Zombie World War: How To Get More Coins - Farming Stages

       Aside from the offers in-game, here are some notable stages where you can farm a nice number of free Coins per battle. This will greatly help your defense against the Zombie hordes!

       After completing a stage for the first time, you can get at least 4 times more Coins depends on the number of Zombies you killed, after that, the number of Coins will be equal or around the number of killed Zombies. Thanks to the Combo feature, you can get more Coins on some stages, refer below for more info.

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- Combos and Notable Stages for Farming Coins -

Performing Combos
     - To perform Combos, tap and hold your finger on the game screen then keep on
firing zombies. Once you release it, the Combo will restart to 0 again.
     - Use your other hand/finger to switch weapons or to use Guard Weapons.
     - Do not use Guard Weapons except Ghost King, because zombies killed by these
Guards will not be included to your Combo count. Ghost King doesn't kill so it's ok to use when farming Coins.

     - Combos will also grant you Coins after reaching a milestone:
     - Combo 10 = +4 Coins
     - Combo 20 = +10 Coins
     - Combo 30 = +20 Coins
     - Combo 50 = +40 Coins
     - Combo 100 = +100 Coins
     - Combo 200 = +200 Coins
     - Combo 300 = +300 Coins
     - Combo 400 = +400 Coins
     - Combo 500 = +500 Coins
     - and so on...

Notable Repeatable Stages - Farming Guide
     - Notes: Coins are gained during and after the battle.
     - The Coins below are the total estimated Coins per completed battle.
     - Just select "Retry" to play the stage again.

     - USA Stages:
     - Stage 1-4: Almost 1,000 Coins (200+ Combo)
     - Stage 3-6: Around 1,700 Coins (300+ or 400+ Combo)
     - Stage 6-6: Around 3,200 to 4,200 Coins (400+ or 500+ Combo)

     - Stage 6-6 will be your main farming stage until you reach the EGY Stages!
     - Recommended if you have both "Kill Zombies" and "Kill Dog Zombies" tasks.

     - EUR Stages:
     - Stage 7-5: Around 4000 Coins (400+ or 500+ Combo)
     - I recommended this if you have both "Kill Zombies" and "Kill Doctor Zombies"
or "Kill Fat Zombies" tasks.

     - UAE/EGY Stages:
     - Stage 3-6:  Around 5,300 to 7,000 Coins (600+ or 700+ Combo)
     - Stage 4-6:  Around 5,300 to 9,000 Coins (600+ or 700+ Combo)

Extra Reward Stages! NEW!
     - Complete all Stages labeled with "Extra Reward" to get more Cash and Coins.

- Optional In-Game Offers -

     - Tap on the red (+) icon at the upper right corner.
     - You can buy Coins and Cash here with "Real Cash".

Doing Offer Wall Tasks
     - Under Daily Tasks
     - Will require you to download and  install apps to get rewards.

Lucky Slots
     - Gamble 2 Cash for a chance to get up to 9999 Coins.
     - Most of the time, you will get 2000 Coins, so it's like trading 2 Cash for
2000 Coins, is it worth it?, your choice...

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