Jungle Fly: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - How to Get High Scores

       This Jungle Fly Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (second part) will focus on getting High Scores and completing in-game Objectives. Test your ability to dodge obstacles and get high scores with this action and arcade running game.

       Read on below to learn which upgrades to take next to help you get High Scores. Now it's time to compete with your friends and other players through the Leaderboard!

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- Getting High Scores and Completing Objectives -

Farming Coins for the "Save Me" Option
     - I highly suggest that you do the first part of this walkthrough
first (below link) before aiming for High Scores. If you did, then it's ok to proceed below.
     - Jungle Fly: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Farming Coins

     - Coins are needed to be able to use the "Save Me" option. The
more you use it, the more chance your will achieve High Scores!

     - First Save Me = Default Value (reduced by upgrading the Save Me upgrade).
     - Second Save Me = Default Value x2.
     - Third Save Me = Default Value x3.
     - and so on...

Recommended Upgrades for Getting High Scores:

Save Me 
     - After getting 5 Stars, start using this option twice per run to
farm Coins. Only use this more than twice per run if you are trying to complete an Objective.

Score Multiplier 
     - Max this upgrade to boost your Score!
     - Note that Scores are calculated depending on the Distance
you traveled and Coins you gathered during the run.
     - This upgrade will help you complete all objectives related to
High Scores!

Pickup Spawn 
Shield Duration 
Boost Distance 
     - Max these upgrades too to get a nice support and to keep you running.
     - Shield: Saves you from 1 crash for a certain amount of time!
     - Boost: Makes you invincible and faster until you reach the
specified distance!
     - Pickup Spawn: To get the 2 powerups above more frequently.

     Now all you need to do is to improve your personal dodging skills and reaction time!. Summary: Farm Coins, Start a Run, Dodge Obstacles, Get Powerups, Collect Coins, then Use Save Me as many times as you can to keep you running. Good Luck!

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