SWAT and Zombies: Back Street Hell Mode - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

       This game guide will focus on conquering the Back Street Hell Mode stages of SWAT and Zombies defense game. Back Street Hell Mode will require double effort because zombies are now 2x tougher than Normal!

       Note that these are just suggestions and are not the only way to play the game. Your mission is simple. Prevent the hoards of Zombies from reaching Perfectville!

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- Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -

Upgrades Summary (See details below or from previous guides)
     - Pistol: 30 Stars Pistol Upgrade (Home Front Guide)
     - Shield: 30 Stars Shield Upgrade (Home Front Guide)
     - Unlock 5th SWAT Slot = 10 Stars (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Bomb: 7 Stars Bomb Upgrade (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Mine: 7 Stars Mine Upgrade (Back Street Normal Mode)
     - Bomb: 16 Stars Bomb Upgrade
     - Mine: 16 Stars Mine Upgrade
     - Bomb: 27 Stars Bomb Upgrade

Notable Strategy: Mass Pistol Summon!
     - From here on, you have to master this strategy to help your Shield from massive
zombie attacks and to keep those annoying Skater Zombies out of your defensive lines.
     - Normally, your formation is [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield], your fire power is
limited to 2 Pistols per row but if you will do this method, you'll get more!
     - After the sample formation above, Summon more Pistols in front of your Shield.
Yes, but do this only if there are zombies in front of your Shield. Your newly summoned Pistols will just stay and attack from the back until the path is clear. If it's clear, your Pistol/s will go in front, but don't let them, use the "Back Option" to withdraw them instead. Don't let them go near your Shield too to avoid attacks from zombies
     - If you can do this right, you can have 3 or more Pistols attacking per row!
     - Always remember this strategy if you want to get 3 stars per stage!

Hell Mode Stage [1] to [3]
     - Upgrade Bomb and Mine: 16 Stars each. You should have more than enough.
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Shotgun!
     - Formation: [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield] then go [Pistol] - [Shotgun] - [Shield]
     - Should be easy, use Mine if Underground Zombies shows up near your SWATs.

Hell Mode Stage [4] to [6]
     - Same as above
     - Use your Bomb or Mine to kill those Skater Zombies!

Hell Mode Stage [7] and [8]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Stick!
     - Formation: [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Stick] then go [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]
     - Coins is kinda short here so use Stick for now to compensate the long cool-
down of Shield. Replace them with Shield as you go on.
     - Use Bombs or Mines to those Spear Zombies, if they show up too early, restart
the stage. Start using the "Mass Pistol Summon" strategy here.

Hell Mode Stage [9] to [13]
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Iron!
     - Target Formation Per Row: [Iron] - [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]
     - Use Bombs/Mines to mobs this time! Iron will cover your team from Bowlers.
     - Stage 10 and 11: Use Bombs to those Skater Zombies!
     - Stage 12 and 13: Use Bombs/Mines to those Spear Zombies!

Hell Mode Stage [14]
     - Before the fight, upgrade Bomb: 27 Stars!
     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Shotgun!
     - Formation: [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield] then go [Pistol] - [Shotgun] - [Shield]
     - This is easy, just use Mines/Bombs on those shield-less rows.

Hell Mode Stage [15]
     - This is a very challenging Boss stage and will require some luck, if you can't
complete it, it's ok. Skip it for now, then go back later.

     - SWAT Members: Pistol, Shield, Bomb, Mine and Iron!
     - Target Formation:
     - [Pistol] - [Shield] or [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]
     - [Space] - [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]
     - [Space] - [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]
     - [Pistol] - [Shield] or [Pistol] - [Pistol] - [Shield]

     - You have to be quick to get 3 Stars here. Here's some quick tips to do.
     - Master the "Mass Pistol Summon" Strategy (more info at the top) and the "Back
Option" to make this work. Use Back for withdrawing Pistol/Iron attacked by Spear Zombies.

     - Underground Zombies often spawns on the 3rd column (top and bottom), and
placing a Shield will greatly save a lot of SWATs on that area!. Use Mine to get rid of them during the early stage of the battle, and use Back option if needed to avoid casualties.

     - Skater Zombies are the main problem here so if there are no Spear Zombies
around, quickly use your Mine and Bombs to eradicate them before they break through your Shields, especially at the top and bottom rows.

     - Iron: Place this SWAT at the last line of your defense if Zombie Bowler appears,
withdraw your Pistol if you placed one. If you have an Iron in battle, quickly transfer him to the row where a Zombie Bowler is. If there are 2, then summon another 1.

     - Mines and Bombs: Use to help a row that doesn't have a Shield yet, or to
quickly defeat those Spear/Skater Zombies!

     - Shield SWAT can tank those Big Zombies, but use some Mine or Bomb if your
Shield is overwhelmed by massive zombies!

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