Jungle Fly: Guide to Dodging Obstacles - Game Controls

       The guide below will cover some recommended controls to successfully dodge obstacles in the game Jungle Fly. Fly as long as you can and don't let the ferocious dragon catch you!

       Most obstacles in the game can be dodged by flying above them, but some are so tricky that using one command is not enough. The distance between them is also a key to determine which path to take, refer below to learn more.

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- Basic Game Controls -

Swipe Up or Down
     - To fly higher or lower.
     - Used for getting Coins and dodging Obstacles.

Tilt Device to the Right or Left
     - To move to the right or left.
     - Used for getting Coins and dodging Obstacles.

- Controls: Dodging Obstacles -

Recommended Controls Per Scenario:
     - [Up] [Up] or [Down] [Down]:
     - This is only ideal if the obstacles are far apart to each other.
     - Not recommended if the obstacles are close to each other
because you'll definitely crash into the second obstacle (Has delays between commands!).
     - [Up] [Down] or [Down] [Up]:
     - This is what you should do most of the time.
     - First, it has no delays between commands so you can
smoothly dodge obstacles that are placed close to each other. The closer the obstacles are, the quicker you must pull these commands!
     - [Up] [Down] [Up]:
     - These 3 commands are very useful if the upcoming series of
obstacles doesn't have an available path underneath them, in other words, the only way it so go above them all!
     - Right after passing the first obstacle, quickly swipe down then
up to move the bird above the next obstacle. This will save you from a lot of crashes if you can pull this right!
     - Not recommended if the obstacles are placed too close to
each other, but it is still possible though if you are quick enough.

- Other Supports: Dodging Obstacles -

     - Shield: Saves you from 1 crash for a certain amount of time!
     - Boost: Makes you invincible and faster until you reach the
specified distance!

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