Zombie Tsunami: How to Get High Scores

       Here's a guide for getting high scores in the action and arcade running game Zombie Tsunami. Scores in this game refers to the total number of converted civilian or human "Brains" during a single run. To track your current score, check the "Brain Count" at the upper left corner of your game screen, below your current "Coins count."

       To achieve better scores, you must increase your overall survivability to be able to flip, destroy, or eat more civilians!

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- Earn Coins for Upgrades! (Before a Run) -

     - Refer to this link for gaining Coins: Zombie Tsunami: How to Get More Coins

       The key items for getting high scores can be enhanced more by doing upgrades.
Upgrade your Bonuses and Starting Bonuses to get the most out of them. For best results, upgrade them all before aiming for high scores!
     - Top rated Bonus for getting high scores: Tsunami!
     - Best starting bonuses for getting high scores: Refer below.

Starting Bonus Items
       These items can be obtained for free from Lottery Tickets, or by purchasing them
directly in the market using Coins. If you want to buy them with your hard earned Coins, I suggest that you complete your upgrades tree first, unless a mission requires it.

     - Bonus +10 seconds
     - This item will greatly increase your survivability, as long that you will get all bonus
boxes while running. Upgrade this item to give more time!
     - Activate at the start of the game.

     - Coin Cars and Coin Bombs
     - A very handy items that can save some of your zombies from harm. Get this luck
based items to increase your survivability, upgrade them too to increase their percentage chance.
     - Activate at the start of the game.

     - Last Chance
     - An optional item that you can use if you want to continue your run.
     - Activate before the end of the game.

- How to Get High Scores (While Running) -

Eat Civilians and Flip or Destroy Vehicles!
     - Main source of Brains!
     - Most vehicles will contain a number of civilians. Refer below for more info.

     - Cars: +1 Brain (required zombies: 0/4)
     - Buses: +2 Brains (required zombies: 0/8)
     - Tanks: +3 Brains (required zombies: 0/12)
     - Airplanes: +5 Brains (required zombies: 0/16)
     - Pedestrians: +1 Brain (required zombies: 0/0)
     - Pack of Civilians: +4 Brains (required zombies: 0/0)

You Must Grab all Bonuses!
     - Get all Mystery boxes labeled with "?" that you'll encounter.
     - Nice bonuses to get: Tsunami, Giant Z (Super), Ninja (Super), Dragon (Super),
Quarterback, and Gold. Balloon and U.F.O can't ignore zombie requirements when flipping or destroying vehicles so both are not included.

Improve Your Performance!
     - When to jump or land.
     - Watch out for those roads or platforms that suddenly drops when stepped on!,
sometimes it is better to jump before these platforms to save lots of zombies.
     - How long your zombies should stay mid-air to avoid holes, bombs or moving cars.
     - Mind your current number of zombies, if you don't have enough number of
zombies to flip a vehicle, quickly jump over it instead before all of your zombies are pushed off the screen.
     - Try to keep at least 4 zombies all the time.
     - The game will go faster as you progress through the game, so increase your game
pace too!
     - Just play and play to get more experience and learn new things!

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