Ninja Fishing: How to Summon and Capture Dragons

       To summon the dragons, unlock the Dragon Shrine area then purchase the Crimson Dragon Boat. Equip it, then hunt at least 3 rare dragon relics from treasure chests. Upon completion, re-enter the Dragon Shrine and you will get the message below (screenshot).

       Dragons are extremely rare compared to the other creatures you've encountered, so capturing them might take a while and will require some luck!. To help you grab these trophies, here are some steps and tips to increase your success chances!

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- Capturing Rare Dragons! -

Recommended Preparations
     - For this guide, let's take the first 2 dragons as an example
(Earth and Ice Dragons), reach and buy the D.Shrine Line Upg. (1000m) to extend your range.

     - To make things easier, I suggest that you buy the 890 Weight
Upgrade. The first dragon appears around 895m to 940m depth, so purchasing the recommended upgrade will save you a lot of time.

     - Earth Dragon: 895m to 940m (usually appears around 940m)
     - Ice Dragon: 985m to 1000+  (usually appears around 960m
or 980m).

Steps For Capturing Dragons
     - Luck Based:
     - If you are lucky, dragons will just appear and take your hook!

     - Non-Luck Based:
     - Descend and look for a Dragon, conserve your Fuel.
     - If a dragon appears, quickly take note of the depth (m) where
you found it, this will be your target location.
     - Descend for about 5 seconds to let the dragon return to that
location again, then grab any fish to start ascending, when you reach about 3m to 5m below the noted dragon's depth location, start using your drill to hold the line.
     - Wait for the dragon to reappear then move your hook into it's
head to catch it!

     - If you run out of Fuel or you missed your target, just try again.

Slashing Dragons!
     - If you did managed to pull a dragon into the open, the only
thing left to do is to successfully slash it!
     - I suggest that you ignore all other fishes and wait for the
dragon to pop out, this is to avoid those multiple dynamites getting slashed!
     - If the dragon pops out, ignore all other fishes and just focus
on it, quickly slash it upwards to isolate it from those dynamites, then just keep on slashing until it breaks!
     - Congratulations! Now you have a Dragon trophy!

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