   - For me, I prefer waves that doesn't have any flying enemies, then i'll go  Ranger with Flash Bomb and Reinforcements (high Lvl Peasants) for easy farming. ^^,

   - Start the Wave you like, then defeat enemies until you can get a drop. If you didn't get a drop, just replay the wave again, but if you did get a drop, quickly grab it before it disappears!

   - Now, all you need to do is to stay alive and complete the wave to successfully add the credits to your game, but if you died though, use a Revive so you can continue. Get more Revives through Daily Rewards, use them wisely!

   - Using a Lucky Charm can also increase Credits drop rate!

- Free Glu Credits or Gems (Online Mode) -

       Select Special Deals or the green "+" at the upper left corner in the Hero Shop, then select the option below it, see sample screenshot above.

Watch Videos!
   - 1 Credit per video, repeatable.

Completing Offers (Optional!)
   - Totally optional because you'll need to install some apps into your device to complete an offer. If you are interested, follow these steps:

   - Choose any offer that you like to install.

   - You'll be redirected to the download page, if your device is compatible with the app, you should be able to download and install the app successfully, if not, return to the app selection menu then try another one.

   - Open the newly installed app to complete the offer, done!

   - Wait for your reward to come, you can check the expected waiting time by selecting the "?" icon at the upper right corner of the app selection screen.

   - Status should be completed, if not, you missed something, review the required actions below it. I recommend that you only stick to "Download and Start" offers though, and avoid real cash related offers...

   - If you don't like the app just uninstall it, wink wink nudge nudge Good Luck! ^^,

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