Astro Boy Dash: How to Complete Resurrection Mission

       While progressing through the game, you'll notice that your current objective doesn't advance because of the "Resurrected!" mission. It remains incomplete even though you have done all possible scenarios that might or should complete it.

       This mission should be complete once you pay the "Save Me" or "Continue?" option (200 Coins or more) after losing in the game or a "game over", unfortunately, it's not the same with other similar running games.

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- The Resurrection Mission -
     - This is not an in-game bug, they just didn't explain it well how
to complete this mission objective. Using the "Continue?" or similar option will not work!
How to Complete:
     - Play the game everyday and complete 3 "Coin Stamps" to get
a reward or daily bonus. What you need is this butterfly-like item that you can get from Daily Bonuses. If you did get one, it will show up at the lower right area while running.

     - Tap on the item to activate. While active, this item will protect
you one time, then it will disappear. The resurrected mission will also pop out right after you activate the item.

     - For the "Resurrected Again!" mission objective, earn 2
butterfly-like items then use them both in one run.

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