SWAT and Zombies: Mall Mart Normal and Hell Mode - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

       This game guide will focus on conquering the Mal Mart Normal and Hell Mode stages of SWAT and Zombies defense game. Mall Mart level comes with 15 new Missions, 2 more SWAT members, and a Boss Zombie!

       Note that these are just suggestions and are not the only way to play the game. Your mission is simple. Prevent the hoards of Zombies from reaching Perfectville!

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- Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -

Upgrades Summary (See details below or from previous guides)
     - Pistol: 30 Stars Pistol Upgrade (Home Front Guide)
     - Shield: 30 Stars Shield Upgrade (Home Front Guide)
     - Unlock 5th SWAT Slot = 10 Stars (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Bomb: 7 Stars Bomb Upgrade (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Mine: 7 Stars Mine Upgrade (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Bomb: 16 Stars Bomb Upgrade (Back Street Hell Mode)
     - Mine: 16 Stars Mine Upgrade (Back Street Hell Mode)
     - Bomb: 27 Stars Bomb Upgrade (Back Street Hell Mode)
     - Laser: 5/12/21 = 38 Stars Laser Upgrade
     - Mine: 27 Stars Mine Upgrade

Normal Mode Stages [1] to [3]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Shotgun.
     - Formation Per Row: [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield] or [Pistol] - [Shield]

     - Avoid those Poisoned Areas and Replace Pistol with Shotgun.
     - Poisoned Areas appears randomly at the start of every battle, so if you don't like
where they are positioned, just restart the stage.

Normal Mode Stages [4] to [9]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Chemistry!
     - Formation: [Pistol] - [None] - [Shield]

     - The "None" above would just be an Empty Space or a Poisoned Area. I
recommend this formation because Poison Zombies will contaminate areas at the back of the nearest SWAT they see. This is the best way to defend these stages and get 3 Stars.
     - Use your Chemistry to decontaminate poisoned areas that you need only.
     - Withdraw non-Shield SWATs on contaminated areas.
     - Use Mines/Bombs to defend Shield-less rows. Use them also to defeat those
Poison Zombies or Zombie Mobs to get lots of Coins. If you need more Coins, withdraw SWATs that doesn't have anything left to attack.
     - Normal Mode Stage [6]: Just focus on [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield] formation.
     - Normal Mode Stage [9]: Just focus on [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield] formation.

Normal Mode Stages [10] to [13]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Laser!
     - Add Chemistry if you want to unlock the 6th SWAT slot (optional-cash required).
     - Same Formation: [Pistol] - [None] - [Shield]

     - You can also place [Pistol] - [Pistol] early on to defend against tougher zombies.
     - Restart the level if you don't like the initial placement of the Poisoned areas.
     - The Laser is a very powerful weapon that can annihilate all zombies (half of the
game screen). Upgrade this too to increase it's damage! 5/12/21 = 38 Stars Total.
     - Upgrade Mine too to give an extra punch for the Boss Zombies next battle.

Normal Mode Stages [14] and [15]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Laser!
     - Same Formation: [Pistol] - [None] - [Shield]

     - If those Boss Zombies starts to attack, withdraw your pistol SWATs on that row.
     - So basically, your formation will become [None] - [None] - [Shield]. Your Shield
will survive the attacks but you will still need to eradicate those Boss Zombies before deploying your Pistol SWATs again.

How to Kill those Boss Zombies?
     - Bomb and Laser will do but if you want to use Mine, place it at the last line of
defense. Those Big Zombies will activate it once they attack!
     - Coins isn't a problem, there are many!

Hell Mode Stages [1] to [15]
     - Wow this is tough, you can still do the above formations and strategies from 1 to
15 but it is almost impossible to get 3 Stars per Stage without using real Cash to buy Stars!. From here on if you want to continue Mall Mart Hell Mode, just get what you can if you are a free user.

     - Sorry, I don't want to add "cash spending" here because of various reasons. XD
     - Use your Stars next on fortifying your Pistol and Shield's HP to at least survive a
solo fight against those early Hell zombies, or wait for the new stages to unlock powerful SWATs!

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